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How Much Money Do You Make on YouTube With 1,000 Subscribers?

By: Nelson Grey

The first steps of embarking on a journey are always the hardest ones to take since there is a lot of uncertainty and doubts involved. Having said that, getting your YouTube channel monetized is a momentous milestone to achieve in your journey of becoming a content creator.

This article walks you through the whole process of what it takes to monetize your channel and factors that influence your income. We are here to clear all your confusions related to YouTube earnings with 1,000 subscribers or more.

What Does It Take to Monetize Your YouTube Channel?

The only way to get paid by YouTube is through the YouTube Partner Program. In order to be eligible for it, you have to meet either of the two conditions.

  1. For Long Form Videos: Have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours of public views in the last year on your channel. 

  2. For Youtube Shorts: Have 1000 subscribers along with 10 million authentic public views on YouTube Shorts in the last 90 days.

Apart from the aforementioned prerequisites, you must be residing in one of the eligible regions, following YouTube Community Guidelines and monetization policies.

Share in Ad Revenue

Different advertisers pay a variable price per view. It usually ranges from $0.10 to $0.30 per view. This depends on the number of views on a video as well. Overall, YouTube gives content creators 55% of the ad revenue their channel generates.

In 2023, YouTube generated $31.5 billion of revenue growing by 7.9% as compared to 2022.

Youtube yearly ad revenue in million US dollars

Image Source: Statista

Most creators don’t rely on a single income stream on YouTube. Apart from ads, they earn through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, channel memberships, shopping, super chat and super stickers, and super thanks.

Earning Per View on Youtube

What a YouTuber earns per view is also variable since it depends on multiple factors. These factors include audience geography, niche, subscriber base, and advertiser’s interest. On average, a YouTuber earns $0.018 per view which means they get $18 for every thousand views.

How Much Money Does A YouTuber With 1000 Subscribers Make?

No two YouTubers having one thousand subscribers generate the same amount of money. It depends on how many income streams they are employing on YouTube. Talking about ad revenue alone, it is roughly about $18 per thousand views.

That is, if each one of your subscribers takes out the time to watch one video of yours then you will be able to generate this fairly low amount. So even if you are starting out with 1k subscribers, you must not solely rely on generating revenue through ads.

The best way to go about your creator journey is to explore more than one income stream through your YouTube channel. If you are looking for tips for making money on YouTube with 1,000 subscribers, there are multiple ways to enhance your earning potential on YouTube. These include creating sponsored content, doing affiliate marketing, offering channel memberships, setting up YouTube shopping, and more.

The YouTubers earning the most revenue currently do not generate income through a single source either. For example, Mr. Beast earned $82 million in 2023 alone followed by with Rhett & Link and Ryan Kaji earned $35 and $35 million.

How To Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers On YouTube

Reaching the one thousand subscriber mark on YouTube is an important milestone for any creator. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to reach there. However, following these tested tips can help you achieve it faster.


The answer to "how long does it take to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube?" is variable for each creator. There are a lot of factors involved in the process which make the experience unique for anyone embarking on the journey.


Break down your goal into smaller, realistic chunks. Focus on creating high quality and engaging content more than chasing numbers. If you keep creating awesome content consistently, the numbers will eventually follow.


Incorporate all the keywords and hashtags and in titles and descriptions of your videos. Craft compelling titles and thumbnails that prompt viewers to click on it. They will only watch the whole thing if the content complements the title.


Once you start posting videos, through analytics, you can know what is liked more by your viewers and what videos bring in more subscribers. This will give you an insight for your future content strategy and planning.


Promote your content through shorts and leverage other social media platforms in doing so. Collaborate with other content creators to reach new audiences and showcase your content. Create trailers from your longer videos as Shorts to let more people have a glimpse of your potential.


Add relevant videos in YouTube Cards and their links in the description. Most importantly, add a call to action in the beginning and at the end of every video. You can do this by adding a “Subscribe” button at the bottom right corner of your videos.


The most popular YouTube channels with respect to the number of subscribers such as T-Series and MrBeast also once started from scratch to be where they stand today.

Factors Affecting Your YouTube Earnings

Factors that affects YouTube revenue

  • Watch Time

At least 4000 watch hours are mandatory to monetize your channel. Once you reach the 4000 point, growth awaits you ahead. The higher the watch time, the higher your earnings.

  • Number of Views

Numbers matter a lot on any social media platform, so do on YouTube. A higher number of views will skyrocket your earning potential. Brands always look forward to reaching out to more people through content creators so they prefer the ones with more views on their channel.

  • Engagement Rates

Engagement is one step ahead of the number of views. Videos that keep the audience glued to the platform for hours perform better. They are more likely to get ad placements along with a greater number of likes and views.

  • Niche 

Advertisers’ interest levels are not the same for all niches. Some niches are preferred by advertisers more than others. Creating content within a high-demand niche can lead to a higher advertising revenue.

  • Type of Content

Similar to niches, different types of content have different levels of advertisers’ interests. Some types are followed by a higher number of audience while others are not. For example, educational, technical, and entertainment videos have more traffic than others which is why brands would prefer to put their ads on them.

As of 2024 Statista's report, the most viewed content on YouTube is music and children’s content. Wiz Khalifa’s channel topped the list with 13.98 billion channel views followed by Wow Kidz with over 18.77 billion views.

  • Audience Location

Audience’s geographical location can heavily influence your ad revenue. Some regions have a higher ad cost than others. Viewers coming from a higher ad-cost region will definitely bring in more ad revenue for you.

  • CTR

The more people click on ads through your videos, the more revenue you will generate whether it’s through sponsorships or ads. A higher click-through rate (CTR) leads to a higher YouTube earning.

  • Ad Revenue

It is more of a passive income source on YouTube. When ads are placed on your video, each view gets paid by the advertisers. YouTube gives creators a share of what advertisers pay them for the ad space on the platform.

Key Takeaways

The 1000 subscribers mark is just the beginning of an exhilarating journey. It is indeed a significant milestone in a YouTuber’s journey that is achieved after lots of uncertainty, setbacks and struggles.


The whole process of starting out on YouTube can be cumbersome. Take it easy on yourself and focus on creating distinctive content for your channel. Make it compelling and engaging for your audience so that they can’t skip it at all.


However, as a creator, if you plan to rely solely on ad revenue as a means of earning, you are in big trouble. You must explore other ways of making money through your YouTube channel even if you are at 1000 subscribers currently. Consider the ad revenue as a passive source of income.


Once you establish a strong presence on YouTube, things will fall into place eventually. All your efforts will pay you off in ways you could never imagine. So stay consistent in your pursuits and you will encounter success one day.

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