how to use tiktok for b2b marketing

How to Use TikTok For B2B Marketing? (Tips + Examples)

By: Nelson Grey

TikTok has more than three billion downloads from different app stores and is believed to have more than one billion active users. It is the fastest-growing platform that has invited users of all ages and every walk of life. Businesses can use the platform to launch their marketing campaigns to capitalize on growing popularity. Furthermore, it is easier to build a following on TikTok compared to other platforms. 

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After witnessing the popularity of TikTok, several brands have joined the platform. Businesses that are not on TikTok are missing out on the opportunities to effectively market their services and products. Let’s take a look at why B2B businesses should join TikTok and what can be done to effectively market the services and products in the B2B industry.

Why Business should use TikTok For B2B Marketing?

According to Wallaroo Media: They spend an average of a WHOPPING 95 minutes per day (over 1.5 hours) in the platform, with over 1 billion monthly active users. The platform lets the brands connect with their customers and market their services and products to them. The benefits of B2C marketing are clear but does it have the same potential as B2B marketing? It is yet to be answered.

B2B businesses have to reach out to other businesses which are a little more complicated than marketing the products directly to customers. Using a social media platform for B2B marketing might not seem ideal but a lot of companies have tried it and achieved great success. The content on the business account can reach the management of the companies that are potential clients. Videos on TikTok can be used to spread awareness about the brand which helps with B2B marketing as well.

But the question is why TikTok? Why not some other social media platform? Well. There are quite a few reasons. Let’s take a look at them.

Reason #1: Fastest-Growing Platform

TikTok is the fastest-growing platform in the entire world. The application has more than three billion downloads and more than one billion active users. Furthermore, the growth of the platform is expected to rise even further because of the new features that it keeps adding regularly. Brands, be it B2B or B2C cannot afford to not capitalize on such a high popularity of the platform.

You can spread the awareness of the brand to potential customers, tease customers with new product launches and even direct traffic from TikTok to the businesses’ websites. Just one viral video on the platform will establish the brand which is not possible with other social networking websites. However, if you don’t have prospects for growth. Don’t fret. We at Social Followers UK facilitate clients with third-party services. That means you can easily buy TikTok followers in the UK. Likewise, when it comes to likes, you are facilitated with services where you can Buy TikTok likes UK.

Reason #2: Easier To Produce Content

Video marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies but it takes effort and investment into gear to produce a quality video. TikTok has made it simpler by offering a suite of tools to users which can be used to make even half a decent video look appealing. It still takes an effort but that is nothing to what users have to put in for videos on YouTube and Instagram Reels.

You do not have to purchase expensive cameras, video editing tools, or other gear that is involved in videography. Just a decent phone camera can help create a decent video with the help of editing tools on TikTok.

Reason #3: Networking

Typically B2B businesses resort to platforms like Linkedin to build new connections and attract new customers. Linkedin is a professional application but that does not mean an entertainment platform like TikTok cannot be used for the same purpose. You can create new connections with TikTok as well.

B2B businesses can create hashtags for the niche they operate in and keep posting videos on that. All the videos on the same hashtag will be displayed on the feed. You can use the location of the business, the services that you offer, and the type of potential clients in the hashtags. For example, if a B2B business operates in New York and offers stationery to businesses, it can use the following hashtags.

  • #StationeryInNewYork

  • #SmallBusinessNewYork

  • #StationeryForBusinesses

You can use creative hashtags which are easy to search and simple to understand. Some of these hashtags already exist on the platform and have millions of views. Things will be even easier if the services that you offer are already a trend in the Hashtags of TikTok.

Reason #4: Does Not Overwhelm The Followers

Uploading a lot of content at once on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be overwhelming for followers. Some might even mute the page and then forget about it. But it is not a problem with TikTok as it encourages multiple posts in a day. The followers will see each upload but not in bulk. TikTok will sandwich the content between videos that are uploaded by other users. Essentially, the entire message of the campaign can be delivered without annoying the followers.

Reason #5: Inspire New Marketing Ideas

TikTok has sustained its growth because of the challenges and trends that pop up every day. Several businesses launch sponsored trends with the help of influencers and they spread like wildfire. Everyone on the platform starts following the footsteps of influencers which results in the effective marketing of a product or service. There are no better means to increase brand awareness on the platform.

These challenges inspire the marketing teams which consequently results in the launch of their challenges and trends. All the other social media platforms are rather generic when it comes to trends and there is not much inspiration to take from them.

Reason #6: Multiple Advertisement Options

TikTok offers several types of advertisement including brand takeover, in-stream ads, banners, and many others. These ads can be used to target specific demographics which is a most basic requirement of B2B businesses. You can target a population of a specific age group in a specific location based on information about potential customers. The targeted ads will ensure that the message reaches the right people which will ultimately drive the sales of the products and services.

Tips To Create Successful B2B Marketing Strategies On TikTok

According to Search Engine Journal, the potential of TikTok as a B2B marketing tool. Despite its reputation as a B2C platform, TikTok's authenticity and visual appeal can be leveraged for B2B marketing. The platform allows businesses to connect with audiences emotionally, which is often more effective than rational marketing. Networking through locally specific hashtags and participating in audio trends relevant to the brand can increase visibility and lead generation.

B2B companies should consider TikTok for its networking potential, emotional appeal, and ability to add a creative, human touch to their marketing strategies. There is no single tip will work for all but the combination of multiple tips can help with the objectives. You have to experiment with each of them to find the combination that works for the brand.

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Let’s take a look at these tips:

Tip #1: Switch to Business Account

In 2024, TikTok's dynamic platform boasts over a billion monthly active users, with a diverse age range extending beyond Gen Z to include a significant portion of the professional demographic. With a Business Account, you unlock unparalleled engagement rates and the viral potential of trending topics, tapping into niche communities that mirror your target audience.

The account provides access to in-depth analytics, allowing you to tailor content strategies with precision, and offers affordable advertising options to maximize your reach. You can also attribute your business app or website directly in your profile. By converting to a TikTok Business Account, you position your brand at the forefront of digital marketing innovation, leveraging the platform's robust features to drive brand awareness and achieve your business goals with efficiency and creativity.

Tip #2: Establish a Target Audience and Niche

The audience for B2B is far less than B2C businesses which makes it extremely important to identify the population. Understanding the audience will enable you to create tailored content for them which will drive them toward the business. Once you have established an audience, try to experiment with several niches and find which one is most liked by them. As the niche is identified, keep uploading content on it to keep the audience connected with you.

You can experiment with different filters, music, sound effects, and challenges to find what works for the audience.

Tip #3: Create Catchy Hashtags

When other businesses look for potential partners on TikTok, the “For You” section is not where they go. Most B2B businesses do not have the capacity or the content to go viral on the platform. Thus, businesses that are looking for new partners will go to the hashtag and search for the relevant brands. Now if you are adding relevant hashtags to the videos, it will make it easier to find you and vice versa.

Hence, it is important to come up with catchy hashtags that are not just interesting but easy to read and search as well. You can also post videos with hashtags that are already trending in the niches to increase the reach of content.

Tip #4: Capitalize on Trending Challenges and Sounds

TikTok thrives on challenges and different sounds which can be used to the advantage of B2B business. You can add trending music in the background of the video and post it. Even if the verbal message in the video is important, background music can be added. You can optimize the sounds to make the message audible while the music plays in the background.

Users on TikTok scroll through all the videos with the same background if it appeals to them. So, when a professional from another industry sees your content in the same section, it will let them know about the brand which opens opportunities for new collaborations.

Similarly, TikTok challenges can also be used to market your brand. You do not necessarily have to follow all the guidelines of the challenges. Just pick the part which suits the business the most and even do some quirky modifications to it if possible. And while you are at it, do not forget to add hashtags with the video. It will increase the reach of posts even more.

Tip #5: Create Quality Content

The content uploaded on the business's account is the representation of the quality of services they offer. It must be appealing and unique to ignite interest in the viewers. Although it does not require as much effort as other platforms, there is still a need for some professional equipment. You should invest in the right gear to produce quality content and even hire professionals for important product or service launches. With the help of content, you can get more leads and sales and earn better with the help of TikTok marketing

Tip #6: Keep Uploading Content Consistently

TikTok ranks the accounts higher than posting videos regularly. You do not have to upload tons of content but whatever you post must be consistent. Find out the best time to upload with the help of TikTok’s analytics and keep posting at those times. TikTok will push your content down in the stream if the account remains inactive for a longer time.

Furthermore, whatever you post must be original to maintain the credibility of the brand. Copying and reproducing the content which has been created by other brands would not generate a good impression on the viewers. Even if you are copying a challenge, try to bring some creativity to it.

Tip #7: Use TikTok Paid Advertising

Like most social media platforms, TikTok offers paid advertisements in many forms. You can market the brands with Brand Takeover, In-Feed Ads, Branded Effects, and Hashtag challenges. The effectiveness of each type of advertisement varies for different brands. Hence, it is important to experiment with all of them to find which works for you the best.

While creating an advertisement ensure that it targets the right audience and is captivating enough for the customers. If the ad appears causal to the wrong population, it would not help with the marketing objectives and goals.

Tip #8: Buy Third-Party TikTok Services

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B2B Companies That Have Successfully Marketed Themselves on TikTok

As we discussed earlier there is no tried and tested technique for B2B companies to market on TikTok. But several indicators can be taken from companies that have established themselves on the platform. These are:

1. Smartsheet

Smarthsheet is a management tool that enables teams to collaborate more efficiently. The company shares behind-the-scenes videos of how the company operates which has resonated with many followers. The account also creates tutorials to help its customers understand the product in addition to skits to keep their followers excited.

The content creation team of Smartsheet has experimented with quite a few formats and tools to find what works for them. Furthermore, the company has also hired talents from different parts of the country to generate quality content.

2. Semrush

We all search for weird things on the internet and Semrush knows it all. It is a platform that helps users to identify their competition and potential in different markets by searching for keywords. Their content generation team has mastered the art of coming up with quirky search queries which are quite fun to watch. Humour is the most viral genre on TikTok and Semrush has taken full advantage of it.

Semrush has come up with a video format called “You searched for WHAT?”. Their videos kick off with a person speaking directly into the camera and then proceeding to the skit. Research also found that TikTok videos where a person speaks directly to the camera have more chances of going viral.

Semrush has combined the two most successful methods to go viral and it is working for them. It shows that research is extremely important and stats can help when used wisely.

3. Shopify

Shopify is viral on TikTok and for good reasons. The platform has invested more than two years in TikTok to build its presence which is now finally yielding results. Shopify has experimented with several formats to find what works for them best. The experimentation has allowed them to understand what resonates with the audience and they produce content accordingly.

Their account posts reviews, tips, and advice for entrepreneurs which are appreciated by the users. Furthermore, the company has maintained its authenticity despite experimenting with different niches. And it is probably the reason why users flock to their accounts whenever there is a new upload.

Key Takeaway

Marketing for B2B brands is a little complicated and typically most companies do not use traditional means. But the evolution of social media has changed marketing strategies and has compelled many B2B companies to establish their presence. It is not as effective as some other means of B2b marketing but having a presence on TikTok certainly helps. Brands can create awareness which ultimately drives sales and builds a customer base. According to Sprout Social, B2B marketing on TikTok is new but some companies have found success after experimentation. You can also try different methods and techniques to see which works the best.

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