best instagram practices for catering company

Best Instagram Practices For Your Catering Company

By: Nelson Grey

In case you are lucky enough to own a catering company in current times of advancement, you need to be a bit more than just a company that serves good food. You should be aware of the digital landscape and how to stand out in a crowd. You will obviously want to lead the competition; right? What better than social media especially Instagram to help you out in this situation? However, to get going, you need to have a large number of followers. For this, you will have to employ Instagram's best practices. Also, you have the option to buy Instagram Followers for a headstart in return for reasonable rates from any reputable social media company in your area.


Here are the four best Instagram practices to gain followers for your catering company.

  • Post immaculate quality pics
  • Use Instagram stories to highlight events
  • Use decent-sized images
  • Give them variety

Let’s now go into the details and see how you can extract the best out of Instagram.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Your pictures are your best chance to communicate with your audience on Instagram. Do your best. Show pictures that portray your business, skills, and ability. Let people know that you are more than just a food-serving company. Make them believe that you make events memorable.


Exhibit the essence of your events by posting pics that are colorful, high in resolution, and beautiful. Your pictures must show your followers the beauty of the place, scenery, guests/people, and the main thing; food. The addition of guests and surrounding pictures will attract your audience, and they will be able to relate more.

Pro tip:

Food photography isn’t that simple, and it requires special lighting, tools, and the experience of a professional photographer. Hire a photographer for this purpose, and he/she will take care that your food, settings, and guests look great in the pictures. You must also have a sufficient amount of followers on your Instagram account so that the hard work of the photographer and the money spent on him/her aren’t wasted. For this very purpose, you can buy real Instagram followers to get going.


Showcase your event extravaganza through the feature of Instagram stories. One useful tip is to take a huge number of pictures before, during, and after the event. Once done, sit back and select the most eye-catching images that perfectly tell your followers about your capability and service. Don’t just rely on photos; videos must also be captured. However, the videos must be able to highlight the complete ambiance of the event and must not be too long. Here is your chance to make it big for your catering business, do it sensibly.


You can post a picture on Instagram in three different orientations. These are landscape, square, and portrait. Be mindful of the fact that your image size is proper. Otherwise, you will end up posting a photo that is distorted. This will be a clear indication of your carelessness and will drive people away from your posts the next time they see them. Here are the sizes of the images posted on Instagram:

  • Landscape: Size is 1200 x 628 pixels. The aspect ratio is 1.9:1
  • Square: Size is 1080 x 1080 pixels. The aspect ratio is 1:1
  • Portrait: Size is 600 x 750 pixels. The aspect ratio is 4:5

You should follow these sizes when creating Instagram business ads. When it comes to image formats, you have two options. Either go with JPG or PNG, but the size must not be more than 30 megabytes.


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When it comes to posting, mix up your content. Otherwise, they will get bored, and you will start losing the precious audience, which you can never afford to do. Keep on changing the tempo of your posts and stories. Now and then come up with things that are interesting (they may not be related to your catering business), offer value and evoke the emotions of the followers and engage them.


You can create variety in your posts by posting:

  • Written or video recipes
  • Letting people know about the charitable events that you have taken part in
  • Some compelling posts and facts about food
  • Tell your audience what is healthy and what is not through your posts
  • Food donation you have made for a shelter home
  • Quick tips in case of food poisoning and food allergy
  • Any other compelling posts that are of interest and engage the people

Give them variety, and they will be glued to your social media presence. Keep in mind that your target audience is sensitive; you need to feed them what suits them, not what you like.


Remember, running a catering business is not a cup of tea, you need to be on your toes and follow the trends. However, having a solid and large social media audience, especially on Instagram is also necessary. If you are looking to grow your audience quickly, buy real Instagram followers now and get on the path that leads to success.

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