why instagram should be part of SEO strategy

4 Reasons Why Instagram Should Be A Part Of Your SEO Strategy

By: Nelson Grey

It’s 2019, and the dynamics of social media marketing for businesses have changed. Social networks have always been in the limelight for affecting SEO positively for quite a while now. In the last couple of years or so we have seen the rise of Instagram and its impact on digital marketing for businesses and organizations. This photo-sharing platform can give your business a much-needed boost to lift them in the Google search results. You can leverage this network and get the desired results for your company. 

However, to make your online presence felt, you need to have a decent amount of followers and likes on your Instagram business page. If you are short on followers, you can easily buy Instagram followers from a social media company. Instagram is now considered a major role player and influencer, and digital marketers are convinced that Instagram was the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that could place them easily on top of SERPs. Still unclear about the benefits of it for your SEO campaign? Here is why you need to integrate Instagram into your SEO strategy.


Whoever has a smartphone at their disposal, uses Instagram. People are obsessed with this photo-sharing app and according to statistics, it is the most used app after Facebook. Statistics also show that around 60 million images are shared on this network every day and it will only grow. Hence, you can make the popularity of Instagram a tool for your business. Learn how to make visual content appealing to your audience and use it to engage them. You as a digital marketer must also be aware of how to integrate it into your marketing campaign to achieve the desired results. First of all, grow your audience organically or buy Instagram likes and then build on them. 

For instance, you can browse through your photos and images and then select and post the ones that are beneficial for your business. The pictures of places, and events, that can attract, have something for the audience and that can add value to your business proportion. Fill your Instagram business profile with these pictures. Be sure to post and share them daily at regular intervals. If these photos possess the engagement factor, then people will click on them and will visit your site. This is brilliant from an SEO point of view. They will also comment, like, and tag people, which will not only make your profile more visited but also you will automatically start getting new followers and likes.


Instagram can certainly enable your brand the much-needed kick. It can bolster your site’s ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages if you use the Information section to your advantage. In the information section of your Instagram business page, make sure you use the company logo or a picture that best describes your company logo design. The image quality and resolution must be immaculate and must be able to gain user attention. However, this engagement is only possible if you have a decent number of followers on your business page. In case you lack in this aspect, buy Instagram followers for your business page. This way your goals can be achieved easily.


A well-planned content strategy is the need of time. The link you use in the bio section is the only clickable URL that can be used to attract traffic to your site. You should have a blog that can be linked to your bio’s URL. The blog page must have content that fulfills all the basics of magnificent and amazing content. This linking to the blog page enriched with informative and luring content will surely drive traffic to the site. This can only be done if you have a solid content plan. According to expert digital marketers, you can promote more than one blog based on the number of posts you publish per week. You should also post high-quality and relevant pictures of your products and then share the URL of the product page in the bio section. This will drive traffic to your site.


One thing to be aware of is the usage of hashtags. Be sensible about it. Google the most appropriate hashtags for your product and use some of the most famous and some not-so-common. Balance the usage of hashtags to get the most out of your content strategy. Also, make sure that the hashtags are related to the posts and products. This way, your users will be able to find your photos and videos easily.


Instagram has become a must-use tool for the betterment of your SEO. It demands creativity, smartness, imagination, sensible posting, and hashtags. Instagram not only enhances your brand awareness but also drives traffic to your site and this way you have more chances of increasing your customers and as result your profits. Achieve your business goals with Instagram but, don’t forget to buy Instagram followers, as this move can take your business from a mediocre one to the most awaited brands around.

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