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How to Get More Views on TikTok: 13 Strategies

By: Nelson Grey

Who doesn't want better reach and visibility on TikTok? Almost everyone looks for the best engagement rate. The reason for it is based on three core areas.

First, you need views on TikTok to optimize content. Second, TikTok views are the source of monetization. Third, without a good number of viewers, your TikTok profile will not be considered legit, authentic, or credible.

Ensure you have all it takes to make the content reach the masses. It is best to follow some tried and tested strategies. But before delving into it, we must know the basics.

What are TikTok Views?

TikTok views are not like any other social media app. It is unique in many ways. The moment you start watching a video, it is considered "one view." Unlike social media apps like Instagram or YouTube, TikTok counts views whenever you watch the same video. In other words, TikTok views are a lot better for creators or owners. Why? It is simply because the prospects of getting more views are always high.

TikTok views is not a biggie. It is not! But yes, like any other social media app, TikTok views are challenging to maintain because viewers swipe up or down before completing the entire video. Now you see, this is the funny thing to look after – whether the viewer is watching the whole video.

Certain parameters can be checked to ensure TikTok videos are watched until the end. Likewise, ensure you get a perfect number of views on a single video. It is a must to create content that entices the audience.

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Calculation: How Much Does One View Pay?

It was not possible until 2020 to monetize the TikTok account. Even after four years, in 2024, there isn't any particular or fixed amount to give on every view.

Calculation: Every 1000 views either gives 0.02 USD or 0.04 USD

There needs to be more! We all know that… but the question is how to increase views so that you can generate more money.

13 Ways to Make More Money Through TikTok Views on Videos

With every passing year, something new comes up in the domain of TikTok. At times, it is about a new feature. Other times it is about recent trends. By knowing these features and trends, you will be able to learn more fun ways to make money.

Keeping the basic rule of thumb (with every view, the engagement rate increases, which helps in making more money) in mind, you can not only unleash the true skills of getting more views. But you really have to work on several areas before expecting augmented TikTok views.

Tips shared below are more than just tried and tested. They are actually part of the survey and research too. Many TikTok experts validate the importance of these tips. If implemented in your account or videos, more money can be projected.

Tip #1: Captions – Make them Intriguing

There is a solid reason not to allow more than 150 characters in captions. It is to keep you within the boundaries of what TikTok likes. According to TikTok, 150 characters allow one to write short and engaging captions. It hooks the audience within a microsecond, enabling them to open the video immediately. Later on, TikTok increased its caption limit from 300 to 2,200 characters max on September 23, 2022.

Remember, captions are the best way to display the intent of the content. They set the audience's mood and tell what the video is like. Above all, these captions are the primary hook. Most of the captions are such that they bring the conversation into place. So, it is something you should pay attention to. Making the best use of it will help you get more engagement in the form of views, comments, and likes.

Tip #2: Ensure the Audience Watches the Entire TikTok Video

TikTok views are the easiest to work on. It is because the moment someone starts watching a video, one view is counted. But simultaneously, it is crucial to hook the viewer until the end of the video. This serves the video differently – algorithms work faster, and you get more hype on TikTok. It gives you an edge to come forward with optimized content. Also, when someone watches an entire video, it helps in suggesting you on the "For You" page.

However, the best way to retain an audience to one video is through the help of the following ideas.

  • Ask questions that can have answers towards the end of the video
  • When viewers comment, answer the questions
  • Entice an audience to come back to watch other videos shared by you

Tip #3: Buy TikTok Auto Views

One of the best solutions to get more TikTok views is to purchase TikTok auto views. You may ask what it is about. Well, auto views are mostly legit because they are active and real. But they are considered fake if they are not from real TikTok users. These views are generated automatically as soon as you upload a video on TikTok. Also, these views are always bought against a package or subscription fee.

Tip #4: Focus on the Targeted Audience

When it comes to increasing views on TikTok, focusing on the targeted audience is a must. It means content should be created for specific geolocation, particular age group, and certain age group. Once you create content for everyone, the chances of growth become narrow. On the other hand, if you know the content you create is for a specific industry, age group, etc., the engagement rate increases automatically.

Other perks of sharing videos for a targeted audience are mentioned below.

  • It becomes easy to remain focused and consistent in tone
  • The targeted audience can relate much more than the "content for everyone."
  • Approaching collaborations and influencers is also easier while knowing the targeted audience

Tip #5: Buy TikTok Comments

Did you know with every new comment, algorithm changes on TikTok video? If not, let us bring something interesting to your knowledge. See, engagement automatically gets more views when it changes from comments, likes, or shares. So, at times it becomes extremely important to give a boost to your videos. For that, you can opt for an option in which third-party TikTok services are available.

Keeping that in mind, you can buy TikTok comments which help in getting more views. The human psyche is such that it sees a number of views, likes, and comments before watching a video.

Taking help from this tip will not only give instant comments but views as well.

Tip #6: Keep it Concise but Mesmerizing

People are in a hurry. They want to see more in less time. Keeping this in mind, creating short videos of a maximum of 30 seconds is always better. Long videos that go up to 3 minutes don't generate many views. It is also essential to know that short videos are rewatched repeatedly. On the other hand, 3-minute videos take a lot of time to reach the "For You" page. So yeah! Make the most of it while remaining to the point, quirky, and enticing.

Tip #7: Use of Hashtag

Always remember hashtags are one of the reasons why people stumble upon your videos. TikTok users find hashtags that relate to what they want to watch. Then they look up the videos. Seeing videos there in famous hashtags gives more views.

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That's why using appropriate and hyped hashtags in your videos is vital. Without hashtags, your videos will not be traceable amidst hundreds and thousands of uploaded videos.

Tip #8: Remain Consistent – Posts Several Vids Daily

The reason why it is essential to post 2 to 3 and, at times, even 4 shorts on TikTok is simple. More videos will give you better reach, visibility, and credibility. This will also enable you to get more views TikTok. as soon as you make 1000 views on videos, you will fulfill the criteria of getting the account monetized. Do you see how many advantages are linked with a number of views?

Here are some ideas and tips for creating more videos.

  • Make more of BTS (behind the scene videos)
  • Share how your typical day at work looks like
  • Stay away from mental chaos. Create a calendar

Tip #9: Find the Most Viewed Niches

If you have a TikTok channel and the niche has yet to be decided. Go for educational content that shares tutorials. This is because TikTok is majorly used by teenagers. This will help them grow smarter, know shortcuts to lengthy procedures of different subjects, etc.

Impart education and all that you know to the world of TikTok users. Likewise, you can opt for the top 10 or top 5 lists. These are the two most viewed types of videos.

Tip #10: Perform a "Duet"

Duets are a great way to get more views on TikTok. When you make a duet, your video is combined with another user's video, and both videos are posted side by side on your TikTok profile. This helps to increase your visibility and allows you to reach new audiences.

All you have to do to make a duet is follow the steps below.

  • Choose the song you want to use for the duet.
  • Create your own part of the duet.
  • Once you finish editing your video, click the "Duet" button.

Note: This will allow you to select the video of the person you want to duet with. Once you've found the video, click "Duet," and you're done!

Tip #11: Collab or Invite a Guest

When working with an influencer or celebrity, the key to success is ensuring that the collaboration is beneficial for both parties. Ensure that the influencer or celebrity is a good fit for your brand and that their content resonates with your target audience.

Be sure to discuss the goals and expectations of the collaboration beforehand, including the campaign length, the content that will be created, and the type of engagement you're hoping for. It's also important to ensure that everyone is clear about any compensation involved.

Creating content with a special guest can be a great way to broaden the reach of your TikTok videos and engage with a new audience. Just make sure to plan the collaboration out in advance so that it's a success.

Tip #12: Never Miss Out on Posting TikTok Videos on Other Social Media Avenues

There are many social media avenues and platforms. Knowing you can use them to promote TikTok videos for more views is a blessing. However, you should remember to use a different link while sharing the same content. It will make you your own competitor. But yes, creating and sharing content on Facebook or YouTube will help you generate more views.

Tip #13: Know the Right Time for Posting TikTok Content

The targeted audience helps in knowing the time when they mostly use TikTok for entertainment purposes. For example, if your targeted audience is a stay home mom or dad, afternoons of weekdays work out best. On the other hand, if you create content related to trimmers and hair wax for men, it is best to share content after 7 PM on weekdays and after 10 PM on weekends.

You can check analytics to assess timings for your targeted audience. That is the best time to get max views. Please keep in mind the time zone of the country or city from where your targeted audience belongs.

Take Away Note

After knowing all these ideas and tricks, it is clear that there are several aspects to see before sharing videos for maximum views. It is all about shaking algorithms so that TikTok can consider you a valuable asset and worthy of recommending videos on the "For You" page. You will increase the number of TikTok viewers based on these tips pretty easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked queries. If you have any question which still needs to be answered here. Feel free to reach us via support. We will get back to you on it for sure.

Question #1: How much does TikTok pay for every 1K views?

Answer: No particular or confirmed plan is based on which TikTok payments are given out. At times TikTok offers 0.02 USD, and other times it gives out a little generously – 0.04 USD. In other words, with every 1M views on TikTok videos, you earn between 20 and 40 USD.

Question #2: How many views does monetizing a TikTok account take?

Answer: Your TikTok account must have 10 thousand followers and 100 thousand views in the last 30 days. That is the primary criterion or rather prerequisite to apply for the monetization process.

Question #3: What happens when you get views on TikTok?

Answer: A lot happens when you get views on TikTok. For example:

  • More views mean more visibility and reach for audiences
  • It is one of the ways to increase brand awareness
  • Engagement is automatically increased
  • Augments better business leads, ROI, and sales
  • Searchability for your videos gets easy
  • Your account gets optimized

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