importance of hashtags on instagram

The Importance Of Hashtags on Instagram

By: Nelson Grey

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, it's crucial for UK businesses to stay abreast of the latest changes to Instagram's algorithm. Introduced on December 12, 2017, Instagram implemented a significant update that revolutionized the use of hashtags. This enhancement now allows users to follow specific hashtags, integrating posts and stories that utilize these tags directly into their newsfeeds, alongside existing followed content. This shift not only streamlines content discovery but also amplifies the reach of posts, making it an essential strategy for brands aiming to maximize their visibility and engagement on the platform. Understanding and adapting to this change is key for marketers to harness the full potential of Instagram's evolving ecosystem.

Now posts and stories that use specific hashtags will feature in the user’s newsfeed accompanied by the content they are already following. In case, a user follows a hashtag, Instagram’s algorithm will then decide which stories and posts to feature in the user’s feed related to the hashtag. This presentation of stories depends on some factors like quality, recency, and engagement. This new algorithm change is assisted by machine learning (ML).

Note: If you are a small business in the UK and want to gain the most out of Instagram, you can buy Instagram followers in the UK quite cheaply. This new change has left a lot to inquire about how Instagram will decide the relevancy factor and whether a certain user or not will like the post.

For instance, people will use #Goatfor posts that are intended for the ‘greatest of all time in any field, and on the other hand, it will also be used with posts related to goat, the four-legged dairy animal. One plus point that we can see here is the button provided in the app above each post so, that the users can mark it as irrelevant.

Using this option you are not unfollowing the post but, it certainly helps Instagram’s algorithm to come up with such posts that are of any interest to the user with the specific hashtag.

This update has also divided the Instagram following page into two categories; hashtags and people. Before this change, people had to search or click on a hashtag for viewing the stories and posts that fell under the hashtag. This latest update allows people to follow the most trending hashtags and also receive content that matches their interests.


When seeing this update from the marketing proposition, brands have started to feel close to their targeted audience. With the inclusion of hashtags in the newsfeed, brands reach will automatically be inflated. The perfect way to market your brand is to create relevant and authentic posts against a hashtag. However, to increase your organic reach in the UK, you must buy Instagram likes in the UK to build on your audience. At the start of this algorithm change, Instagram was flooded with spam. However, as time passed the authorities were able to abnegate the irrelevant posts, and the spam doors were also closed. Those brands that want to dominate content-related and trending posts will have to be friends with quality. Throwing a post that is high in quality will definitely draw engagement.

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This post will be included in the users’ feeds on a large scale. This will bring more brands to an engaging hashtag to be able to broaden their posts. However, this way you can fall into the trap of irrelevant posts as well. For instance, a hashtag has become a hit and is top trending but, it doesn’t relate to your business in any sense. If you still try to capitalize on this hashtag, you will end up doing damage to your brand. Spammy and irrelevant posts are the reason people start stepping back from your posts and consequently your brand.

Also, due to irrelevancy, it may affect your future posts too, as they will not be displayed in the hashtag feeds. So, you need to be sensible in your approach. Also, why would you spend money to buy followers and likes in the UK when your marketing strategy isn’t well thought out? As social media continues to evolve, businesses must stay vigilant once their content appears on hashtag-curated feeds. Those brands that have successfully executed their branded hashtag campaigns are seeing an expanded impact as a result of the latest updates.

With increased ability to track engagement and dialogue, digital marketers can refine their strategies. Through sponsored posts, Instagram's advancements have enabled brands to connect with their audience more effectively by using high-quality, strategically crafted content. Taking a targeted approach is essential for brands seeking to stand out online.


After this update, influencer marketing has become quite competitive. The hashtag follows feature allows users to view posts from people and brands without having to follow them. Hashtag campaign has incentivized the growth in organic reach, and brands can increase their targeted audience by reaching new users and potential customers. This emphasizes the fact that you come up with content that is great so that you are a valuable part of the conversation. Increase your Instagram followers and engagement today by using the latest hashtag algorithm. Your business definitely needs more attention and more organic reach.

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