Instagram Tests Out New, Fun Stickers to Encourage Holiday Season Engagement

Instagram Tests Out New, Fun Stickers to Encourage Holiday Season Engagement

By: Jessica Charlie

Oct 11, 2023 – Instagram first rolled out “stickers” back in 2021. It began with the “Add Yours” sticker where you could respond to a particular prompt by sharing the required content in your Stories. From then to now, there have been lots of stickers, each one to serve a purpose of their own. 

add your stickers

Currently, Instagram is all geared up to experiment with launching a whole new set of stickers for the upcoming holiday season. 

The new stickers for the holiday season include an app sticker, a secret sticker, and a music pick sticker. The app sticker allows you to share an app within Instagram stories. It’s especially helpful for people to share useful apps, promotions, deals, and features with each other conveniently. 

new stickers options with search bar

The secret sticker is a really interesting one. You can only reveal the secret by sending a message to the person who added it to their Story. It’s up to them if they choose to share the secret with you or not. However, there are not many details known about this one yet. 

The music pick sticker will allow respondents to share their favorite tracks under one sticker. It’s like forming a collective mixtape with your friends and discovering each other’s taste in music. The users can form diverse playlists to enjoy when hanging out with friends or simply expose themselves to new music.   

Instagram stickers have been a phenomenal element to enhance interactivity and engagement among users. Most stickers are customizable where you can add your own prompt and encourage others to participate. 

For example, you begin by sharing a picture of you with your friends. In that Story, you add the sticker where you ask others to share their pictures on their stories along with the sticker. It’s more like starting a chain reaction that knows no end. 

Most Popular Instagram Stickers

Some other popular Instagram stickers include

  • donation stickers
  • support small business
  • avatar stickers
  • link stickers
  • question stickers
  • emoji sliding stickers
  • countdown stickers
  • music stickers
  • quiz stickers, and more.

While people are having fun participating in such activities, the user engagement rates continue boosting along the way. 

Instagram has been tirelessly working to spice things up for its users. There has been a subtle change in how things used to operate on Instagram in terms of usability, interaction, and engagement previously.  

The news feed has become more of a medium of discovery for trending videos while people primarily interact with each other through direct messages and stories. 

Close group interactions have become the key focus for the recent developments on Instagram in order to encourage user engagement. The holiday season stickers are expected to take the platform by storm. From a marketing point of view, brands are expected to encourage influencers to include the new stickers in their sponsored content.

Let’s see how it goes!

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