Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT: Making a wise decision and choosing Social Followers will enable you to increase productivity in the business. All you have to do is to buy active Instagram likes, buy Instagram followers, and views for Instagram. The purchases will ensure instant social boost. However, it has many questions attached. If you are looking for a specific answer which is not mentioned below, kindly contact us at

Social Followers is one of the best places to avail the opportunity of getting instant likes, followers, and views. However, when you are unable to place an order, you can simply contact us at customer support. There are no fixed timings for the service. Reason being, it is functional round the clock, all days of the week.

If you are not sure about the facilities of other companies online, then you must make a purchase with Social Followers. We do not violate the rules, regulations, and policies of Instagram. At Social Followers, we facilitate our customers with facilities mentioned below.

  • Active Instagram followers – not from any fake accounts
  • Live API synchronization is implied for easiest purchases
  • Delivery is made right after the receiving of the order
  • If the customer finds a glitch, we are ready to rectify with a permanent solution
  • In case of anyone leaves, we refill it without extra charging

Yes, you certainly can. Packages are customized according to the needs and requirements of the customer. It means you can buy more than one package at the time of placing an order. At times, when you buy a package and want more, that is also doable. Social Followers comply with the needs of the customer. Therefore, to make them satisfied, we offer the purchase of multiple packages simultaneously.

Social Followers retain the information of a customer for a particular period of time. This means that the data is kept within the company and is not shared with others (under any circumstance). Also, there is no need to fret about privacy. Reason being, we only demand “username” from the customer. You must also know that Social Followers is functional under the GDPR 2018 Act.

Yes, we offer “Blue Badge” or verification service. Since there are some official prerequisites by Instagram, it is mandatory to comply with the needs. What does that include? It includes the following items.

  • Blog or official website to own eight articles
  • Fee for verifying Instagram profile/account
  • Eight weeks of review

To get Instagram verification services in £2500, contact us for more details!

Once the order is placed, you start getting Social Followers likes, views, or followers in two to three hours. It doesn’t take much time. Magic can be felt, seen, and noticed within a few hours!

Yes, you can get auto comments on Instagram from Social Followers. Nevertheless, you have to place a custom order to avail the service.

Yes, Social Followers understands the demand for refund policy. That surely enables the customer to have faith in us. According to the refund policy, if you are not satisfied, we give a complete refund. For further queries, please contact us at refund policy page.

Social Followers does not take the league of scam services. Instead, we render services legally. Whether you buy Instagram followers or likes, every profile is active. This also means that the followers do not vanish after some time. Since we get paid based on the quality, Social Followers either refunds full payment or refills followers in case anyone leaves.

No! Social Followers never asks for the password to proceed with the order. We, however, need the customer’s username and email address to send an invoice.

Honestly speaking, Social Followers try to provide hundred percent targeted audience, followers, likes, and views. But we are always skeptical due to the strict Instagram algorithms. Nevertheless, we claim and succeed in facilitating customers with 50 to 75 percent of HQ real English Instagram followers.

Yes, Social Followers render services for business profiles on Instagram. For that, you can buy Instagram followers and likes relied on a specific industry (design, fashion, art, calligraphy, etc.). Followers bought will act like any real profile user. They will engage in your posts by liking, sharing, viewing, and commenting on posts published. To get Instagram followers please place a custom order for specific followers.

Note: the price of this service is relatively higher than any normal package. It starts from £12 for every one thousand followers.

Yes, we at Social Followers can provide you with gender-based followers. All you need to do is to place a custom order for special and active followers. Prices for these specific gender-based followers is fixated to £12 for every one thousand followers.

First of all, we always try our level best, this situation never happens. Secondly, if it does, we are here for you with refill options. You will get the accurate follower count or likes for what you pay. If you drop some, we will provide you the new ones, for sure. In case you are unhappy with the service you can claim your money.