7 Solid Reasons to Prioritize Instagram For Your Business

7 Solid Reasons to Prioritize Instagram For Your Business


In the last 5 years, Instagram has really come of age and transformed into a serious social network. When talking from a digital marketing perspective it promises a lot to businesses. Recent research says that more than 35 percent of the US population is using Instagram. It is also growing exponentially all over the world, second only to Facebook in terms of audience penetration. With Instagram in your arsenal, your business will have an edge over your competitors in reaching out to your target market with the help of great visual content. We have compiled a list of reasons that will portray why Instagram should be in your marketing strategy and how you can buy Instagram followers.

Instagram is the most famous social media network following Facebook

ComScore research says that internet users in the US spend about 12 billion minutes on Instagram every month. When we compare its usage with Facebook’s 230 billion minutes, it’s nothing. However, for those businesses that want to soar in the image-centric network; Instagram is their go-to network.

It’s still early to establish a dominating presence in your niche

Small businesses mostly struggle to get noticed on Facebook. With so much completion going on and large brands dominating Facebook, small businesses find it difficult to differentiate themselves from the rest. This is the reason why e-commerce experts advise small businesses to buy Instagram followers and make a solid presence for themselves on this fast-growing network. Also, the fact that only 9 percent of small businesses are taking advantage of Instagram, allows you an opening to build your audience effectively. Usage of Instagram by small businesses has increased consistently since 2012 and it will grow immensely in the times to come. Those businesses that have started benefiting from Instagram recently will be able to establish themselves as an authority before the competition becomes stiff.

Instagram allows you the ability to enhance your brand using the visual content

Visual content allows you to create a distinct representation of your brand and showcase it the way you want. One amazing benefit that can be gained from Instagram is the portrayal of feelings and emotions regarding your brand. It lets you share images with a wide array of filters. Through these filters, you can give your visual content a personalized touch and feel. It conveys your mood and message in a more imposing way.

Instagram augments sales

Shopify analytics show that Instagram referrals result in an average order value of $65. It is led only by Polyvore at $66.75. A large majority of visits may not end up producing a result. However, those that end with purchases result in significantly high revenue as compared to other social media networks. If you want to enjoy fruitful results, obviously you need more subscribers and followers. For this purpose, you can buy real Instagram likes and followers from a reputable agency via which you can augment your outreach. 

Visual content has a lasting effect on users

In the current times, social media users enjoy engaging with the visual content of brands. This trend is increasing with every passing day. According to research, the most effective tactic that brands are using nowadays to interact with users is visual content. If you are a small business but, want to hit big, keep your followers engaged by posting content like infographics, image quotes, graphic coupons, and behind the scene images. When it comes to videos, you ought to use short tutorials, etc. to elicit user attention.

You can reach every single follower via Instagram

Instagram’s feed is different from Facebook's in a way that its posts are shown in the feeds of every single follower. On the other hand, Facebook shows your posts to only a small audience. This plus point of Instagram ensures that your visual content gets seen by everyone in chronological order. So, if you are wise enough to post regularly for your audience, you have a better chance of reaching more people. This phenomenon results in enhancing engagement and consequently amplifies your brand. This is what you need in the end. However, all this success rests on the fact that you should have a strong follower base. This can be fulfilled if using social media marketing for businesses. More followers and likes are directly proportional to more sales and revenue.

Instagram videos are shared immensely on Facebook

Social media research from Unruly tells us that 9 out of 10 videos on Instagram get shared on the number 1 social network, Facebook. This comes as a breeze of fresh air for digital marketers who are looking to narrow the gap between these social media giants. It also drives traffic to the pages and ends up in productive and fruitful results in the shape of more purchases. So.. what should you do! With all these business growth benefits associated with Instagram, it’s time for you to start focusing on the leading visual content network. Just buy real Instagram likes or followers and you are ready to make a huge impact on your business. Take your first step towards brand domination via Instagram today before it’s too late.

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