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How to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2024: 10+ Tips

By: Nelson Grey

Instagram is an excellent platform for growing your online business. In 2020 as people started using Instagram more than before, it has become a platform for social media influencers and social media marketers to expand their followers and business. Your followers determine how fast you will succeed. By following the simple rules, you can get the maximum engagement of people on your posts.

The Power of Effective Instagram Engagement Strategies

A powerful Instagram engagement stategy can 10X your sales and revenue in this digital era. Here are some captivating case studies that showcase the power of effective Instagram engagement strategies:

1. Gymshark:

According a report by, This fitness apparel brand grew its Instagram following from 1 million to over 10 million in just two years! Their secret? User-generated content (UGC). Gymshark actively reposts content from customers wearing their gear, fostering a sense of community and inspiring others to join the movement.

2. GoPro:

The adventure camera company leverages Instagram to showcase the stunning visuals captured by its users. By running photo contests and collaborating with travel influencers, GoPro inspires their audience of 20.8 million followers to explore and share their own experiences.

3. Airbnb:

This vacation rental platform uses Instagram to paint a picture of dream destinations and unique travel experiences. Their curated feed of beautiful homes and local adventures entices users of 5.5 million to book their next getaway through Airbnb.

14 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement Organically

Some of the effective engagement tips are discussed in detail here.

1. A good Instagram Bio

Your bio on the Instagram page shows a lot about you. If you have a good Instagram bio, it will attract potential people to you. It is the first and foremost step you have to follow while making a profile on Instagram. A good Instagram bio will target the quality audience who are more likely to become your customers in the future. For example, you can take ideas for creating your bio by following famous Instagramers and checking out their bio. Always make sure you add factual information in your bio if you desire to attract the right users, and the rights users will increase the engagement of people on your posts.

2. Add Links to Your Bio

Always include links in your Instagram bio. Adding links in your bio will increase the engagement of targeted people on Instagram. Share the link in your Instagram profile description and tell your users what the link is for they can find the link in your Instagram bio.

3. Create Your Brand Page

You can also create your brand page to fit your branding there. You will be able to host an unlimited number of links in your posts for your customers, and they can choose the post according to their own wishes. Links will help your customers to know other social platforms where you are present, and you can also share your online store link in your description too.

4. Add Post to Instagram Stories

Adding eye-catching posts Your Instagram stories and post are very important in expanding your business. Make sure that you work hard on creating good content to target a quality audience on Instagram. If your stories are about something that is happening right now, people will start commenting on them, and it will definitely increase the engagement of people on your posts.

5. Stay Up-to-Date

People in our society love to stay connected to those people who are up-to-date and share witty content along with information. So try to balance both fun and information in your posts. Follow a proper Schedule It has been observed that at a specific time on Instagram, the engagement of people on Instagram is much than at other time intervals in a day. It is observed that from Tuesday to Thursday, Instagram users are more active, and they participate in discussions. It is very important to follow a proper schedule.

6. Post-Regularly

You should post on Instagram at a proper time daily and with consistency. If you want to engage more people in your posts, you should remain consistent. It is one of the most crucial aspects of attracting people. All you have to do is to post on Instagram frequently and at a time, that fits your daily schedule.

7. Add Location

Add location on your posts If you want to boost the engagement of people on your posts, then you should consider adding locations to your Stories and posts. It has been observed that hundreds of people search for a city or any restaurant on Instagram daily. If you add a location to your Stories and posts, people who search for that place might come across your post and start a conversation with you. So, always add a location to your Stories if you want to engage more people on Instagram.

8. Stay Connected with Your Followers

Always Reply to your DMs This is the fundamental step in order to keep people connected to your posts. It is essential to reply to messages. Responding to their messages will create a relationship between you and your followers. It is very important to appreciate their efforts as they spend time messaging you. No matter how many people respond to you and how big or small your account is what matters the most is how you respond to the people. This can help you to increase your engagement and boost your Instagram followers on your account.

It is very important for you to reply to the negative comments too. They are suitable for your growth, and people admire such types of influencers who don’t take criticism personally.

9. Comment on Instagram Stories

Engagement on Instagram is not just limited to comments and likes on posts only. Conversations on other Instagramers stories are also very important. It will create a good relationship with others and in turn, they will like and communicate your stories too. So to increase the engagement of people on Instagram it is very important to communicate with other Instagramers through their stories and posts. Don’t limit your engagement with people. Adopt every possible way you could do to communicate.

10. Use Branded Hashtags

Use hashtags Instagram is known for hashtags. If you want to get the most out of the hashtags, then first determine your own goals. Planning is very important. You can create your own brand hashtag too if you want to increase your Instagram engagement through hashtags then determine which hashtags are driving more people towards your page on Instagram and how the people are responding to those hashtags. You should use your basic branding hashtag on your posts and stories. Use generic hashtags.

Use a mixture of hashtags that include both industry-specific hashtags and trending hashtags. They will engage the targeted people.

11. Check Your Analytics

Always check your analytics and insights to engage people on Instagram, you should keep a check on things that work and things that don’t work. Self-check is always a good idea. You should know which tricks are attracting people on Instagram and which items are not attracting people. You should set your goals. There are different tools available on the internet to keep a check on your analytics. This is a fundamental step, and it also saves your energy and time. It helps you to focus on the things that engage more people in your post.

So you will work more on those things without being confused about whether people will like it. You will learn from these analytics; for example, these analytics will tell you how many people visited your profile within the past few weeks. It will also tell you about the total number of taps on your profile just to check it. It will also inform you about the number of website clicks that users had made from your profile in the past few weeks. So this is a very wonderful way to keep a check on your activities and alter them accordingly.

12. Use Specific Filter

Use only one type of filter on your posts According to the researchers, it has been found that the most used filter by people on Instagram is the Clarendon. It is not only used in the US but it is used worldwide. Brightness is the key to enhancing your pictures and attracting viewers. Brightness has also been the primary tool in attracting people. You can try all the filters, but then just stick to only one filter that suits you. People like trendsetters, and it defines you and your business the most. So always use only one filter on your posts.

13. Use Best Caption

Use precise captions Instagram captions can be prolonged up to 2200 characters. This doesn’t mean that you should use all these characters. It is essential to use fewer words in your captions. Shorter captions are easier to read, and people enjoy these captions too. Data shows that it is much better to use less than ten words in your posts but add emojis. The captions should match your posts and stories if you are promoting your brand, then you can use a long caption, which includes the qualities price, and reviews.

People are so busy these days that they don’t have time to read long paragraphs on Instagram, so try to use less than ten characters in your posts. Image size should be proper It is advised that your photos should be of the correct size and appealing. There is nothing worse than uploading an image that is not of the correct size, and it got cropped after you upload it on Instagram.

14. Use Proper Image Format

Always follow the instructions to upload an image on Instagram. Instagram profile photo should be 320× 320 pixels. Instagram square photos should be 1080×1080 pixels. The portrait photos on Instagram should have 1080× 1350 pixels, and last but not least, the landscape photos should be 1080×566 pixels. Following these basic instructions are very important to upload a proper image to engage the viewers in your post. Tell stories instead of just preaching.


Only preaching marketing is not enough to engage people on Instagram, well research and creating the best possible content are vital. You should tell short stories to your viewers on Instagram. You can also add stories through captions and stories. People feel an emotional connection with the storytellers as the same thing might have happened to them too. For your own inspiration, you can also follow some storytellers on Instagram too.

These simple steps will help you achieve your goals and increase the engagement of people on your Instagram page. One thing you should keep in mind is that consistency is vital for reaching your goals. So always remain consistent.

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