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Can't Sign In To YouTube | Reasons & Fixes

By: Nelson Grey

YouTube is a continuously evolving social media platform that is reaching peaks of popularity.  A total number of 5 billion videos are watched on this platform which makes it the most used search engine after google. 
It not only eases the journey of content creators but if you are a brand, you can also grow on this platform just by sharing video content related to your products. Not only do you get popular but also enjoy other benefits that help in increasing engagement rate, more traffic on your business website, etc.

Here are some statistics about YouTube that you need to know

  • A total of 30 million visits are made on this platform regularly.
  • About 300 hours of video are uploaded on this digital network daily
  • The video content on YouTube helps make the buying decision of almost 68% of users.
  • The number of brands and businesses on YouTube is continuously increasing and it has almost doubled in the last few years.
  • This platform is being used on a large-scale ad and it is available in 76 different languages around the globe.
  • Also, this platform has local versions in almost 88 different countries.

However, when it comes to using, users often complain about problems faced in logging in to YouTube. Content creators and brand managers often find it alarming when they are unable to log in to their profiles. Likewise, professional YouTubers also find it frustrating to see Youtube login concerns. 

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The question which arises at this point is, “what are the main causes of not being able to log in to a YouTube account?”. 
See, there can be different reasons. We have handled this question in this blog. So, if you are among those who can’t sign in to YouTube, then yes. This blog is meant for you. 

What Makes Your YouTube Sign-In Difficult?

Mainly content creators are on YouTube and are the ones who encounter this issue. How do you get to know that there is a problem with the sign-in? it is when YouTube doesn’t allow you to get signed in, you get a message “there was a problem signing in to your account”. 
Here are some of the most common reasons behind this error. 

  • YouTube makes your account log out automatically. It usually happens when you get logged in to your account from an unknown device that is not saved in your Youtube login history.
  • YouTube sign in becomes difficult when you have not signed in for an extremely long time.
  • This problem may occur if you don’t close the application properly after use.
  • If you have signed in too many accounts from the same device it may also become a reason for the problem.
  • This may happen if you have logged out on your own because of some security issues.  

Fixes to the Problem: YouTube Sign In

If you encounter this issue that is preventing you to get sign in YouTube account, you need to follow the tips given below. Also, try to resolve this issue as soon as possible so that you see the same level of engagement in videos. if you don’t log in sooner and are inactive for a long time, it will give a bad impact on the subscribers. you will also find it hard to get the same number of views and likes. 

Solution #1: Check Your Password and Username

The first thing that you need to do is to double-check the username and password. It means you should check if the credentials are correct or not. If you can’t log in to your account you need to try with another username or password. Try to recall the password that you set last time. This time when you are entering the details just slow down and carefully observe every single letter you enter as the information. 

Solution #2: Update Your Web Browser

This error may occur when your web browser is not up to date. It means there is a need to check if your browser is updated or not. In case it is not updated, please update it right away. Then, you will not face this issue again. The best solution is to remain active as much as possible. It will not just save you from a login problem but also help in increasing watch time.

Solution #3: Turn on the Cookies

Cookies are the files that are created by the sites that you visit on the internet. They save your information and records to enhance your experience and make it better for you. If you are unable to sign in to your YouTube account, make sure you have turned the cookies on. If it is not turned on, none of your information would be saved in the browser – which may cause this problem for you. So, take care of these minor things so that you may achieve the targeted views.

Solution #4: Clear Cache from Your Browser

There are many issues related to websites that are resolved simply by clearing the cookies and cache.  The issues that prevent you from signing in to your YouTube account can also be resolved by trying this tip.

Solution #5: Use the Email Address Linked to Your YouTube Account

If you are using the right username but YouTube is still unable to find your account on its platform, then you should write the email ID instead of the username of your YouTube channel. It becomes very easy for YouTube to find your account with the help of the email linked to it. This tip genuinely resolves the problem. 

Solution #6: Set New Password

If you can’t sign in to your YouTube account just because you have forgotten the password. Then, you should reset the password. You can do it by clicking the forget password option. This way, you will have the means to create a new password. Doing so will easily get you logged in to the account.  

Wrap Up

You know so much about the can’t sign in issue on YouTube and the possible fixes of his error. There are some other solutions available that we can consider when nothing else works. You can get sign in to your YouTube account by using the web browser. You need to verify if YouTube supported your location or not

You should turn on the two steps authentication method for your YouTube account. It makes it very simple for you to log in without getting stuck.

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