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By: Nelson Grey

Since Instagram gives an opportunity to business owners, marketers, and brand managers to use this platform as a marketplace, there had been a need for something like an Instagram influencer marketing strategy.

For that business owners needed to know how exactly they can make the 40 best actions to grow their brand. That is why we, Social Followers aim to educate our potential clients to make use of these tips and work on their journey toward successful businesses.

However, before jumping on to questions like “What is the average Instagram influencer marketing cost?”, or “What could be the best influencer marketing strategy?”, it would be best to start off with the meaning of Instagram influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is not just a thing of Instagram, but influencer marketing is also worth doing on Linkedin and other social platforms.

What does Instagram Influencer Marketing Mean?

It is a means of marketing products or services in the most effective, easy, and impressive way. Influencer marketing on Instagram is all about following pointers.

  • Boost and level up brand awareness
  • Generate more sales through an Instagram influencer marketing platform
  • Increase followers base
  • One of the main advantages to set up Instagram influencer marketing for your business is that it helps in bringing 3.21% of engagement.

Influencer marketing has a complete strategy to work on to elevate your business’s growth and stability.

According to a recent survey by Influencer Marketing Hub, 72% of marketers are using Instagram for influencer marketing campaigns in 2023. This makes Instagram the most popular platform for influencer marketing, followed by TikTok (61%), YouTube (58%), and Facebook (57%).

However, some of them are not following strategies that actually help them to work effectively.  

How Much Does Instagram Influencer Marketing Cost?

Companies and brands somehow find it difficult to maintain a good relationship with influencers who provide their services on IG. However, it is important to know how much an influencer charge.

On average it takes anything between $999 and $1,000,000 (one million dollars) and that is the real reason why we, Social Followers come into action. Trying us out (with help of shoutouts from influencers) will help you in the long run as we don’t believe in heavying the client’s pockets.

Tips to Grow Brand Using Instagram Influencer Marketing:

Here are some practical tips that have the potential of growing your brand.

Let’s check them out in detail.

Generating Leads and Sales through Influencer Marketing

There are many examples from which we can learn about the importance of Instagram influencer marketing. One such example is Daniel Wellington who launched a watch brand and made tons of sales from nothing by only using Instagram influencer marketing.

According to him, other means of marketing which prominently talks about the conventional way of selling products are not much use now. He believes that brand awareness on Instagram is far more important and has the potential of reaching the most possible audiences. Each influencer gets a promotional code that can be given to friends or other people to avail of a discounts.

In the end, discounts help others to get the watch at a discounted price and also help in watching more videos of his on Instagram. So, what influencers need is to only watch his videos and get the promotional code.

Enhancing Instagram Marketing Campaign

In order to amplify your campaign on Instagram influencer marketing, it is best to find influencers and collaborate with them. What does it ensure in the end?

Well, it ensures more engagement and influences others to join the campaign. An example of such collaboration with different Instagram influencers can be taken from Air Canada. They created an impressive and grand Instagram marketing campaign that focused on Instagram influencers.

In this campaign, IG influencers shared their experiences on IG and told about Brisbane using their hashtag. As seen from the example, you can make use of any marketing tactic after collaborating with Instagram influencers. Exceptional results and engagement can be noticed in the sponsored posts and marketing of your product or service. You can use a digital marketing CRM to manage the campaigns.

Also, provide special couponsto the influencers so they can have more confidence while promoting your stuff.

Bringing Brand Awareness via Instagram Influencers

Brand awareness is an extremely crucial and important aspect to look into. It helps in attracting valuable and potential clients.

Since the entire idea of bringing brand awareness to the masses is not so easy, one has to use an Instagram influencer marketing platform is used to familiarize the brand because it gives a wider range of audiences.

Once you have a collaboration and influencers help you out in any form, let it be a shout-out, popular hashtag use, or anything similar, brand awareness increases multiple times.

Pre-Launch Excitement with Instagram Influencer Marketing

Considering that your company or brand releases a new product and you have nothing in hand to display.

How would you feel?

You will surely feel lost and worried, right?

Now imagine that there is a marketplace on Instagram where you could share the product with others. You have collaborated with social media influencers on this release.

Don’t you think it will be marketed beautifully and in a grand manner? So, giving Instagram influencer marketing a chance and collaborating with it will give you an edge to market your product before its launch.

Building Influencers Network to Bring Progress in Business

Once you partner with Instagram influencers who help to boost products and services or assist in bringing brand awareness, the results will be fantastic.

However, it is required to remember a couple of problems related to partnering with one or two IG influencers. There will always be a need for more than one or two influencers to boost your business.

So, the question arises, how many partners or influencers we shall be needing? The answer to it is simple: it is all about building a community of influencers on IG. To create and build a community, you have to have an extremely large audience. It is because you won’t be limited to a couple of groups with a few thousand followers. Instead, brand awareness will be requiring more audiences from different groups.

What will it produce in the end should be the real question though?

Well, it elongates brand visibility and better reach. Both of these are crucial elements in the process of growing a brand. Desired results and goals or aims can be accomplished by building a community of influencers.

Creating Experience and Ambiance

Another tip on setting up an Instagram influencer marketing strategy is understanding the core needs of IG influencer marketing and how it helps business owners.

Firstly, know that IG is not just a marketing place for your services or products. Instead, it is more about creating an ambiance for the audience. Trying to exhibit your business (products or services) in a way that the content remains engaging and there to merge it with brand awareness will be the perfect fit.

As the equation goes “more content + more audience = more leads and sales”, we have to be sure about the right way it is used.

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There should always be a pattern and tactics to make your content crispy, engageable, and regular. Also remembering the goal of “Bringing your business or brand come to life with the help of experiences you create around audiences” shouldn’t be forgotten. Influencers sharing experiences on their pages with their fans will bring in a better experience.

Empower IG Influencers to Create Engaging Content

Ever wondered what it takes to become influential on Instagram?

Well, it all starts with sharing content that has the power to get hooked on. Instagram influencers also have the characteristic of knowing and assessing the needs of the audience.

Having said that, once they are sure what the audience is looking for, they provide them with the very same thing after creating such content which is freshly baked and loved to be eaten right away!

As these people know what the audience is looking for, they link to business owners who provide the same stuff (as what is needed by the audience).

In this way, you can take advantage of influencers' shoutouts, posts, images, videos, etc. However, allowing these influencers to work on how they want your brand to be focused should remain their cup of tea.

If you will put in a lot of ifs and buts, there might be a chance of losing authenticity.

Run Campaigns for Winning Brand Products

It is true that we all want to win a contest and get a free giveaway from our favorite brand or company, right?

Using this tip in which you associate a brand or company with Instagram influencers and work on their terms to promote contests for giveaways can boost visibility as well as engagement.

If you somehow add tips like this with “Instagram influencer marketing” you can strike a huge possibility of reaching a new dimension and audience.

Once influencers’ followers start learning about your brand or company, they will find it easy to connect with your brand. People (audience) will also find it easy to participate to win a giveaway.

Moreover, adding rules in which it is important to create posts about your brand, company, product, etc. will bring in more prospects of reach.

Including Instagram Influencers in Long-Term Campaigns and Projects

Interestingly, you don’t have to have fear of using Instagram influencer marketing platforms forever. As you have the right to use this marketing platform once or more than one time.

For instance, you have to strike a milestone of reaching a couple of million audiences, and that is primarily for your new pre-launch event, sale, giveaway contest, etc.; you will absolutely go the extra mile to achieve the milestone.  

What you might not do after accomplishing the milestone is abandon IG influencers. A smart person would make them a part of his marketing strategy. That will bring in more influencers because it is all about a chain process.

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