how to get your first 1000 followers on instagram

6 Ways To 1000 Followers On Your Instagram Business Account Fast

By: Nelson Grey

In case you recently began using Instagram for your business, your followers must be very few. Understandably so! Although Instagram followers increase in number with time, there are certain techniques to expand your followership; at a brisk pace. One easy way is to buy real Instagram followers from a well-reputed agency. Other than that there are some other sure success methods for getting the first 1000 followers on your Instagram business account. Below are some ways to reach 1000 Instagram followers if you don’t like to buy real Instagram likes and followers.

  1. Ensure that your account is public
  2. Make use of hashtags
  3. Post visually pleasing content
  4. Hold a giveaway
  5. Engage the audience with your posts
  6. Be knowledgeable about commenting and replying

Are you ready to reach the 1000 mark; fast? Here we go!


This is an understandable thing that every experienced marketer is aware of. However, all the newbies who are reading this “ensure that your account is public and not private.” Although all the business accounts on Instagram are automatically made public, we are emphasizing this point because some marketers and business owners market their content or products from personal accounts too. If you haven’t still made a business account, we suggest you hassle it as business accounts allow you to have an eye on general analytics, etc.


Hashtag usage is a trusted method to increase your Instagram followers. Many people will compel you to buy Instagram followers but, if you are sensible with hashtag usage, you are allowing yourself more chances of getting followers automatically. Don’t just use hashtags for the sake of trends. Think about which hashtags are more relatable to your business operations.

For instance, you are running a shoe business. Search for the "best shoe" hashtags on Google, and you will find a plethora of hashtags that best suit your shoe business. Experts say that you should balance your usage of hashtags between popular and less popular hashtags. Don’t just go with the most used or popular hashtags with the thinking that thousands of people will see your posts. High competition of famous hashtags can also press down your posts with the leading business’s posts.


Hashtags are not everything. Especially when you don’t feed people with the most eye-catching stuff. Use hundreds of hashtags and people won’t bother looking at it if you are posting less-than-stellar content. If you want to reach 1000 Instagram followers in no time, spent some time making your content interesting and unique. Give them something special to gaze on.

Whatever business product you are marketing, make sure to have a professional photo shoot or heaps of images related to your product that catches everybody’s attention. If you are posting content without a proper thought process, you are just wasting your time and effort. Or the option to buy Instagram followers and likes is never out of sight if you want to increase your follower base quickly.


Giveaways are always rewarding not only for your followers but also for you. If you are considering building a strong follower base, never rule out this option. Although you will hand out a few of your products for free, this will allow you to augment your followers. However, your giveaway campaign must be governed by some specific rules like following your account, sharing your content, or asking any 3 of your friends to like and follow the account, etc.

Many brands have different rules while handing out giveaways. These include following of account and tagging a couple of friends in the comments to increase the post’s visibility. People tagging people is a sure-shot method of gaining attention and new followers. Simply saying, give something to get plenty.


A famous old axiom says that “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” This stands true when you are looking to gain your first 1000 followers. You need to engage the users in return for receiving engagement for your brand. At the start of your 1000-follower campaign, you will have to spend at least 30 minutes every day engaging with your followers. This could easily be achieved via liking their content, responding amicably to all their queries and complaints, responding to their comments and liking them, etc. Be generous towards your audience. A simple comment of thank you and appreciation can go a long way in building your brand and giving it the image you want to build.


Make commenting and replying to a comment a norm. When liking images beware of the fact that likes get listed in chronological order. Later on, all notifications get clumped, and it shows like ‘this and this, and 100 others liked this post. On the other hand, comments have special significance because comment notifications are visible individually and are given more importance.

Make sure you are aware of the impotence of comments while engaging with other accounts irrespective of the fact they are business or personal. Comment on other people’s posts, and you will get positive results in the form of attention, user engagement, and followership to your Instagram personal account. In case you are struggling with getting followers or want to have a headstart, buy real Instagram followers and start leading your competition.

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