how to delete tiktok account

How To Delete a TikTok Account?

By: Nelson Grey

Are you in a fix because someone is impersonating your presence on TikTok? Or do you have some concerns because of which the need to delete the account arose? Even if these are not the primary concerns where the only solution is to delete the account, we know your feelings. 

Sometimes we must get out of the situation and focus on something better. In such situations, you have other options to remain safe on TikTok. That is why we have also catered to other alternatives and the procedure to delete a TikTok profile. 

Table of Contents

  1. Different Options to Look into Before Permanently Deleting an Account
    • Option 1: Deactivate the TikTok Account
    • Option 2: Create a Backup Folder
    • Option 3: Delete Videos from the Account
  2. Ways to Delete TikTok Account
    • Delete Account from Smartphone
    • Delete Account from Web Browser
  3. What Next – After Deleting the Account from TikTok?
  4. How to Reactivate the Account After Deactivating 

1. Different Options to Look into Before Permanently Deleting an Account 

Before you delve into deleting an account for good, as in permanently, we recommend a few things to be mindful of. If you are serious about the decision, consider deactivating the account or creating a backup. One thing you should do is delete all the videos before deleting the account permanently.  

Option 1: Deactivate the TikTok Account 

Follow the steps below to ensure your account is only deactivated and not permanently deleted. 

Step #1: Log in to the account
Step #2: Long press “Menu” and then select “Settings & Privacy”
Step #3: Now press “Manage Account” and click “Delete Account” 
Step #4: You can choose “Deactivate Account” if the option exists. Give the reason for deactivating the account. 

Note: Your account will stay active for a month after “deleting” or “deactivating” it. If and when you log in to the same account within 30 days or a month, access to the blog shall be given right away. That way, you will be able to reactivate the account on TikTok easily. 

Option 2: Create a Backup Folder 

If you have decided to go for the deletion of your TikTok account, the wise choice would be to form a backup folder. Creating a backup folder is a simple task. Just apply the following steps to save your data before deleting it.

Step #1:  Open your account and move on to your profile.
Step #2:  Click on the "Settings and Privacy'' option by tapping three visible dots in the upper right corner.
Step #3: Once you open it, you will find a ''Privacy'' option. Click it and move on to access '' Personalization and data.'
Step #4: You can then easily find the'' Download your data'' option, select it, and then tap on ''Create Backup''

Pro-Tip: This method might take a while since the app asks to confirm your identity. You have to enter your credentials, and after TikTok verifies your identification. Your goal is accomplished in the form of your backup of your information. The backup comprises your username, comments, and videos.

NOTE: You must remember to download your videos to save them on your devices. Creating a separate folder for your TikTok videos in Google Drive or iCloud storage is a good option.

Option 3: Delete Videos from the Account 

You can simply delete your videos from your account instead of your entire account. This way, you can access the account later if you want to or view other TikTok videos from the app.

Instead, here are three easy-to-go steps that will aid you in deleting your TikTok videos.

Step #1: Open your account and move toward your main profile.
Step #2: Once you access it, all your videos are visible, and you can delete them by pressing on them individually.
Step #3: After selecting the video, click on it and find the three-dot icon on the right corner of your video.
Step #4: Choose the ''Delete'' option; the app will prompt you to confirm your deletion.
Step #5: Confirm it, and your video will be deleted.

NOTE: This might take some time because you have to delete a TikTok video by individually opening it from your account.

2. Ways to Delete TikTok Account 

Okay, so here we are after completing the precautionary measures before the deletion of the TikTok account. What’s next? It is about how to delete the account; follow the steps mentioned below to complete the agenda of the day – deleting the account on TikTok. 

  • Delete Account from Smartphone 

If you plan to delete your account from your smartphone. The following steps will help to delete a TikTok account. The steps are the same regardless of the device you are using.

Step#1: Click on the TikTok app on your phone.
Step#2: Open your account “settings” by tapping on the three dots present in the upper right corner of your profile.
Step#3: Access the “Manage my account” option once you are in the settings.
Step#4: You will find many options when you open a “manage account”. Click on “Delete” Account.
Step#5: TikTok will request you for verification. This verification is done for security purposes. Enter the code sent by the app either on your registered mail or phone.
Step#6: Once verified TikTok will appear with a list of potential reasons you might be deleting your profile. You can either share your reason or skip it.
Step#7: Afterwards, click on the delete account, and a pop-up notification will show on your screen asking for confirmation.
Step#8: Click on it to confirm, and your account will be deleted in a few days.

A quick tip: You should back up your content before deleting your account. It is to ensure the storage of your TikTok videos. TikTok keeps your account deactivated for 30 days before deleting it permanently.  

  • Delete Account from Web Browser 

There is not much difference in deleting a TikTok account from your smartphone and browser. However, sometimes one can have some limitations when it comes to phone usage. So, to delete a TikTok account from your browser, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

Step #1: Open your browser and access your account by logging in.
Step#2: After logging in to your account, open your profile. It is present in the upper right corner of your computer screen.
Step #3: Click on the “menu” option by putting your cursor on the three dots.
Step #4: Once your menu shows up, click the ‘’Settings” option.
Step #5: In the settings, find ‘’Manage account’’.
Step#6: In the “Manage account” options, look out for the” Delete account” option.
Step #7: Click on “Delete account” which will take you to a different tab. TikTok might need to confirm your verification.
Step#8: After verification, click on the “Delete account” again for the last time.

Pro-tip: TikTok sends you the verification code on your Gmail or phone number. Enter it to verify yourself.

3. What Next – After Deleting the Account from TikTok? 

How to Reactivate the Account After Deactivating 

Learning how to reactivate your account after deactivating it might be a great choice. You never know if you will change your mind in the future and might need to know about the reactivation process.

One must remember that you can recover your account within a time duration of 30 days after deactivating it.

Step #1: Open your TikTok application on your device.
Step #2: Enter your account credentials to log in to your account.
Step #3: Your account gets reactivated once you log in with your username and password. 

NOTE: However, if you access your account after 30 days, you might face an issue in reactivating it. In that case, you can contact TikTok customer care for your query.

4. Frequently Asked Questions 

Question #1: Will Deleting TikTok Delete Uploaded Videos?

Answer: If you opt for the deletion of your account. All your videos will be deleted permanently after a period of 30 days. However, you can create a backup of your TikTok videos by storing it in your available options like icloud storage, google drive, etc.

You should be confident in your decision to delete your account. You must give it a thought before proceeding since once you delete your account, all the information, including your likes, followers, and videos is lost forever.

Question #2: Will Deleting TikTok Delete Messages?

Answer: Deleting your account will not delete your chats with other people.
All your information, even your messages, will be deleted from your account when you delete it. But people can view your chats on their end.

Question #3: Why it is difficult to delete an account on TikTok?

Answer: There can be various reasons you are unable to delete a TikTok account. The following list contains a few of them.

#1: Your account is banned
Sometimes TikTok might ban an account for violating the app’s terms and conditions. In this situation, a user might find it hard to perform any action in the app, such as deleting it or posting a new video. Contact TikTok support to learn more about your account’ ban reason and request an appeal for unbanning. You can delete your deleted as soon as your account gets unbanned.

#2: Glitch in the system
Sometimes there might be a glitch in the app’s working system. Try logging out and log in again. If it doesn’t work, updating the app might aid in getting rid of the glitch.

#3: Incorrect Credentials
TikTok has a set requirement to verify your account before deleting it. If you fail to verify it, then deleting your account might be challenging.

#4: The App is Down
Certain times, the app’s server is down, which might become a barrier in deleting your account.

Question #4: How can I delete a TikTok profile forever without logging in to the account?

Answer: You need to log in to your account to verify your identification. You can reset your password using your registered email address if you don’t remember your password. If you can’t access your Email, going for TikTok’s support is the last option.

Pro-Tip: To avoid such troubling situations in the future, writing your credentials in your diary is advised. You can also save them in your notes app. Moreover, signing up with an active email and phone number is a good step. Always make sure you use a phone number in your daily usage and active to steer clear of any issues while verification.

Question #5: How long does a TikTok account stay deactivated?

Answer: A TikTok account usually stays deactivated for a period of 30 days. After this period, the account is permanently deleted. You can reactivate it by entering your credentials, but you must do so during this time.

Takeaway: How to Delete, Deactivate, and Reactivate the Account on TikTok? 

In the current era of technology, it is effortless to learn about anything. Prior knowledge of the steps required to permanently remove a TikTok account or the steps performed to delete a TikTok video can be very accommodating. It is always a thoughtful idea to create a backup of your content before deactivating or deleting it to ensure storage of your content.

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