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How to Build a Following on Facebook: Get More Followers on Your Fb Profile

By: Nelson Grey

Facebook, created by Mark Zuckerberg has become a global social networking giant. It has changed a lot and now it's like a big hub where people share information and connect with each other.

Facebook allows people to stay connected with friends and family, share photos and videos, and even play games. It has become an important part of many people's daily lives and is an important part of many businesses' marketing and communication strategies.

Facebook also provides a platform for users to express their opinions, join groups, and form communities. It has even become a platform for people to find jobs and internships.

As of May 2024, Facebook's reach is more expansive than ever, marking a consistent upward trajectory in its user base. This staggering figure underscores Facebook's role not just as a social platform, but as a vital tool for business growth and connectivity. 

12 Ways to Increase Followers On Facebook

There are several ways to get more Facebook Followers to your Facebook page. Let’s have a look at these steps.

1. Getting Followers through Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an effortless and simple way to promote your brand. It will allow more and more people to view your brand daily. Creating ads on Facebook will also help you to increase your followers on Facebook. If your ads are engaging and about the topics, people need to hear about, then ads will engage people on your posts, and it is more likely that people will follow your page. You must stay consistent in postings ads.

For those who want to gain more followers and fans on Facebook, it is imperative for them to remain consistent. If your main goal is to sell your items, then running ads conversion on your Facebook page will help you achieve this goal.

2. Creating content about something viral in society

Most of the popular pages and blogs on Facebook share memes and funny videos on their page to engage more people in their posts. Creating exciting content in a funny way will help you gain more followers on Facebook. Many pages on Facebook only create funny memes, and they have the topmost followers on Facebook. In order to get more fans on Facebook, you should create content that involves youth, especially on Facebook, as more than half of the people on Facebook fall in the age limit between 16-30.

3. Inviting People to like your page on Facebook

In a nutshell, the easiest way to increase your followers on Facebook and gain your fans is by inviting people to your page. Once you have started making your ads on Facebook and started advertising them on Facebook, Facebook will start sending you notifications regarding the people you can follow back or invite these people on Facebook. You can increase your followers by a massive amount by inviting them to your page. Even if you block someone on Facebook, you will still get a notification to invite followers to Facebook.

4. Start hosting giveaways for people

If you want to earn more and more followers hosting giveaways is a very simple and good idea. Giveaways will increase the number of followers massively. Whenever you host a giveaway, you will feel that the number of likes on your post will increase rapidly. You can also get more followers on Facebook by sharing your giveaways on different Facebook pages and groups. In this way, all the people who are following that page will start following your page too. Girls mostly like giveaways, which include cosmetics, so plan your giveaways accordingly.

Planning is crucial. You have to decide the people you want to target and then determine the giveaways to keep them your loyal customers. It is not an easy task. So make a plan and then start working on it. Again you should be consistent in hosting giveaways timely. Hosting a giveaway just once in 3 months won’t help you.

5. Creating content that is attention-seeking

If you want to get more likes on Facebook, you should make content that can grab the attention of more people on Facebook. It makes sense for you to produce content that for you stand out in the feeds of people. You will need followers on Facebook that are interested in the content you are creating. If you share more and more ads and content on Facebook, you will get many followers on Facebook. Whenever you share content on Facebook, it will increase the visibility of your content for many people, and in return, it will grow your following on Facebook.

6. Use Facebook live videos

Facebook Live is a great way to increase your followers on Facebook. People use live videos to engage their followers and users on their posts. Facebook videos can be of many types you can show the quality of the products that you have ordered from somewhere. Share your opinion in the form of reviews; people might follow you to find out if ordering something from a specific store is good or not. Using this strategy, you can keep people looking up to you for different tasks. All the Facebook live videos are shown on the live stream and the feed. You also have to decide which potential users you want to target and then make live videos about those products.

7. Make links with other Influencers

The secret of getting Facebook followers and likes is in making a partnership you have with other influencers. The influence not only helps you get more and more followers but also guides you on how to work on social platforms. You will learn a lot from the influencers if you follow them correctly. Different influencers and social media marketers are all over Facebook, and by this, you will get more followers for your page too. It is not vital that you share the same content on Facebook as the influencers.

You should make your content over which you have command. Make sure that the material is fascinating and informative at the same time. The content should keep the people interested in your posts.

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8. Use of Automated tools

If you don’t post anything on Facebook, you will never get likes through these apps, but if you are using Facebook and posting stuff on Facebook, then the tools will help you to get more followers and fans. Marketing automation can help you in getting more likes and reviews on your post. If you are busy and cannot post on different sites, use third-party applications to do it. The only thing compulsory for you is to post on Facebook at regular intervals. You can post anything you like a picture use any video or any other type of media, but make sure the content you are sharing is interesting and up to date.

9. Include social media links on your website

Remember to add social media links to your website. Many beginners don’t add social media links, which is why they do not get any responses from their followers. You can add the links to your content in different ways; it can be in the header, footer, and sidebar menu. You should keep one thing in your mind the growth of your followers will be slow at the start. However, if you keep on adding good content in your field, then your followers will eventually increase. You have to be very patient and committed to this strategy, and once you start doing this, you will need a considerable amount of will power and focus.

10. Use More Optimized Hashtag

Hashtags are mostly used on Instagram, but using hashtags in your Facebook post will help you a lot in this matter if you want to increase followers on Facebook. Use general hashtags in your Facebook posts. The use of hashtags that attract most of the population is the best way to increase your followers on Facebook. The hashtags should match the content that you are posting on Facebook.

Mostly the content on Facebook is related to the style and fashion industry. But post relating to fitness and health is also very common on Facebook. Facebook has a million users so the use of hashtags will attract active users on this platform. It is not possible to attract people who are not active on Facebook so try to target an audience who are active users of Facebook.

You have to focus on the potential clients in order to get more followers on Facebook. This is not as simple as it looks because of the competition on Facebook but if you are consistent and committed then you can achieve your goals easily.

11. Get Featured on other Facebook pages or post

In order to get more followers on Facebook get in tagged by other Facebook pages or brands is not a bad idea. Brands who regularly tag their customers on other social media apps will help you to get features and get more and more followers. Now it is your duty to find out the brands that sell the same products as you and had the targeted audience that you want. You can also tag other brands in your own posts and in this way you can gain their attention. In this way, they will also share your posts on their page and help you in making more followers on Facebook.

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12. Creating video content

Are you looking for some ideas to get more likes and followers on Facebook, video marketing is one of the best ways to attract followers. It has been reported that the content that gets the higher level of engagement of people on the Facebook post is not pictures and texts but video clips. If you make more video content, there is a chance that you will get more likes and followers on your Facebook posts.

The secret behind your success on Facebook is not always the targeted audience but the content you share on Facebook. Facebook allows you to share video content that lasts more than 10-15 minutes. It is a way to tell people about the usage of beauty products or to guide them on physical fitness by visually implementing it. People don’t like reading. Instead, they prefer watching videos more as they are more comfortable watching new media online, and this could be a way to attract people from all over the world.


The steps mentioned above will help you get more followers on Facebook. There are a few things you should keep in mind while starting this business. First things come first, so the first step should be your strategy. Make a plan of how you will post, what you will post, and post on Facebook to get more followers on Facebook. It is not an easy task, and you have to be very consistent. It will take time, and you will have to show much willpower and discipline.

People spend years and years becoming popular on Facebook, so you need to be patient. You should keep one thing in mind most businesses require only two things your money or time. Time is a very precious thing, so don’t waste it on the things you can’t control. All good things come to those who wait. So be patient if you want success. You have to make a strategy. Be sure about your customers. Make sure that the people you are addressing are active Facebook users.

Next, always think and look at your competitors on Facebook. You should know what they are sharing on Facebook. Before just starting your business on Facebook and getting followers, you should look for the resources needed to work on this platform. This is an essential step, and you need to give it a thought before starting. Do your research and gather all the things you need.

Last but not least, it is not an easy task to grow your audience on Facebook, so be consistent and create content that will help you to stand out among others. Focus on your ideal client and the content you are creating. Your content and the clients will make you get more followers on Facebook. Follow these simple steps, and you will achieve the goals you have set for your business.

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