Instagram Released Guides Feature to Support Well Being on 18th May 2020

Instagram Released Guides Feature to Support Well Being on 18th May 2020


Instagram aims to bring features that help the audience get the best user experience. That’s the reason why on the 18th of May 2020, it introduced Press Release and Guide options. When it comes to the aim and objective of adding this feature, it was to solely bring avenues to collect reliable and legit information from accounts that you like to follow; including celebrities, companies, organizations, etc.   The prime need of including features where Instagrammers can share authentic news and information with others was long-awaited. 

Especially in situations where people are reluctant to move around because of any pandemic conditions. We are aware of the fact that there are many people out there who are struggling to know about the prevailing circumstances in the world. In this regard, Instagram encourages users to share content that is related to wellness. Now Instagram is supporting well-being with guides

However, to maintain authenticity, there are certain rules and Guidelines to follow. Therefore, when it comes to sharing content, several companies connect you with the appropriate organizations, influencers, or celebrities that share relevant news. So, to view the Guides, you are required to visit Instagram accounts that share the content that you are looking for. 

Organizations that are actively participating in spreading news regarding covid19 include @klicksafe, @headspace_aus, @vitaalere, @eenfance, @sudahdong,@deepikapadukone, and @heads_together. Besides sharing content or news with others there is another feature related to Guide and Press Releases that will be added to your Instagram account soon. What is that? Well, it is about the accessibility of such content in the shape of a Guide on the profile of the above-mentioned users/guides.   

What do you view or see? 

You can see the Guide along with posts, both images, and videos. However, these images and videos are shared by the same creator who shared Guide. In addition, you also view tips and advice shared by the same Instagrammer.   

What is there in the “Guide” section? 

Looking for details of an interesting post is instilled in human nature. So, if you want to look into the details of a particular post, it is best to tap on the image or video. That will enable you to view the original post on Instagram.   Furthermore, sharing a Guide directly on the Instagram story can be viewed by tapping on the story. From there, you can share the Guide on your Instagram profile or account too. If you are baffled as to how to go about it then follow the steps mentioned below.   

Step 1: Find the Guide which you want to share.   

Step 2: Press the button which says “Share”. This tab or button is on the top right corner.   

Need for Adding “Guide” Feature on Instagram 

Since the pandemic poured in with health concerns, Instagram added the latest update with the feature called “Guide”. It helps Instagrammers find relevant Covid19 updates to educate and help in such times. As the starting point, Instagram has partnered with health organizations and influential people who could assist others. With this feature, people will get to read content on mental and physical health.  

Highlights of the Latest “Guide” Feature on Instagram 

First and foremost, Guides facilitates creators to combine all pictures and videos in one place. All these posts are somehow related to Covid19.  

  • Posts are either from other accounts or are created by the Instagrammer.
  • You can view Guides by clicking on the icon that looks like a pamphlet.
  • Shortly Guides will be accessible on the Explore tab which will help all those who are looking for mental health guidelines, tips, and more.

Some Organizations Helping in Building Guides 

Besides the accounts mentioned above, there are some other organizations and people who are actively participating in maintaining Guides. Some of them are listed below.  

  • Sudah Dong (Indonesia)
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • e-Enfance (France)
  • Vita Alere (Brazil)
  • Heads Together (UK)
  • Headspace (Australia)

Deepika Padukone 

There are celebrities like Deepika Padukone who is also an advocate of Instagram Guide. These days when everyone is going through some sort of financial loss and a percentage of adversity, she offers mental health tips and self-care. She is assisting those who want to hone the skills of loving themselves and others around them.   

Heads Together 

Head Together, on the other hand, shares 30 posts that motivate Instagrammers to know about your anxieties and other mental conditions. It talks about feelings; how we feel and what or why we feel in a certain way are the main topics of Heads Together.   

Headspace Australia 

This provides headspace and some meaningful ways of maintaining peace. Headspace Australia also works on giving tips about eliminating drug and alcohol use. Besides this, it also guides users about how to stay active.   

Last Verdict: What are Guides and How Does it Help Instagram Users? 

Currently, Guide is only available for mental health. However, we expect that Guide will eventually expand and will include other topics and industries. The selection of industry will be dependent on publishers, public figures, and organizations.   According to the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, initially, Guide was fixated on the travel industry but later, due to Covid19 the plan got changed and it is only for mental health for now.   

To help users at the max, Guides doesn’t have ads at the moment. It is because plans got changed but we know that eventually, Instagram will search for monetization aspects too. This could take a while though, the reason being the feature needs some encouragement and escalation toward popularity. Once it will achieve the milestone, you might see advertisements on this feature too.