Among all famous and most used social media platforms, Instagram ranks at number 1. It’s
because it allows people to achieve specific results for different personal and business
purposes. A majority of people use it to convey personal pictures, special moments, and
visual statements to their virtual social circle and the world. Additionally, a large number of
users run Instagram accounts for small businesses to multi-billion-dollar brands. Due to one
billion active Instagram users, this platform offers massive opportunities to advertise services
and products for business ventures.

The inception of Instagram happened in 2010 as a picture sharing platform. Since then, it
evolved into a dynamic place that serves perfectly as a sales channel for a business of any
size and volume. In fact, Instagram brought a change in general human life. As a matter of
fact, “Likes” on Instagram posts entail a substantial value for users. “Likes” on posts make a
user popular and credible. If there are more “Likes” on a specific user’s posts, then it means
more fame and credibility in the virtual world. Moreover, it is also the secret to gain more
followers and audiences. That’s why many users employ third-party agents to get “Likes” on
posts; however, that is always considered as “fake popularity.” But it is practiced in the
Instagram economy.

Nevertheless, there is always an occurrence of a defining moment when a regular user or a
power influencer takes the decision to remove “Likes” from some posts. It’s due to the dire
need for real credibility. However, removing All “Likes” or some “Likes” is not a simple,
easy process. Unfortunately, the user has to experience through a tedious process that
involves spending time over every post. Luckily, there are some apps that help to achieve
removing “Likes” in less time. This article will shed light on the procedure of un-liking. So,
keep reading further.

Manual Way to Remove “Likes” by Using Instagram App

We are presenting all steps by using the iOS Instagram version; however, you can still do the
same on Android because steps are almost similar on both. That’s why your common sense
can handle the little problems on Android.

1. Start your Instagram app: You must hit the Instagram icon on your screen. Now, you
must select your profile photo at the bottom right of your screen.

2. Choose the “Hamburger” option: You must initiate a menu screen by selecting the
“Hamburger” icon or three lines that are present at the top right corner of your screen.

3. Go to settings: There will be a setting option at the bottom of the menu. It will lead to
more options.

4. Select “Account”: From settings, you must choose the option of “Account.” It will
include all your recent activity involving all your “Likes.” There, you can preview all
your past favorite posts.

5. Choose all posts that you need to “Unlike.”: Now, you have to go through every post
one by one. For unliking, you need to press the “Heart” icon on every post.
Unfortunately, there is no option to “Unlike” in bulk. That’s why you have to spend time
on every “Unlike.”
Note: The best strategy is to preview all liked posts one by one rather than a group of three
posts. It is faster.
Your Other Option to Remove User Likes – Desktop Instagram
Instagram is made for mobile devices. That’s why Instagram authorities put limits on
Desktop Instagram. For example, the user cannot preview liked posts or post pictures by
using Desktop Instagram. But, the user can unsaved posts from the already Saved list.
Saved posts are not similar to liked posts; however, it might be useful to know the procedure
to unsaved by using Desktop Instagram.

1. Start Instagram: Open your browser and log-in to your Instagram account.

2. Go to your profile: Now, you must enter your Instagram profile page by clicking the
icon that will be at the top right corner.

3. Select the “Saved” tab: The “Saved” tab will include all your preserved posts. There,
you will get the option of un-saving, along with un-liking the posts. 

4. Un-save: Now, you must go through “Saved” posts and click the ribbon to ‘Un-save.”
Actually, you have to repeat the process for every post.

Third-Party Apps for Killing “Likes” on Instagram

The manual process of removing “Likes” can take ample time. That’s why it is recommended
to use third-party apps. There are plenty on the internet, along with specific features. Some
apps will allow you to set a number and time. However, you must use these apps with
caution. It’s because you can trigger Instagram AI by a slight speed mistake.


When it comes to handling thousands of social media accounts, then the number one choice
of people is FollowingLike. Powerful influencers and people with multiple social media
accounts use it for their purposes. The user has to pay a premium of $97 to avail
FollowingLike’s copy, and it runs both on Windows and macOS. This app has a feature that
will allow you to “Unlike” all your posts instantly. But it will get you banned. That’s why
you have to schedule “Unlike” process. So, Instagram AI thinks that you are un-liking
manually. This app lets you do that. Scheduling “Unlike” process will get your purpose

Using Third-Parties: Drawbacks and Limitations

Instagram allows third-parties to run API by using the Instagram service. These third-party
apps can help you remove all your “Likes” automatically. The user can automate the process
and get rid of “Likes” with a bot application. However, it will trigger an Instagram algorithm,
and the user gets banned. That’s why there is no interest in programmers in running such

Nevertheless, there are third-party applications from esteemed programmers only for non-
commercial purposes. You can find them on the internet. However, you must limit yourself
from removing “Likes.” The best number is 300 “Likes” per day. If you exceed that, then you
have a hanging sword over your head that will certainly kill your account.