how to advertise on instagram

How to Advertise on Instagram

By: Nelson Grey

In 2020 more than 800 million people are using Instagram actively, and the number is increasing day by day. Starting from 2013, Instagram has shown unusual growth in the form of its users, and people found it surprising that in a short period Instagram has gained a considerable number of users. Initially, Facebook was the only platform for people to introduce their businesses on electronic media with ease, but as time passes, Instagram has made its place in the market. Most Social Influencers use Instagram to advertise their content and attract a massive number of followers.

What do you mean by Instagram Advertising?

Instagram Advertising is a process in which you pay to post sponsored content on Instagram to gather the attention of targeted audiences. People use Instagram advertising to aware the audience on Instagram of their brand to achieve their desired goals. As we all know, Instagram is a huge social platform, so you just can’t post textural ads, but it allows you to post images and videos on your stories or profile whatever suits you. Just like Facebook, you just have to pay a bit of money to advertise your post, and in return, you will get exposure for your product, and also it is a good way to promote your brand on social media apps.  

Is Instagram a good platform to advertise?

According to research, it has been found that almost 55% of the users on Instagram fall in the age range of 18-29 years. 28% of the users on Instagram fall in the age range between 30-49 years old, and only 11% of the total users on Instagram are above 50 years of age, and only 4% are adults. According to another research, it was reported that the number of women Instagram users is more than men. So, according to these statistical findings, it is clear that youth is using Instagram for a huge amount, and if you want to focus on a young audience, then Instagram is the best platform for your business. 

Instagram is like other social media platforms that allow you to have control over the specific audiences, age ranges, and interests of the people. This benefit makes Instagram the best social platform for people who want to attract a specific audience and target them properly.

What is the estimated cost of posting ads on Instagram?

It is unfair to decide a specific amount of money for all the ads that are posted on Instagram. This is a very difficult question to answer as the cost of posting ads on Instagram depends on a lot of factors. The cost depends on the content, the amount of content, the number of ads you are posting, and the type of ad that you are posting. So the cost of posting ads on Instagram is different for different ads, and there is no specific amount for the ads. It was reported in 2017 that the cost per click of ads on Instagram is between 0.7-0.8 $. But the cost also depends on the people who are watching your ad, the time, day, etc. 

These factors have a significant impact on the advertisement for ads on Instagram. So you have to be very careful while posting ads on Instagram if you want to make your business grow and expand. Some marketers on Instagram found that if the engagement of the audience is more significant, you have to pay more for that ad. 

As per general research, Instagram ads are more costly than other social media platforms, especially Facebook. As we know that there is a right side to everything, too, so on the other hand, the advertisers on Instagram will have the liberty to choose who can watch their ads and who can’t. So you can restrict your viewers. It helps you to target a specific audience for your work. There are different ways you can start posting on Instagram, but you should take care of a few things while posting ads on Instagram. There are a few steps that should be kept in mind while posting ads on Instagram. 

Posting ads on Instagram is more like posting on Facebook. Even if you are not posting on Facebook, you can post on Instagram by following the simple steps. Instagram will provide you with an Instagram partner who will help to advertise your posts on Instagram easily. Some of the basic steps are mentioned below.

  • Ad Manager

You have to keep one thing in mind there is no ad manager designed especially for Instagram, so to manage your advertisements on Instagram, you have to manage them through the Facebook ads manager. If you are posting ads on Facebook already then, it will be easier for you to display ads on Instagram, but if you are new to this, then you have to learn how to use Facebook ad manager first.

  • Marketing Objective

The most important thing in running a business for advertising posts is to determine a marketing objective for that first. You have to make a goal and work accordingly. The goal will help you to stay focused on one thing and work hard for that. There are a couple of points that should be kept in mind while making a goal for your advertising company. Brand awareness goals, traffic control goals, engagement goals, and views on videos and images correlate with how you use the marketing channel for growth. There are some other goals too that will come your way as you progress in your business. Let's understand these goals first.

  • Awareness Regarding the brand

This should be your foremost goal in advertising your ads on Instagram. This will attract a specific group of people who are interested in your product and will help you to organize your ads accordingly. Once you start working on this goal, you will understand that this goal will help you achieve other goals too in the long run.

  • Traffic Control

If you want more people to visit your website, or you want more people to download your app from the app store traffic control is the most appropriate goal for achieving this strategy. All you have to do is to include the URL of your choice in the description and let the people visit your site.

  • Engagement of People

Every social media influencer or marketer wants likes, views, and comments on his posts. The advertisers would like to engage a lot of people in their posts in order to be effective and popular among them. This is very important in promoting your content, and to do this, you have to make sure that people are highly engaged in your posts. Facebook allows you to pay for the engagement of posts, but currently, Instagram doesn’t have this feature. Soon Instagram will launch such features too so people could get benefit from these things.

  • Installation of apps

If your main focus is on installing apps then you have to add your app first on the app store before starting your business, and then you should post on Instagram regarding that. It is imperative to set up your app in the app store to achieve this goal. So you just have to enter your app when you set up your business and only work according to your goal.

  • Targeting appropriate audience

Once you have decided on your objective, the next step is to target the appropriate audience to achieve your goals. Instagram will help you to post your ads in front of the right people and let you get more and more likes and comments on your posts. If you are already using Facebook and posting ads on Facebook, then you will be familiar with this, and you will find it easier to do it on Instagram. If you are new to this, then you have to scroll down on the targeting options and target the audience, which is more likely to be interested in your content—targeting a specific group of people. You should know the age, gender, language, and location of the people you are targeting. Age Instagram allows you to target people ranging from 13 to 63 years old and above. 

So you can target people according to their age and the product that you are advertising. Gender You can choose whether you want to share the desired information with men or women. You also add both. So Instagram allows you to manage the people who are watching your ads. Language and location Whenever you are targeting people, you should leave the language space blank unless you are choosing the style that is common in all countries. You also should be very selective regarding the demographics in targeting the people for a specific product.

  • Choosing a Platform

Once you have targeted the desired audience, the next step is the placement of your ads. You can choose where you want to place your ads. You can set your ads on both Instagram and Facebook or post on any one of these. This is sometimes critical if you want to only post your ads on Instagram as you will be using Facebook Ad Manager to manage the posts.

  • Budget and Schedule

It is of prime importance to set your budget and to make a proper schedule for posting the ads on Instagram. It is very important for advertising on Instagram to set a proper budget for your product in order to avoid any type of inconvenience. You need to set your daily routine according to your work, and you have to give proper time to your work, so a proper schedule is necessary for this. Instagram is a very user-friendly app, and it allows its users to use or pause the app whenever they want to. 

How to Create Instagram Ads?

So, now you have to create ads on Instagram. Chose the ad format and start posting your ads on Instagram.

Ads Format

Instagram will provide you with six different types of ad formats, and you have to choose the ad format according to the product that you are advertising. The six different types of ad formats are mentioned below.

1: Image Ad Format This is the most used format by advertising companies on Instagram. These are single images with a bit of information in the form of text. The best part about these ads is that they don’t really look like ads if written properly.

2: Image in the form of story ads You can post the ads in the form of images in your stories by allowing a specific group of people to watch them.

3: Video ad Format If you want to bring life to your ads then make a video and post it in the form of an ad. Make sure that the video you are making is of very good quality and matches the standard of people on Instagram. It is very important to follow the instructions that are provided on Instagram to make a video. You should follow them properly.

4: Video story ads Like the image story ads you can also post video story ads. This is a very simple task as it doesn’t require much effort and time. You can do it the same as image story ads. The video specs are similar to the requirements necessary for simple video stories. Remember that video ads always work the best for promoting the products and services of a brand.

5: Canvas Story ads These advertisements are extremely mesmerizing and advanced type ads that are truly impressive, and it allows you to advertise your ads, creating a 360 VR experience that is such an artistic or appealing thing for the viewers. These ads work with both images and videos and are quite interesting too.

So, these are the things you need to make a note of while advertising on Instagram and managing your budget too. Follow these simple steps and advertise your ads with ease.

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