How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2020: Essential Guide for UK

Who does not like validation on social media? Obviously, we all yearn for validation. On social media, this comes in the form of verification. In other words, it is about getting that blue checkmark on profile. Getting verified means that you own an authentic brand or business on Instagram and others can trust what you post. Instagram verification is a coveted achievement. It gives your brand or business authority on Instagram. Anyone landing on your profile will consider you accredited in some way. If you want to know how to get verified on Instagram, you are in the right place. Keep reading to know how you can get your profile verified.

How to Request Verification on Instagram?

Getting a verification badge may be difficult but applying for verification is easy. You can apply in simple steps. Login: To get the verification badge, first, log in to your account. If you have more than two accounts, make sure it is that account which you want to get verified. Request Verification: Go into settings, click on “Account” and tap “Request Verification” from the given options list.
Confirm Your Identity: It is time to get your account verified. Complete the following fields:

Who is Eligible to Get Verified on Instagram?

Instagram has described some qualifications that the users must meet if they want to get a blue tick on Instagram. The verification is reserved for accounts that Instagram deems “in the public interest”. You must be a public figure, celebrity or global brand. Additionally, your account must also have these characteristics: Authenticity You should be an authentic person, business or entity. Keep in mind that “Fans” accounts are not included in this list. Uniqueness Only one account per person or business can get verified on Instagram. However, language-specific accounts have an exception. Instagram generally does not verify general interest accounts like meme roundups or repost accounts. The content being created and posted must be your own. Public and Complete Profile If you are looking to verify your Instagram account, make sure it is viewable to everyone. Besides, have a complete profile with all the fields filled out. There must be a profile picture and some posts. Bio is essential, so post an attractive bio. Notability In the past, verification was typically reserved for celebrities, but now Instagram is considering accounts that have been featured in multiple well-known news sources.

Helpful Tips to Get Verified on Instagram

Everyone can submit a request for verification, but it is not guaranteed. Submitting a request does not mean you will be verified. Have a Great Bio Your bio is one of the most important factors Instagram looks for verification. Make sure you have completed all the required bio fields about yourself or your business. Providing this information is a step towards proving your authenticity. Be Authentic and Honest Make sure you are accurate at every stage of the verification process. Provide your real name and every other field should be accurate. Choose a relevant category related to you. Stay Active on Instagram It seems obvious that you will be verified if you are not active on Instagram. The admins will be looking at your regular activity when deciding to verify your account. If you are not using the platforms, what benefit is in initiating the verification process. So, be an active member on social media and interact with others. Get Featured in News Instagram runs manual checks when reviewing each verification application. One of the factors that the staff members look into is whether the user is featured in multiple news sources. If you have not been in the news before, try sending out a press release. Moreover, try reaching out to local news organizations with information about what you do. Build Your Other Social Profiles Do not rely only on Instagram only. Build your presence on other social profiles as well. Establishing a strong presence on other platforms can help make your account appear especially genuine. Build your profile with a consistent theme. Have a Presence Outside of Instagram You need a significant amount of followers to get verification on Instagram. Keep in mind that one of the requirements for verification is being “notable”. Having more followers gives a sign that you are noteworthy. Don't Lose Heart If you are unable to get verification in the first try, don’t lose heart. Work on your profile and growing your audience. After you have improved your profile, there is no harm in trying again. You can initiate a new application again 30 days after your first request is denied.