mute or unmute someone on instagram

How to Mute or Unmute Someone on Instagram

By: Nelson Grey

Unfollowing someone on social media can be very insulting and it will affect people badly. Surely there are people like your juniors or seniors who you have followed on Instagram but you don’t want to see their posts and stories. You also don’t want to hurt them and that’s why you are not unfollowing them on Instagram so they won’t feel bad. Instagram has introduced one such feature this year which the people like a lot. 

They have introduced an option to mute people on Instagram. When you mute a user, you’re still following them. You just won’t see their posts or n option Stories in your feeds until you decide to unmute. In the mid of the year 2018, Instagram announced that it will introduce features of mute in the coming years. Last month Instagram launched several exciting new features among which mute is one of the most used features. I think this is the most important new feature. 

Sometimes you are confused about sharing your personal information with a few people. It may be a colleague, family member, or friend, there is likely someone that you're reluctantly following on Instagram. You don’t want to follow them or you are not a big fan of what they post to their feed or in their stories, but you cannot unfollow them as it looks a bit rude or you don’t want to take a risk of hurting their feelings, now Instagram provides you with options to mute their content.

 People are loving this new feature of Instagram as it has become so simple for them to ignore the content that they don’t like on Instagram without unfollowing them directly. People are very satisfied as they have different reasons for muting people on Instagram. There are different ways to mute someone on Instagram. Let’s discuss them one by one.

How to mute someone on Instagram

If you want to mute someone on Instagram you need to follow these simple steps. The simple steps to mute someone on Instagram are mentioned below. By following these steps you can mute the posts of someone on Instagram and they will never know it. Therefore you are on the safe side. Let’s discuss the steps one by one. 

1: The first step to mute someone on Instagram is that you have to open your Instagram account on your android or iPhone. 

2: Next you will find the profile of the person that you want to mute by either tapping on their username in your feed or searching for them through the search option. You can use any option which you think is most appropriate for you. 

3: In the third step you will tap the ellipses in the top-right corner of the screen which is present right after their username. You will find it easily. 

4: You will see a long list of options that will pop up at the bottom of your screen. 

5: You will tap on the mute button there. In this way, you will mute the content of that person. These steps are really easy and they don’t look rude or you will not feel bad about yourself. They will never know that you have muted them on Instagram which is a wonderful thing.  

How to mute someone’s posts on Instagram

If you are fed up with a huge number of vacation posts from someone and you want to get rid of it then you can also mute someone’s posts on Instagram. There are some crucial steps that you need to follow if you want to mute someone’s posts on Instagram. This is another way to just mute their posts. The steps you need to follow to mute someone’s posts are mentioned below.    

  • The first step to mute someone’s post on Instagram is that you have to open your Instagram account on your mobile.
  • Next, you will have to find the posts of the person who you want to mute.
  • Once you tap on the ellipses a list of options will appear in front of you.
  • You will have to find the mute option and tap on it.
  • You'll then be able to mute their posts on Instagram.

You just have to follow these simple steps and you will get rid of the unwanted stuff on Instagram. It is very important for one’s personal peace to avoid the things that disturb or bug him. Just mute them and you are free.

How to mute someone’s Instagram stories

Some people are habitual in posting everything on Instagram. This is very annoying for some people. People are not interested in your personal life they don’t want to see whatever happens in life. Most people use Instagram to promote their businesses. They just want to hear interesting news about what is happening in the market or world. So they want to mute unnecessary stories on their feed. You just have to follow simple steps to mute people's stories. The steps involved in muting someone’s stories are mentioned below. 

First, you have to open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android. You can open it on your laptop too. This is a very simple step.

  1. After you have located the person that you'd like to mute in the stories bar at the top of your screen then you just have to press down on their profile picture and you will see that a list of options will pop up in front of you. You have to find out the mute option.
  2. Once you find it out tap on the mute button.
  3. Instagram will allow you to mute either their stories or both their stories and posts. Tap your preferred option.

This is a very simple process and doesn’t require much time and energy. Most of people are very curious about why people mute someone on Instagram. There are different reasons and everyone has their own reason for muting anyone on Instagram. Some of the major reasons why people mute others on Instagram are mentioned below. 

These are the top most reason but there may be other reasons too. As we cannot discuss each and every reason here so we are just mentioning the topmost reasons here. These are the most talked-about reasons that people talked about on their Instagram accounts.

Why do people mute someone on Instagram?

This is the most and a very fair question and people are searching for the reasons. Instagram managers have said that mute has been introduced to allow people to allow few people on their feed more and to let people see content that they want to see. Facebook introduced the option of unfollowing people long ago. Instagram just added a new feature that was never introduced before. 

As we all know that we live in a world of technology and in today’s social media and digital world, unfollowing someone is like a virtual slap in the face, and it's such a rude thing to tell someone that you don’t want to be their friend anymore. It’s a bold statement. It might be just a simple click for you or you don’t have any bad intentions for that person but the other person will take it too seriously and will start feeling bad about him. 

Some common reasons why people mute someone on Instagram may be because your friend is doing something they are least interested in and although you love them, you just don’t want to see all the images of something you have no interest in. This doesn’t mean that you dislike them or whatever they post it just means that you are not interested. Another reason for muting people on Instagram is that maybe some people are posting too much and this is making you miss the content from friends and family members you really, really want to see. 

If you own a business or you are running a business on Instagram then you might be following a large number of people because they are your clients or even potential clients and even though you like to keep in touch with your clients but nobody is ever interested in someone’s personal life so you mute their posts and stories on Instagram. There is another reason that maybe you like their Stories but not their posts or you like their posts but not their stories so you mute them. 

Some people said they mute people on Instagram because they are trying to become less addicted to their phone and Instagram feed and want to give themselves less distraction. Some people might be suffering from a horrible depression and they don’t like watching someone’s shiny posts on Instagram. 

They want some space. Muting someone on Instagram doesn’t really mean that you don’t like someone it simply means that you are just not interested in watching something that you have never seen before for example some people are least interested in news and they want to see such stories on their feed and this is totally understandable. 

Muting someone is totally dependent on how you see other things it doesn’t mean that someone is posting something wrong or they are posting rubbish on Instagram. It’s just that you are not interested in whatever they are posting on social media simply.  

How to unmute someone on Instagram

You can also unmute people on Instagram whenever you want to see their posts and stories again. There are a few ways to unmute people on Instagram. There are a lot of reasons why people want to unmute someone on Instagram. There are a few steps that you can follow to unmute someone on Instagram. If you’ve muted a story or post but don’t remember the username, or you have forgotten who you have muted on Instagram. 

There are a few steps that you should do in order to find out and unmute someone who you have muted due to some reason.

  1. In the first step, you have to move to the right of the story feed at the top of the screen. You have to scroll.
  2. There you will have to find out a grey-colored profile icon.
  3. You will have to long-press this profile picture.
  4. You will see an option to unmute this profile.
  5. You will tap on the unmute option.

That’s the whole process to unmute someone who you have muted without any reason once you have done this you will see that person’s content immediately on your Instagram feed. There is another way to unmute someone if you know the name of that person. If you know who you mute you can easily unmute them by visiting their profile. To unmute someone from their profile you just have to follow these simple steps only.

  1. First of all, you will search for their username in the search bar by typing the username that they are using on Instagram.
  2. The next step is to locate the following button and tap it.
  3. There will appear an option to unmute the profile or person. Tap on unmute.
  4. The button will change from grey to blue again.

This is the confirmation that you have unmated the person. Instagram has just recently updated their ‘mute’ and ‘unmute’ options. If you haven’t updated your Instagram account and the options listed above aren’t working for you, try this instead. The unmute option is located below the person’s name and above their stories so you can unmute their stories directly through this option. You will receive a confirmatory message that you have unmated that person on Instagram. There are various reasons why someone wants to unmute someone on Instagram. You cannot just decide on a few specific reasons for it. The above-mentioned steps should be taken in order to mute or unmute someone on Instagram. Follow these steps and you can easily achieve your goals.

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