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How to Add Flair on Reddit - [Android, PC, iOS]

By: Nelson Grey

Reddit is one of the best social media news aggregation websites in which registered members can add flair to a post they create. People take part in various discussions in different subreddit. This platform is best known for adding the latest news worldwide and works as a web content rating platform. It is among the top-rated websites of the internet, which is also regarded as the face of the internet. 

People can get an idea of what's happening around the world through news subreddits. Members who take an interest in sports can become a part of the discussion there and show their support to a team they love through flairs. While a member is creating a post, he would add some flair and let it be categorized well under the subreddit. Community members can upvote and downvote a post. Reddit offers various features, and flair is one of them.   Let's learn deeply about flair with Social Followers. :)  

What is Flair?

It is a text or icon next to a user name. Flair works like a tag through which the Reddit community can easily filter content and pick only useful content for them. As a registered member of Reddit, you can set some flairs and choose some flair to select the range you want to see while skipping the one you don't like.   Flair is a user-tagging system. Only moderators add flair to differentiate a trusted community member from new ones and others in some subreddits. 

User flair brings a visual flag next to the user name of a registered member. Sometimes, flair works to identify specialized knowledge areas. In different subreddits, moderators offer some options to add some flair to a post. Tons of fun and creative ways of flair addition are available throughout various kinds of subreddits. In every subreddit, there are up to 350 custom user flair templates.     There are some different types of flair, such as

User or Individual Flair

As the name says it all, it's a flair that a person can add next to his username. Subreddits let you add symbols and text or both next to your username. However, the functioning of flair varies from one subreddit to another. Some Reddit enables you to create or select your own flair, while only moderators can choose some flair from others. You might have some flairs in the Sports community where users show their support for a specific team by selecting or writing the team's name in front of their username. 

So, when they participate in discussions, you can get an idea of which user is supporting what team. It makes the community experience better for everyone because you would get to know more about a user.   In case you are creating a community, then as a community creator or moderator, you can allow other users to add flair. However, whether a user adds flair or not, it's his personal choice because flair is a user-controlled setting. You can allow users to set their flair or select some flairs that you define for them.  

User Flair Settings

A user can add flair, reorder flair that he already added, or edit existing flair through setting options. When you are adding flair on Reddit, you can add some text alongside icons and emojis. You need to click on the smiley face icon to select an icon or symbol that would appear next to your name or post. There is an emoji management tool where you need to do some settings like whether you want to show text flair or emoji only flair or text emoji flair. 

Flair text is what you write alongside symbols. A user can choose to show the color behind your flair text through a flair background setting. Text color is a light or dark shade that is shown in background colors.  

  • Post Flair

As the name tells you, it's a kind of flair that you can add flair. You need to create a post and then add flair. The option of flair is listed under the menu icon next to save, and share. Once you post a thread, it would let you add some flair.

  • Meta

They are higher-level topics that appear on different SubReddits. Meta explains other purposes of subreddits.

  • Critique

Moderators typically add flair to weekly critique threads.  

  • Resource

Some posts act as a resource for other writers.  

  • Discussion

In some self, discussions work like a point of view, theme, and character.

  • Advice

Some people create posts and ask for help, so they add advice flair for it.  

How to Add Flair on Reddit

When a person is creating a post, he can quickly add some flair to it. Once you click on the post button, you won't be able to add any flair. Here is how to do it.

  • From the drop-down menu, pick a subreddit where you want to add flair.
  • Try to find Community options. If you don't locate it, Username under community details that you can see on the right side.
  • Click on the Add user flair option.
  • You will see an option saying, "show my user flair on this community" check this box.
  • Select flair from available options.
  • Click on Apply Changes to make sure that flair is saved.

How to Add a flair to the post on Reddit?

Both moderators and community members can create a visual flag for tagged content via post flair.

How to add post flair (Android or PC)

You need to click on the top right side of the post available on both Android smartphones and PC.

How to add a flair to the post from iOS

Usually, you can find flair options beneath post titles. There will be an edit option. What if you don't see an option? It means you are in a subreddit where only moderators can add flair, and you won't have any choice in it.  


Reddit flair is an excellent way to categorize a post and tell its purpose to other community members who can filter content based on flair. Through flair, you can easily filter out the content and check those posts and content you are interested in.  

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