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How to Make Money on Instagram

By: Nelson Grey

We all have heard that people earn a lot of money on Instagram. In the recent few months, Instagram has become a platform for earning money. You might be thinking that you need a lot of fans & followers to earn money on Instagram.

The truth is you don’t need as many followers as you need. The number of followers also depends on what type of niche you are selling and how easily you tie it to a product category which includes fashion, beauty food, and other popular features. The number of thousands of followers is useless if they don’t respond to your posts. In order to make money on Instagram you need followers that participate actively otherwise they are almost useless to you. 

It is a natural process that the more active Instagram followers you have the more revenue you will generate. Depending on your brand on Instagram and the type of products you are selling on Instagram you will have to follow these simple steps.

Let’s have a look at the possibilities that will generate more money. Celebrities are earning a huge amount of money through posting on Instagram. It has been estimated that the highest-paid celebrity earns approximately 2400 dollars on a single post. 

Your income depends on your reputation, the number of followers you have, and the level of your engagement with the customers. The more followers you have on Instagram will generate more income. If you really want to calculate your estimated earnings from your social accounts, then you have to find out your engagement rate with the customers. 

Engagement will show that you have an active audience on your profile, so it’s no wonder that influencer prices and costs depend heavily on the level of your engagement with people. If you have thousands of followers but they are not active users of Instagram then they will not help you in generating money through Instagram. The number of active followers on Instagram will determine the simple formula for that.

The formula is pretty simple: Combine the number of likes and comments per post and divide it by the number of followers, then multiply by 100. Apply this and you will find out the rate of engagement on your posts.  

How many followers do you need to earn money through Instagram?

The number of followers on Instagram varies from person to person the average number of followers is considered to be around 1500. Although there are a lot of users with thousands and millions of followers, the number of followers only does not help you in achieving your goal. If you have a personal account or a small business, you may have a lower follower count. The key is to maintain an engaged and active audience rather than focusing on vanity metrics. 

The engagement of the audience is more important than the number of followers on your account. So focus on getting active followers from Social Followers UK, who will promote your account and help you in getting a good amount of money through Instagram.

You can make money from likes and subscriptions on Instagram

Earning money on likes and subscriptions is one of the easiest jobs you can do on Instagram. There are exchanges of likes and subscriptions on which customers pay you for liking their posts and subscribing to their channels on Instagram. This work on Instagram is suitable for youngsters and beginners who want to earn money just by working for a few hours on Instagram. As the students can not spend their whole day on Instagram they also have to study so they can earn money easily from Instagram. This is the most appropriate way for students to earn money. Always keep one thing in mind consistency is the key to success you have to be patient and consistent if you want to earn money through Instagram.

You canearn money by blogging

You can easily make money on Instagram by blogging. This is the easiest way of earning money on Instagram. First of all, choose an interesting topic. You must be good at it. A blogger on Instagram can make a decent profit, but there must be a large live audience that is watching you. The engagement of the audience is a very important step in your life. Visitors should be very active and they should give their verdict during the discussion. You can also ask questions to which the active audience replies and stay connected. 

You can also upload links and ask your followers to subscribe to the links which in turn will profit you. You only need active followers on Instagram to earn a good amount of money. 100 active followers are much better than 500 inactive followers as they will never help you to grow your business on Instagram.

Working with the brands on sponsored posts

An influencer is someone who builds themselves on online platforms by doing amazing work on Instagram. They share pictures and other interesting stuff with the audience and get money. Influencers are the people who are the trendsetters in the market and people trust their opinions in every matter influencers partner with other influencers on their sponsored posts and it will help them to get the success they are dreaming of. 

Brands focus on the level of audience engagement and people's trust in them. It is very hard to balance your revenue as an influencer and as a creator but you have always the freedom to be selected about the brands you want to work with. You have to decide for yourself what you are going to be in charge of as an influencer. You have the liberty to charge according to your will. It has been found that most influencers charged 200 dollars for their content. 

If your brand is famous then it is much more likely that other brands will contact you themselves but if you are not very famous you should look for brands that are similar to your own brand.
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Open your online store

Selling your products on Instagram is also a way to earn money on Instagram. You can sell anything including physical products, contents, and your health tips. You have to invest money and time both to make your place in the market. By selling your own products you don’t have to worry about the interfering messages of other brands in your own posting strategy. You don’t have to work according to the brands and don’t need to follow the deadlines. You can work easily at any time without getting worried. 

There are different ways of selling your product. Follow these simple steps and earn money through Instagram.

  • You can print and ship your own brand t-shirts, mugs, and other physical accessories. Your fans will show love by purchasing these items from you and by recommending your products to others too.
  • Another way of selling your services could be as photography or consulting using your bio to direct interested people to a contact email or you can also link your own professional website in your bio, stories, and posts. It will target the potential audience.
  • If you have a good academic background then you can also sell digital products including digital eBooks, notes, and assignments too.
  • You can also use Instagram in selling your own handwritten poetry, articles, or even a book.
  • You can also build a separate account for selling the products or you can make your own business account on Instagram for selling your own products. It is also a good chance to make money by advertising your products.

You can work as an Account Administrator

A beginner is not suitable for this job. Here you must have experience as an administrator and moderator of different social media accounts. If you have the required experience then you can surely work as an account administrator. You can find an administrator job on freelance exchanges. Many groups need an account administrator for managing their tasks. 

So you can apply there if you have the required academic background or the required skills. If you are working somewhere as an account administrator it will highly benefit you in this work and people would love to hire you as a professional worker. 

What does an account administrator do?

  • He searches for new topics and edits the publications.
  • He selects photos and explains, edits them, and publishes them on social media.
  • He has the responsibility to communicate with the followers on your profile.
  • Make new ideas to attract more and more followers on Instagram.
  • He is the person who searches for new advertising platforms and collaborates with other companies.
  • He has the duty to analyze the statistics.
  • He will search and apply new directions and ideas to attract the audience.

If you have the potential to do these tasks then you should contact the companies and bloggers yourself and earn money by utilizing your skills.

You can also earn money by affiliating with other products

You can make money on Instagram by selling other people’s products. Many brands use this strategy and sell their products through affiliate programs. There are many people that make money from Instagram this way as it is the easiest way of earning money. People find it really easy to make money in this way as it demands less amount of time and energy from you. There is a big difference between an influencer and an affiliate that is working towards making sales for the partnering brand in exchange for a commission. 

On the other hand, the influencer is mainly aiming to create awareness. The main job that you will do as an influencer is you will primarily focus on the things that are necessary to grow brand awareness. On the other hand, as an affiliate, your main focus is to get people to click links and make sales in order to gain a commission. This is not as easy as it looks. You need to engage people on posts so that they buy your products.

There are tons of affiliate programs out there for people to choose from. You could be tech suave and consider a web hosting affiliate program or something related to SaaS, or go more old school and consider something in the domain of e-commerce with a vast array of choices ranging between apparel, jewelry, office furniture, home improvements, etc.

Promote other accounts on Instagram

This is a very popular earning option. Store owners often create social accounts to promote their products. They need a person who will deal with texts, photographs, and advertising. To get this job, you must be experienced in this field. If you don’t have any previous experience, you need to thoroughly study this work and its nuances. 

You will need to focus on the following things in order to promote accounts on Instagram

  • You will be responsible for increasing the activity of subscribers;
  • You also need your SEO strategy to create content that is SEO optimized.
  • You will fill all the business pages properly for the company.
  • You will be responsible for filling out business registration forms.
  • You will target the potential audience.
  • You will also be responsible for buying products

So you have to do all these tasks and if you have prior experience in doing such tasks then this is a great opportunity for you to earn money through Instagram.

You can earn money from Instagram by creating good visual content

As we all know that Instagram is a visual platform. Various companies upload millions of pictures and videos daily on Instagram to promote their business. However, if you run your own brand then uploading overly professional photos of your products will never help you to stand out in the marketplace. Modern customers are more concerned about the authenticity and originality of the products. They are more into the genuine products that are available on the market. You should always upload a good quality but an original picture of your product. 

Take feedback from the customers and upload them on your page. Customers lookup for reviews about the product that you are selling on Instagram. Original content will help you earn more money and followers on your profile therefore, always use a good-quality visual representation of your products.

Provision of Social Media Marketing Services will help you to earn more money

We cannot deny the fact that Instagram has strong potential sales. Recently more and more brands want to use this platform to promote products through Instagram in order to reach the potential audience and increase their sales. According to an estimate, there are more than twenty-five million business owners on Instagram. The competition is getting stronger day by day, so brands are in need of professional assistance, in other words, social media marketing services are in great demand these days. Therefore you can earn money by assisting other brands in marketing. This is a very simple and important task if you want to earn good money from Instagram. 

As the world is facing a pandemic in 2020, brands are looking for various social media marketing services that could help them in marketing their products. This means social media experts have many opportunities to find freelance gigs and make the most out of their knowledge on Instagram

You can earn a good amount of money by creating captions for businesses

Gone are the days when there used to be only big brands promoting their business on Instagram. Now there are both small and big businesses on Instagram. So the market has become saturated and now all the businessmen have to work hard in order to get a good income. As we know that big brands have their own content creation staff members who write good captions and product descriptions for their brands, and small business owners look for appropriate freelance talent to reduce social media marketing costs. 

Thus, they are in search of content creators who could write captions for them at a low cost. This gives beginners a chance to enter the social market and start working. This is not a very hectic job and you can manage your tasks easily.

You can make money by selling physical and digital things

In the past few years, Instagram has become the most popular online sales market. People nowadays use this network to discover and buy products from Instagram. Instagram has served a lot of people in building their own businesses and it’s a wonderful way of earning money by selling products of different brands. If you don’t have your own brand then this is not a big deal. You can earn money easily by selling digital and physical products of other brands. 

This has now become the easiest way of earning money online. This is a good way to earn money as people trust the brands and they will surely buy things from you too.

You can make money by making filters for Instagram stories

In 2017 Snap chat content was used by people on Instagram and launched Instagram Stories, nobody imagined that this platform will become so important after a few years. Now almost twenty-five million people watch or create Instagram Stories on a daily basis. The content which is used by a lot of people to upload stories is very similar and now the content creators look for people to filter their content on Instagram. Story filters and masks are one of the most important things in targeting the potential audience. 

Now the companies are creating Instagram Storie's masks and filters to prove their expertise and to promote their products on Instagram. Big companies have their own in-house designers that are working day and night to make filters and masks for their brands but the small companies need designers who can make filters and masks for their stories and they look for emerging talents in the industry. 

So if you have good creative skills and you want to earn money through Instagram then creating story filters and masks will pay you a good deal. If you can work hard and can create good filters you should not waste your time and you should start making masks and filters for different companies. 

Once you enter the industry and start working then with the passage of time big companies will start recognizing you and you will see growth in yourself rapidly.

You can also earn money by working with Freelance clients

Instagram is not an ordinary social media platform where you upload cute pictures of yourself or your pets and become famous. Instagram has millions of active users and it has become a wonderful platform for networking, especially for people in the creative fields. Today, more and more professionals use this platform as an online portfolio. If you have a skill then Instagram is the best place to use it. It is a place for professionals and for serious candidates only. If you have the potential to work hard then you shouldn’t waste your time finding a job. 

Freelancing has now become the most popular way of earning money. No matter what you do for a living, whether you’re a filmmaker, ghostwriter, or public speaker, you can utilize Instagram to find clients. Even freelancing has helped youngsters to make a lot of money. So if you want to make money through freelancing you should work as a freelancer and get paid for your skills. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with the highest engagement of users, which makes it the best place to make money on the platform if you use it the right way. 

Ranging from sponsored posts to social media marketing services, there are many creative ways for people to make money on Instagram. Ultimately, putting time and effort into Instagram is a great investment that builds over time. And it’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon and start to monetize your Instagram account. If you seriously work hard and stay consistent your hard work will definitely pay off and in the end only your hard work matters. It’s the only thing that will help you in achieving your dreams. 

Millions of people are making a good amount of money through Instagram and now it’s time for you to start working on it. Generate countless sales by using Instagram marketing channels and grow your customer base without having to use any word-of-mouth advertising services or mediums.

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