IMPORTANT: Making a wise decision and choosing Social Followers will enable you to increase productivity in the business. All you have to do is to buy active Instagram likes, buy Instagram followers, and views for Instagram. The purchases will ensure instant social boost. However, it has many questions attached. If you are looking for a specific answer which is not mentioned below, kindly contact us at info@socialfollowers.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Instagram ban brands for buying followers?

    As long as you are buying organic, real, and authentic followers as we provide via Social Followers, any such possibility is out of the question.

  • How long will it take for me to receive my followers?

    Social Followers is famous among its clients for its quick service delivery. Depending upon the number of followers you ordered, you’ll get them in a few minutes to a few hours. 

  • Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

    You are safe to buy Instagram followers as long as you are availing services from a credible supplier such as Social Followers. We don’t ask for any personal information and our payment methods are SSL-secured, so you are absolutely safe to order from us. 

  • Can I get banned for buying followers?

    You don’t need to worry in this regard if you are buying followers from an authentic site such as Social Followers. We deliver original followers in an authentic way while leading social media platforms only banned those accounts which buy bot or fake followers. 

  • Can I get a refund If I don't get satisfied with the service?

    You’ll definitely get a refund if we fail to provide the promised number of followers by the given deadline. However, let us tell you that it never happened ever in our history. We deliver what we promise!

  • When is the order processed?

    Once the order is placed, you start getting Social Followers likes, views, or followers in two to three hours. It doesn’t take much time. Magic can be felt, seen, and noticed within a few hours!

  • Can I get “auto comments”?

    Yes, you can get auto comments on Instagram from Social Followers. Nevertheless, you have to place a custom order to avail the service.

  • Does Social Followers believe in the “refund policy”?

    Yes, Social Followers understands the demand for refund policy. That surely enables the customer to have faith in us. According to the refund policy, if you are not satisfied, we give a complete refund. For further queries, please contact us at refund policy page.

  • Do Social Followers provide “real and active” followers?

    Social Followers does not take the league of scam services. Instead, we render services legally. Whether you buy Instagram followers or likes, every profile is active. This also means that the followers do not vanish after some time. Since we get paid based on the quality, Social Followers either refunds full payment or refills followers in case anyone leaves.

  • Do you require my Instagram password to proceed with the order placed?

    No! Social Followers never asks for the password to proceed with the order. We, however, need the customer’s username and email address to send an invoice.

  • Are the followers from the UK?

    Honestly speaking, Social Followers try to provide hundred percent targeted audience, followers, likes, and views. But we are always skeptical due to the strict Instagram algorithms. Nevertheless, we claim and succeed in facilitating customers with 50 to 75 percent of HQ real English Instagram followers.

  • Is there any special plan to buy Instagram followers for business profiles?

    Yes, Social Followers render services for business profiles on Instagram. For that, you can buy Instagram followers and likes relied on a specific industry (design, fashion, art, calligraphy, etc.). Followers bought will act like any real profile user. They will engage in your posts by liking, sharing, viewing, and commenting on posts published. To get Instagram followers please place a custom order for specific followers. Note: the price of this service is relatively higher than any normal package. It starts from £12 for every one thousand followers.

  • Can I get specific gender-based followers?

    Yes, we at Social Followers can provide you with gender-based followers. All you need to do is to place a (custom order for special and active followers. Prices for these specific gender-based followers is fixated to £12 for every one thousand followers.

  • What if followers or likes disappear after I am done with payment?

    First of all, we always try our level best, this situation never happens. Secondly, if it does, we are here for you with refill options. You will get the accurate follower count or likes for what you pay. If you drop some, we will provide you the new ones, for sure. In case you are unhappy with the service you can claim your money.

  • Is it legal and safe to buy Instagram followers, comments, or likes?

    Yeah, it is a fully legitimate activity. There is no law anywhere in the world which restricts you to not buy Instagram followers, likes, or comments. However, as far as the security of these sorts of services is concerned, it entirely depends upon from which seller you are buying these services. If the seller is credible enough as we are with certain quality assurance procedures in place, you are safe.

    At Social Followers, our team of professionals knows the nitty-gritty of the process and provides you with real followers with a history of some activity on their profiles, securing your Instagram profile from being penalized for buying fake followers. Moreover, we don’t ask for any of your personal information such as login details because we care deeply about the privacy of our clients. Furthermore, all our payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, and Online Bank Transfer are 100% secure for transactions.

  • Can I expect to gain a significant following on Instagram?

    Well, this is a very subjective question. Although you can grow on Instagram by availing of our growth services such as buying Instagram followers, comments, likes, reel views, and story views. However, certain other factors, including the quality of the content on your profile, are not in our control.

  • What are some of the reasons behind people buying followers?

    Following are some of the tempting reasons why people tend to buy followers: 

    • To increase the reach of their social media profile by portraying themselves as being more popular
    • To increase their chances of being noticed by potential customers, sponsors, or advertisers
    • To boost their engagement rates by appearing to have a larger audience
    • To get an edge over their competitors by having more followers
    • To receive credibility and perceived influence by having a large number of the followers

  • Why do people tend to buy likes?

    You’ll see many people in your circle buying likes for their social media profiles. The reason is they are lucky enough to know the drawbacks of having fewer likes on their social media posts or videos. If you buy likes, you significantly increase your chances of getting noticed by your target audience. In addition, you boost your engagement rate, reach, visibility, and credibility. On top of that, you make your social media account look more active and appealing to your potential followers or customers.

  • Can I receive auto-likes for my new posts?

    Of Course, you can! We offer real, authentic, and permanent auto likes. Explore our versatile packages here.

  • How do you get the followers that you provide to Instagram users?

    Being in the business for the last couple of years, we have managed to crack the secret formula of getting 100% genuine, credible, and high-quality followers. One of the primary reasons behind our success is our team of experts that know the latest Instagram techniques.

  • How will you differentiate yourself from your competitors in terms of the quality of Instagram likes?

    We at Social Followers are committed to providing our clientele with veritable, valid, and permanent Instagram likes. In our years of experience, we have achieved excellence in providing our customers with the market-best growth services at the lowest price possible. Our competitors are way behind us in terms of the aforementioned factors.

  • Do you offer any discounts or refunds? If yes, what are the terms & conditions for that?

    Although we at Social Followers are dead sure about the affordability of our services. We offer versatile packages of growth services to cater to the needs of different users. You can take us on board by ordering your desirable package. If still, you ever feel unsatisfied because we have failed to provide you with the promised quality of service within a given deadline, you can claim your refund. For any further details, have a look at our Refund Policy.

  • What happens next when I place my order for followers, likes, comments, or views?

    After placing your order, just hit back and relax. Depending upon the size of your order, we’ll process it within a few minutes to a few days.

  • Will the followers that you provide like and comment on my picture?

    We cannot absolutely assure you that each of the provided followers will interact with your posts. It primarily depends upon the quality of your content, your post frequency, and many other related factors. However, we can guarantee that as we provide real followers, they will certainly engage with your posts if they find your content valuable and interesting enough.

  • What is Social Follower?

    We are a top-rated social media marketing growth services provider. We take pride in serving our clients with the leading quality of our service at the cheapest rates possible. When it comes to providing reliable, genuine, and permanent followers, likes, comments, and views for all the major social media platforms, Social Followers always lead the crowd.

  • What kind of services does Social Followers provide?

    Social Followers offers a variety of services including but not limited to followers, subscribers, comments, likes, views, and watch time for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Youtube. To see our full range of services, click on the hamburger menu button, present at the top right of our site’s Home page.

  • Are there any types of Instagram accounts you refuse to work with?

    The only accounts we don’t work with are those that don’t comply with the policies of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or TikTok. These include accounts promoting pornographic content, gambling, violence, or any related content which goes against the community guidelines of the above-mentioned social media platforms.

  • What is the minimum amount of Instagram followers and likes that you provide?

    You can place your order for as minimum as 100 Instagram followers or 100 Instagram likes on our site.

  • How do you charge for your services, a one-time payment or a monthly fee?

    We don’t apply any recurring charges to your account. You can avail of any of our services by paying a one-time amount. How fantastic is that, isn't it?

  • If any problem or issue arises, whom should I contact?

    In case of any problem with our service, you can get in touch with our customer support team. They are available 24/7 and are thoroughly trained to resolve any of your issues regarding our service.

  • Do you provide after-sales customer service?

    Absolutely, yes! The fundamental reason behind our success is the fact that we listen to our customers and keep aligning our services to their needs. We welcome any suggestions, feedback, or comments regarding our service, as we strongly believe that there’s always room for improvement.

  • Why should I choose you?

    Social Followers is a market leader in providing reliable social media marketing & growth services. 

    Following are some of the compelling reasons that make us the best contender to handle your SMM needs:

    • A versatile variety of packages to choose from
    • Smooth order experience
    • Excellent and timely delivery of the ordered package
    • 24/7 active customer support service to resolve any issue

    Place your order today to skyrocket your social media presence!

  • Is it worth it to buy Instagram followers and likes?

    Hell yes, it’s worth every bit of it! Consider the charges that you pay to place your order on our site as an investment. Social Followers is world famous for providing the best return on money. We make sure that you get a profit worth many times more than your original investment. The majority of our clients have reported an exponential increase in web traffic, inbound leads, and sponsors after availing of our services.

  • Can Instagram ban, suspend, or block my account after availing of your services?

    Absolutely not! In fact, this is the beauty of our credible service we never violate the terms and conditions of Instagram when providing our Instagram growth services. Hence, there is not a single chance that Instagram will penalize you if you buy our services.

  • I accidentally set my account to private while my order was in process. In this situation, what will be the outcome?

    In this case, you’ll either get a partial order or no order at all. Normally, you don’t need to panic in this situation as we have certain quality assurance systems in place that notify us in case of any disparity. After that, we send you a warning message to avoid setting your profile to private as it will disturb the processing of your order. Moreover, our customer service team constantly gets in touch with you until they are successful in resolving your problem. 

    As a precautionary measure, we always advise our valuable customers to avoid switching their accounts to private mode before and during the processing of their orders from our end. Once you get all the requested followers, you can set your account to private if you wish.

  • Will you require access to my password for proceeding with my order?

    Not at all! At Social Followers, we take privacy concerns very seriously and never ask our customers to reveal their sensitive information.

  • What information do I need to provide?

    We are committed to providing our customers with a hassle-free experience. To deliver your order, all we need is your social media username and an email address where we can reach you.

  • Will you offer a money-back guarantee?

    Customer satisfaction has always been our primary area of concern. If you don’t get the promised service within the mentioned deadline from our end, you will be able to claim your full refund.

  • Will I have to follow back the followers that you provide?

    No, you’ll not necessarily need to do that. You have the choice to follow them back if you like their content. However, you’re not bound to do that. It entirely depends upon your own instinct.

  • Why do you need my account to be set to public?

    To be able to successfully process your orders for followers, likes, or comments, our system needs access to your account which is only possible when it is set to public.

  • What are the payment methods that you accept?

    When it comes to payment gateways, we have a vast variety of secure options to let you easily make the payments you want. You can pay the price for your selected order with PayPal, Stripe, Mastercard, or Visa Card.

  • It has been a while since I placed my order but I’m not receiving any of the followers/likes that I ordered. What should I do now?

    First of all, make sure that your profile is set to public as our system will not be able to process your order if it is set to private. If that was the case before and you now set your profile to public, notify us via email. We’ll then reprocess your order. However, if your profile was already set to public mode when you placed your order, please contact us directly and we’ll resolve your problem at the earliest time possible.

  • What if I change my mind after placing my order, can I cancel it to get a refund?

    We regret to inform you that it will not be possible for us to offer you a refund if we already start working on your order.

  • I’m not satisfied with the followers that you provided. Can you delete these followers from my account?

    Sorry, we really can’t do anything in this case. We can’t undo/delete the actions that I already applied to your account.

  • How quickly will I receive the followers, likes, or comments that I’ve ordered?

    You can see the estimated delivery time for each of our packages mentioned on them. Though we immediately process your order after receiving the payment confirmation.

  • I’ve not received an order confirmation email after placing my order on Social Followers. Why is it so?

    If you have not received a confirmation email after placing an order, please first check your spam folder. If you are still not able to find the email there, have a look at other email accounts attached to the payment gateway through which you made the payment. If after trying all these suggestions, you haven’t found the order confirmation email, reach out to us directly to let us see what we can do to sort out your problem.

  • I’ve read all the FAQs but didn’t find my question. What can I do now to get my question answered?

    Please feel free to reach out to us via the email address or phone/Whatsapp number mentioned in the footer of website.

  • Why Should You Choose Social Followers?

    Social Followers is one of the most credible and result-oriented social media marketing & growth services providers at the moment. We are well-known for delivering quality output within the fastest time possible, and that too without compromising your privacy. 

    It is common to buy followers. Buying followers lets you get quick results such as enhanced visibility, high engagements, and increased leads. That’s why many of the business and personal profiles prefer to buy followers.


  • Instagram is removing like counts, is it the same for followers?

    No, this is not going to be the case anytime soon. Instagram made no announcement in this regard until now. In fact, the app is not even removed like counts in the first place. Instagram just made it possible for users to choose between the options to hide like counts on all posts in the feed or only hide like counts on their own posts.

  • Is it legal to buy Instagram followers?

    Yeah, it is 100% legal to buy Instagram followers. There is no law that restricts you from buying Instagram followers. Though it is against Instagram community guidelines.

  • Is having many followers on my profile help to attract organic engagement?

    Yeah, it happens. There are several studies that suggest that a social media account with many followers results in more engagement. It mainly occurs because a social media profile with a huge following portrays you as an authority in your domain and users love to engage with authentic profiles.

  • Do hashtags on Instagram get followers?

    Absolutely yes! Using hashtags on Instagram is a good way to make sure that your content would appear whenever a user searches for a specific hashtag. You can even create your own branded hashtags to stand out from your competitors.

  • Why am I going to pay for bot followers, though?

    It will not be the case at all. Rest assured that Social Followers provides 100% real and authentic followers.

  • Will my followers disappear or decrease in time?

    First of all, be very sure that the followers that you will buy from us will not decrease with time. However, even if it happens in some rare cases, we’ll compensate for all the decreases free of charge.

  • How are the followers I bought going to help my account?

    Social Followers provides genuine and quality followers for all the mainstream social media platforms which makes you liable for a course of benefits. These include an increase in organic reach, more website traffic, and numerous leads.

  • Following are some of the conducive reasons behind our popularity

    • Diverse Range of Services 

    Versatility is one of our prime unique selling points (USPs). Just think of any SMM service you need, and you’ll find Social Followers offering it. Our customers love to work with us because they get solutions to all of their SMM needs on a single platform. We offer social media growth services, including followers, subscribers, comments, likes, and views for all the major social media platforms. 

    • Affordability and Security

    Social Followers takes pride in providing premium SMM services at the lowest price possible. In addition, we always ensure the security and privacy of our clientele’s data. All our payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Mastercard, and Visa support secure and hassle-free transactions. Furthermore, we never ask our customers to reveal their sensitive login information. 

    • Excellent Customer Support 

    We strongly believe that customer support shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company. Acting accordingly, Social Followers has a 24/7 responsive customer support facility to take on your queries, complaints, or feedback. In case of any problem, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll happily assist you. 

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