Benefits of Twitter for Business Marketing

7 Powerful Benefits of Twitter for Business Marketing

By: Nelson Grey

An estimated 1.3+ billion accounts have been created since the launch of X, formerly known as Twitter. It is no surprise that with each passing day, these numbers are rapidly increasing, whether they are businesses, individuals, content creators, influencers, marketers, or anyone else.

As of 2024 statistics by DemandSage, Twitter has over 528.3 million monetizable monthly active users (mMAU). By 2028, this number is predicted to increase to 652.23 million.

Nowadays, Twitter isn’t just about sharing updates or getting the latest trends; it’s about building your unique yet impactful presence to stay competitive on social media. Do you know that average Twitter ads ROI is 40% higher than other channels?

This means brands have more room to reach their ideal audience by making them grow on this widely popular platform. Let’s explore what X or Twitter marketing is and what are the key benefits of Twitter marketing.

How to Use Twitter for Business?

An average of 6000 tweets are sent on Twitter per second, which means over 500 million tweets are uploaded per day. These are such huge numbers to capture the attention of users coming from your brand in order to increase your reach and engagement. But first, you must create your account on Twitter. Start by creating a unique profile that represents your brand.

  1. Customise your profile with a recognizable profile picture or maybe a logo.
  2. A header image consistent with your brand’s style.
  3. Craft a concise and engaging bio within the 160-character limit, describing your business or account purpose.
  4. Add a link to your official website to drive traffic and add credibility.

Additionally, consider adding your business location (if you have one) for enhanced visibility. Pin a tweet at the top of your profile to highlight important updates, successes, or viral content, and regularly update it to keep followers engaged. These steps lay the foundation for a successful Twitter marketing strategy, allowing you to connect with your audience effectively.

What is X (Twitter) Marketing?

Twitter marketing refers to the strategic use of the platform to promote a brand, product, or service and engage with a target audience effectively. As the 12th most popular social media platform globally, X/Twitter offers unique features that businesses can leverage to enhance their marketing efforts.

global social media ranks by users

It capitalises on real-time engagement by allowing brands to participate in trending conversations and live events. It involves creating compelling content, such as tweets, images, videos, and polls, to resonate with the target audience. Utilising hashtags, mentions, and trending topics helps increase X (Twitter) likes, which enhances visibility and reach on the platform.

Additionally, businesses can run targeted advertising campaigns to reach specific demographics and drive conversions. Moreover, Twitter facilitates direct communication between businesses and their customers through replies, direct messages, and mentions, allowing for real-time customer support and feedback.

What are the Benefits of Twitter (X) for Business?

Twitter’s unique features and wider reach offer businesses numerous opportunities to enhance their online presence, engage with their audience, and drive growth. There are several key benefits of Twitter marketing and brand promotion:

1. Enhancing Brand Awareness

Twitter’s fast-paced nature makes it ideal for strengthening your brand’s voice. Through consistent tweeting, retweeting, trending conversations, sharing engaging content, and strategic use of hashtags, companies can effectively reach a broader audience. Viral reach is a real possibility, putting your brand name on countless timelines. Do you know that 79% of users follow brands on Twitter to check for the latest updates?

The more you actively engage on Twitter, the more familiar users become with your brand, promoting recognition and building a strong brand identity. Twitter’s real-time interactions and immediate feedback also allow businesses to gauge audience sentiments and adjust their messaging accordingly, fostering a deeper connection with followers.

2. Direct Customer Interactions and Feedback

One of the key benefits of Twitter for business marketing is its ability to facilitate direct interactions with customers in two-way communication. Customers can directly reach out to your brand with questions, concerns, or feedback.

Brands can promptly respond and address their needs, demonstrate excellent customer service around the clock, and build trust to gain loyal Twitter followers. This open dialogue also allows you to gather valuable customer insights to improve products or services. Pay attention to what your audience is saying and use that valuable feedback to improve your products, services, and overall brand strategy.

3. Thought Leadership and Industry Influence

Twitter provides a platform for businesses to establish themselves as thought leaders within their respective industries and to showcase their brand’s expertise. Share valuable industry insights, news, expert opinions, and informative content to showcase your brand’s expertise and influence discourse, ultimately strengthening their position as leaders in the field. By knowing the best time to post on Twitter, can significally boost your brand's visibility and engagement.

Engage in discussion with influencers and thought leaders in your field. Consistently providing valuable content can help you establish a brand’s credibility. This reputation as a thought leader fosters trust and positions your brand as a go-to source for information within your industry.

4. Generating Leads and Sales

With its wide reach and targeting capabilities, Twitter offers ample opportunities for businesses to advertise, generate leads and drive sales. Whether through organic content or targeted advertising campaigns, businesses can reach potential customers and compel them to take action, which drives revenue and growth.

twitter active user stats with yearly growth rate

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Targeted tweets with a compelling call to action can entice users to visit your website, download a brochure, or sign up for a free trial. Run X/Twitter contests and giveaways to generate excitement and capture valuable leads. Partner with relevant influencers to promote your products or services to their engaged audience. Using X (Twitter) deliberately can nurture leads through the sales funnel and convert interested followers into paying customers.

5. Driving Website Traffic and Conversions

Utilising Twitter strategically can drive traffic to both B2B and B2C websites or encourage conversions by sharing links to the website’s content. Compelling tweets, coupled with clear calls to action, can effectively guide users from the platform to the company’s websites, where they can further engage with the brand and its offerings, such as signups or downloads.

Upload tweets that promote new upcoming products or blog posts, and pin tweets highlighting special offers. Track clicks using X (Twitter) analytics to see which types of content resonate most with your audience. Moreover, incorporating visually appealing elements such as images, videos, or infographics into tweets can enhance engagement and entice users to click through to the website.

6. Cost-effective Marketing and Budget Optimization

Compared to traditional marketing channels, X/Twitter offers a cost-effective means for businesses to reach their target audience. The average customer on Twitter spends $46.29 per purchase. With opinions of both organic and paid strategies, companies can optimise their marketing budget to achieve maximum ROI, ensuring that every dollar spent delivers tangible results. Optimizing your organic reach requires high-quality content and strategic engagement.

Average Spending of Customers on twitter per purchase

Additionally, X (Twitter) advertising allows for targeted campaigns with specific budget allocations. This platform provides businesses with a wide range of targeting choices based on demographics, interests, and behaviours. This helps to ensure that messages are effectively communicated to the appropriate audience segments.

7. Monitoring Competitors and Industry Trends

Twitter is a real-time pulse of what’s happening in any industry. Through active monitoring of conversations, hashtags, industry trends, and content shared on it, businesses can gain valuable insights into competitor activities and industry trends.

See what kind of content resonates with their audience and identify potential gaps you can fill with your brand’s unique voice. Staying informed and adapting strategies accordingly enables companies to maintain their strong position and capitalise on emerging opportunities within their industry. This allows you to not only keep pace with the competition but also position yourself as a proactive and innovative brand within your field.

Bottom Line

Twitter offers enormous opportunities for swiftly communicating with your audience. Its unique features and vast reach offer a multitude of benefits for brand promotion and audience engagement. Twitter marketing can be a game changer for businesses that leverage its potential strategically. Remember, success on Twitter lies in consistent effort, high-quality content, and audience interactions. Embracing X aka Twitter as a cornerstone of marketing efforts, businesses can unlock possibilities for growth, engagement, and success.

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