How To Schedule Tweets on Twitter

How To Schedule Tweets on Twitter /X

By: Nelson Grey

When you plan to take your tweets to another level, it means you already have an idea of Twitter's strength. Millions of people are on this platform, including celebrities, influencers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and other content creators. X (Twitter) can be a game-changer due to its real time uniqueness and up-to-date information to keep users informed.

At least 500 million tweets are posted every day on Twitter, which means this platform has huge competition. However, keeping up with your audience when you are actively creating content can be a daunting task. Don’t worry, Twitter provides built-in scheduling tools to save your time and allow you to share information at a particular moment.

Let’s explore how you can schedule tweets to maximize your engagement while creating an effective social media strategy.

Tweet Scheduling: Why Is It Important?

You don't have to tweet your post right away after creating it. Alternatively, you can select another date and time, and Twitter aka X will post it automatically on that day. Sounds great? Twitter/X has many features for brands and marketers to take their approach to another level with a successful Twitter marketing strategy. Here are some potential reasons to schedule tweets:

1. Boost Productivity

Scheduling tweets can significantly boost your productivity by allowing you to batch your social media tasks. Instead of spending time throughout the day posting tweets, you can dedicate a specific block of time to create and schedule all content in advance. This will allow you to focus on new creative tweet ideas and important tasks and come up with more strategic planning.

2. Save Time

If you want to spend your valuable time creating a post, you should look for another strategy: scheduling your tweets. When you are occupied with other responsibilities or during off-hours, Twitter will handle your work efficiently. Instead of spending your valuable time posting multiple times, you can allocate a specific time slot to schedule all of them to be posted at appropriate times.

3. Post in Different Times

When choosing the best time to post, consider the time zones and regions your audience belongs to. Each region has its own demographic and active audience, so you cannot post according to it each time. For example, for the best times to post on Twitter UK, consider scheduling your tweets strategically throughout the week.

How To Schedule Tweets on Twitter?

You can schedule your tweets freely on X (Twitter) and make your work smoother, which allows you to keep users informed at a particular time. Forming advanced settings can make you an idealistic and thoughtful platform that uses advanced strategic preferences to keep users engaged without any delay in information.

Here is how you can schedule your tweet at any time on X (Twitter) with these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your X (Twitter) account and click on Post.
  2. Compose your content, hashtags, or images if you want to add them.
  3. Click on Schedule (calendar icon) in the bottom left corner.
  4. Select the time, date and click on Confirm.
  5. Tap Schedule

Your tweet is now scheduled and ready to be posted at a specified time. You can later check your scheduled posts in scheduled tweets.

Remember: Twitter only allows you to schedule your posts on the Web. Mobile app doesn’t support the tweet schedule option.

How To Schedule Tweets on Mobile?

Unfortunately, Twitter’s scheduling feature is only available through web browsing. However, tweets can be scheduled on Android and iPhone devices in the browser. You can easily find an alternate by logging in to X (Twitter) from your mobile browser and scheduling your tweets by following the same steps as on the web:

1. Log in to the website from the web browser on your mobile device.

2. To tweet, click on Tweet button.

3. Compose your tweet and and tap schedule icon (small calendar).

Schedule Tweets on Mobile

4. Set your time and date and click on Confirm.

set date and time for scheduling tweet

5. In the next screen, tap Schedule and you are done.

How To Schedule Tweets on Mobile

How To Schedule Multiple Tweets?

As a social media marketer, you have a direct responsibility to build the brand’s presence, connect with your targeted audience to increase engagement and boost your Twitter views. However, you cannot directly schedule multiple tweets at once while using X (Twitter).

This can only be done using third-party tools. Some tools offer to schedule tweets for free, while others have paid versions. It may include Sprout Social, Social Champ, SocialPilot, HootSuite, and many more.

You can consider these options depending on your needs, objectives, and budget. These tools will save you time, help you visualize your strategy, and provide valuable insights. In this way, you can tailor your content strategy more efficiently while creating a content calendar.

How Do I Find My Scheduled Tweets on Twitter?

You can't view scheduled tweets on the mobile app, but on Twitter's website directly:

1. Click on Tweet button then Schedule icon.

How Do I Find My Scheduled Tweets on desktop

2. Click on Scheduled Posts in the left bottom corner.

How to view my Scheduled Tweets on Twitter

3. View all your “scheduled tweets” and drafts.

Scheduled Tweets List view on Twitter

However, on the mobile version, you may log in to the browser and then view the scheduled tweets. You can also change or remove any scheduled tweets from here.

How Many Tweets Can You Schedule on Twitter?

Twitter validates that you can schedule 30 tweets within 15 minutes time frame. If you exceed this limit, an error message “scheduled tweet limit exceeded” will occur.

Advertisers must resolve this by removing the scheduled tweet or by moving the scheduled time earlier or later. You can post 2400 tweets per day including reposts, which is further broken down into semi-intervals due to limitations.

Wrapping Up

Consistent and strategic posting is often necessary for managing an X (Twitter) account, although this can be difficult and time-consuming. Schedule your tweets in advance to enhance your marketing strategy. In this way, you can increase your productivity as well as make yourself more reliable.

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