how to get tiktok secret emojis

Best Tiktok Emojis and How to Discover Tiktok Secret Emojis

By: Nelson Grey

TikTok emojis can help you convey your emotions and feelings to your audience in a fun and engaging way. This can help you connect with your followers and create a more personal connection with them. TikTok is such a diversified platform and you might be thinking that you know everything about it. But there is much more to explore on this platform yet.

You can explore TikTok's secret emojis from the platform if you know the tactics. You can unlock the secrets of these emojis and use them in your content to keep your audience engaged and delighted.

How to Use TikTok Secret Emojis?

If you are looking for easy ways to get your hands on TikTok secret emojis just keep on reading. All you need is to know a secret shortcut if you want to use the secret emojis on TikTok.

Steps to Use TikTok Secret Emojis

  • Just choose your favorite emoji from the given list.
  • Now copy the shortcut of that emoji.
  • Just paste that shot chord in the caption or the comment section or wherever you want to add it.
  • It Will automatically turn into TikTok secret emoji.

There is that one TikTok emoji that you like the most all you need to do is to memorize that TikTok emoji code. Now you can use that emoji anywhere you want just type the emoji code in square brackets. As mentioned below

[TikTok secret emoji shortcode]

Details of TikTok secret emojis and their meaning in detail

TikTok secret emoji codes are not only great to express your emotions but they add a different meaning to your contact. Also, you can increase the personality of your account and post. They are hidden and not added generally in the keyboard so no one would be able to find them. This will give a different look to your comments and captions. People would love to know your secret and they would want to know about that too. 

You might have seen the same type of emojis on other social media platforms also. And you will feel familiar. Below we have provided a complete TikTok emoji list. You can find your favorite emoji with its meaning in detail below:

tiktok secret emojis list

1. Smile Emoji

small round pink smiling face tiktok secret emoji

You can access this cute emoji by adding the TikTok emoji code [smile]. It's a cute pink round face with a smile as the emoji shows you can use it to express your happiness and joyful moments, show appreciation, or express your love to others. If you like the content of any other creator you can add this secret emoji in their comment section. They would love your gesture and it'll oppositely motivate them.

2. Happy Emoji

tiktok secret emojis happy face

If you want to show your joyous mood happy emoji is there. It’s much similar to the smile secret emoji but has an open mouth. This emoji is peach in color and have squinty eyes. This is often used to convey positive emotions, such as happiness, contentment, or friendliness. It may be used to indicate that the creator of the video is feeling good or wants to spread positive vibes.

3. Cry Emoji

blue crying face tiktok secret emojis

There are some days when you are not feeling good and you want to cry use this emoji. The emoji is blue and have streaming Eyes. This TikTok emoji is often used to express sadness, disappointment, or sympathy. It may be used to indicate that the creator of the video is feeling down or wants to convey a sense of empathy to the audience. Sometimes people use this emoji when they an extremely cute content. For example when you see cute videos of animals and babies.

4. Surprised Emoji

peach face with wide eyes and open mouth tiktok secret emoji

When people say something that is extraordinary or when anything makes their jaw-drop use this TikTok emoji its peach in color and has wide open Eyes. It is often used to express shock, disbelief, or amazement. It may be used to indicate that the creator of the video is surprised by something they are showing or reacting to or to convey a sense of excitement or wonder.

5. Angry Emoji

red angry face tiktok secret emojis

Sometimes the content is like this and you might not agree with it. You can find this emoji red in color with a stress mark. It expresses frustration, annoyance, or anger. It may be used to indicate that the creator of the video is upset or angry about something or to convey a sense of intensity or passion.

6. Embarrassed Emoji

teal face with concerned look tiktok secret emojis

If you feel anything awkward or you are feeling ashamed use this emoji. You can add it in the caption to indicate that you are feeling self-conscious and shy about a certain incident. This emoji is green in color with a sweat drop and a concerned look. Avail of this emoji by adding the TikTok emoji code [embarrassed].

7. Wronged Emoji

yellow face with sad eyes tiktok secret emojis

If you have shared anything wrong and you are feeling ashamed of it use this emoji to express yourself. This emoji is yellow with two fingers pointing at each other with a nervous look.

8. Flushed Emoji

yellow face with flushed cheeks secret tiktok emoji

Sharing content related to your solve me or crush can make you feel shy. And that time when you are out of words use this emoji that have a cute yellow face with blushing cheeks and lifted eyebrows. This secret emoji code would be a great help when you can't express yourself in words.

9. Complacent Emoji

blue face with sunglasses on looking cool

Although the name shows that you can use this emoji when you are feeling satisfied with your achievement. But it gives cool vibes as it has a blue face with a small smile and sunglasses on the eyes. If there is anything that you feel it's too cool or chill use [complacent] and this will turn into a TikTok emoji png.

10. Shout Emoji

angry purple face with fangs

It is used when you can't keep your feelings inside and want to express them all. Or when you feel frustrated and can't bear anything more and need to vent. This emoji is purple with sharp fangs on the open mouth

11. Yummy Emoji

pink face with tongue out giving thumbs up

When there is something too delicious in front of you and you want to show your desire for excitement and pleasure about that food. It's a cute pink face with thumbs up, squinted eyes, and a tongue out of the mouth. Creators often use this in their videos when they are enjoying a delicious meal or snack, or to convey a sense of craving or appetite.

12. Drool Emoji

pink drooling face with big heart eyes

Mostly this emoji is used to express your feeling about your crush. This emoji is pink in color with drool falling from the mouth and heart eyes. Or sometimes people often use it to express their strong desire and craving for food. If a creator used this in a caption they are enthusiastic about something which they are showing or talking about, or to convey a sense of anticipation or longing. Use [drool] and your code will automatically turn into a TikTok emoji png.

13. Weep Emoji

blue face crying secret tiktok emoji

If there is something in the video that make you feel really sad and heartbroken use this emoji. This emoji is light blue and have a tear dropping from the right eye. It may be used to indicate that the creator of the video is feeling emotional or upset about something they are sharing, or to convey a sense of empathy or understanding with their audience.

14. Funnyface Emoji

pink face winking with tongue stuck out

Want to show your craziness humor or playfulness? Use this emoji. That is a pink face with a tongue sticking out and winked an eye. It's perfect if you want to show your humorous side or if you are just joking around.

15. Scream Emoji

blue face emoji screaming in fear

Sometimes you see content that is too shocking or related to horror, you can use this emoji. To express your feeling about something that is too surprising and unexpected. It's a dark blue color emoji with an open face and hands holding both sides of the face.

16. Speechless Emoji

teal face with annoyed look and swear drop on left temple

Sometimes you see TikTok cringe content or not according to your expectations and you feel disappointed or you don't want to talk about using speechless emojis. It's green in color with a drop on the left side and looks sideways. It is often used to indicate that the creator of the video is at a loss for words, or that they are feeling stunned by something they are experiencing or witnessing. It may be used to convey a sense of surprise, disbelief, or awe.

17. Laughwithtears Emoji

pink face laughing with tears coming out of eyes

Want to express your feeling about something really funny? Use this emoji. It's pink in color and has a laughing face with tears in both eyes. It is often used to convey laughter or amusement, especially in response to something funny or humorous. It may be used to indicate that the creator of the video is finding something entertaining or comical or to convey a sense of joy or lightheartedness.

18. Facewithrollingeyes Emoji

pink face rolling eyes in back of head

This emoji is perfect if you want to convey a sense of annoyance, boredom, or exasperation. Sometimes creators used this in their caption to express that they are feeling impatient or frustrated with something or to express a sarcastic or dismissive tone. This emoji is pink in color with eyes rolling upwards. To increase the visibility of your caption that includes your secret emoji buy 250 TikTok views UK to increase visitors to your post.

19. Wicked Emoji

purple grinning face with horns

This emoji is purple and have horns on its head with a mischievous grin. Often used to convey a sense of mischief, playfulness, or even naughtiness. Creators use this TikTok emoji to suggest that something they are doing or saying has a bit of an edge to it.

20. Sulk Emoji

red face with frown and furrowed brow

It is red with a big frown, a side face, and a scrunched-up brow. this shows sadness, disappointment, or frustration. Or when you are disappointed. Buy 100 TikTok auto likes UK on your post to show your creativity of emojis to most audiences.

21. Greedy Emoji

peach face with dollar signs for eyes and big smile

This emoji is perfect for people who are always looking for money. It features a face with a wide, open smile and dollar signs in its eyes, suggesting a sense of happiness and excitement about money or wealth.

22. Thinking Emoji

yellow face with hand on face pondering

Something is not clear about the content you are feeling confused that what's happening in the video. Use this emoji to show other users that you are feeling concerned and lost in your thoughts. This emoji is yellow with worried eyes and one hand resting on the chin. This shows that you are thinking deeply about something, or expressing a sense of uncertainty or skepticism.

23. Lovely Emoji

pink face giving kiss lips

The "Lovely" emoji you're referring to is often called the "Kiss Face" emoji. It features a pink face with puckered lips, giving a kiss with a heart symbol appearing next to the lips. This emoji is commonly used to express love, affection, or attraction towards someone or something.

All these above emojis that you can add to your TikTok account are in round face shape but you can also use other emojis white in color and with the dumpling face.

24. Wow Emoji

dumpling face with surprised look

To show a Surprised reaction to something unexpected.Hehe TikTok Emoji: Hehe TikTok Emoji is perfect for a sneaky giggle.

25. Joyful Emoji: use this when you are feeling super joyful.

dumpling face with big smile
26. Slap Emoji: to show something too Harsh or insulting.

dumpling with x's for eyes and slap mark on its face
27. Cute Emoji: to express your feeling about something this adorable emoji is used.

cute face with giant eyes
28. Disdain Emoji: To show your feeling when you are just fed up.

angry dumpling face with bags under eyes

You can explore some other amazing emojis according to your feeling. The rest of the TikTok emoji names are listed below search on the internet that what's their purpose.

  • Tears Emoji
  • Stun Emoji
  • Blink Emoji
  • Astonish Emoji
  • Rage Emoji
  • Cool Emoji
  • Excited Emoji
  • Proud Emoji
  • Smile Face Emoji
  • Evil Emoji
  • Angel Emoji
  • Laugh Emoji
  • Pride Emoji
  • Nap Emoji
  • Love Face Emoji
  • Awkward Emoji
  • Shock Emoji

Use any of these emojis by just adding these above TikTok emoji codes inside square brackets. These emojis are a great way to gain the attention of viewers and show your creativity.


What are all the secret TikTok emojis?

All the secret emojis of TikTok are mentioned above you can find interesting information and their usage. You can also search for some newly added emojis in 2024.

What are the best TikTok emojis to use?

The best TikTok emojis to use depend on the context and message you want to convey in your TikTok video or comment. However, some of the most popular and commonly used TikTok emojis include:

  • [embarrassed]
  • [surprised]
  • [wronged]
  • [shout]
  • [flushed]
  • [yummy]
  • [complacent]
  • [drool]

Can I create my custom TikTok emoji?

Secret Tiktok emojis are mentioned above you can add them in the caption or comment of your post by adding their shortcode. Besides that, it is not currently possible to create your custom TikTok emoji. The emojis available on TikTok are part of the Unicode standard, which is the universal character encoding standard used by computers and mobile devices to represent text and symbols.

The emojis available on TikTok are updated and managed by the Unicode Consortium, not by TikTok itself. However, you can use combinations of existing emojis to create your unique expressions or use popular TikTok emojis to convey your message.

What are the places where you can use TikTok secret emoji codes?

1. Video Captions: When crafting a caption for your TikTok videos, you can incorporate these secret emoji codes to add more personality, express emotions, and make your captions more eye-catching.

2. Comments: Engage in conversations with fellow creators and viewers by using these unique emojis in the comments section of videos. They can help convey your reactions, opinions, and support in a fun and engaging way.

3. Direct Messages (DMs): Spice up your private conversations with other TikTok users by including secret emojis in your DMs. They can create a lighthearted and playful atmosphere within your chats.

4. Livestream Chats: Interact with your audience in real-time during livestreams by using these emojis in the chat. They can help you stand out, create a sense of community, and encourage audience participation.

Here's how to use them:

  1. Type the emoji code within square brackets (e.g., [happy]).
  2. Press the space bar or tap outside the brackets.
  3. The code will automatically transform into the corresponding secret emoji.

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