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Optimize Your Instagram Marketing For Growth

By: Nelson Grey

Instagram is a growing social media platform that allows perfect marketing results for brands online. So, using it can help you improve your marketing and grow your brands online. The use of Instagram marketing can perfectly improve your results, so you should try some tips to get more growth.

We will discuss the use of business accounts, profile optimization, content ideas, and ads for Instagram. At the same time, you can read about the best time to post, knowing your audience, and your competitors. You can also read about beating the Instagram algorithm, writing the right captions, and being an affiliate marketer. 

Find out The Best Time To Post 

Knowing the best time to post is one of the points you can not and should not forget. So, you should try to post at the time that matters most for you and your audience is most active. 9 to 10 Am is considered the best time to post on Instagram.

This time works for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. So, you should know your best time to post on the platform according to your niche, content, and other factors. 

What Content To Post

Using the right content can be the difference between success and failure, so you can use the following types of content: 

  • How-to videos are perfect for people looking for tips about something, so try them out.
  • You can feature your brand supporters in your content.
  • Onboard someone with expertise to interview them.
  • You can also explain how to use a product or a service about your brand.

You can do learning sessions to improve the results for your audience. Using coffee photos can be a great idea for a personal brand, so leverage that. You can also share about outfits of the day and use selfies for content. 

Try using quotes and sharing your to-do list with your audience. 

Knowing Your Instagram Audiences

You should know your Instagram audience well as it is a basic need for any. So, knowing your audience is a must to improve your reach and other metrics. You can:

  • Try social listening to improve your understanding of your audience.
  • Find their main pain points on social channels
  • You can always try using surveys that are easy to conduct.
  • Use Google forms, WpForms, and SurveyMonkey to conduct surveys.
  • Your customer support can help you find the results, so get answers from there.

Apart from these, you can try creating their customer personas and mapping their journey. Make sure that your customer support is consistent and that you have conversations with your team to know about them. Your customer support team is a perfect place to learn about your audience.

So, find out all you can about your audience by consulting your customer support. 

How to Beat the Algorithm?

We have a perfect way to beat the Instagram algorithm, so use it well. Try to interact with your audience and ask questions about their experience. You should also try encouraging comments and using the best filters for content.

Try to use reels and shoot in vertical dimensions. Your content should not carry TikTok watermarks as they can be problematic for your content on Instagram. Also, make sure that you use the right filters, music, and camera effects. You should learn to post at the right time, define your audience and create ongoing stories to share. Also, make sure that you add keywords and add hashtags to your posts. 

You should try to respond to all direct messages you get and respond to likes and comments. Also, make sure that you use analytics and be consistent with your content creation. 

Write the Right Captions

Writing the right captions can change your audience’s perspective on your content. So, using the right captions is a must you should never forget. Try to:

  • Make the most of the first sentence and capture your audience with it.
  • You should know the goals you want to achieve with your captions and work accordingly.
  • Make sure you offer value with your content.
  • Try to group the right hashtags and use branded ones too.
  • At the same time, you should add your personality to the words you choose and write. 
  • Also, use related tags in your captions. 

How to Be an Affiliate Marketer On Instagram

Marketing efforts can help you get more clients and customers and you can also use the platform for affiliate marketing too. So, you should have the right number of followers and choose an amazing product for affiliate marketing. 

Try to use image overlays and use a link tree to offer multiple links through your link in the bio. Also, you can use emojis to express your message in fewer words. Using links in your story can be beneficial as well, so try them out too. 

You can also try to use ads if your program allows you to use them on Instagram. Try using these sources to make more money from your affiliate services:

  • Shopstyle 
  • Nordstrom 
  • Zaful Newchic 
  • Collective 
  • RewardStyle 

Bio Optimization

Your bio is one of the most important content types you can use for Instagram marketing. The use of the right bio can improve your following on Instagram, so use your email, phone, or WhatsApp number here. These contact details can improve your response to marketing. 

Try to tag the accounts you want to be highlighted through your bio. Using branded hashtags here is a great tip to use. You can always try to promote your sister brands here and also try using your logo. 

Your bio is a perfect place to use keywords related to your brand. These keywords would help your account to be discovered. Also, you can add CTAs here and use promotions too. You can help your audience take action with your bio by using Instagram stories. 

This section helps your audience understand your brand, so use your brand’s name here. Be clear in your call to action and use links in your bio as well. Using link trees in your bio can help you display multiple links to your media like other social platforms.

Find Out Your Competitors’ Strategy

Your competitors can make or break your content strategy, so you should know them well to understand them. Make sure that you know everything you need. For instance, you must know their strengths and weaknesses. 

Find out about their uniqueness and analyze their key performance indicators. You should compare your brand with theirs and find out what is working well for you. Make sure that you know your KPIs or key performance indicators and find the best-performing content.

Find out what is working best for them to find a way to beat them. You should also know their followers and social proof. Their brand expertise can be a real defining thing you should know well about. 

If they have more followers with low engagement, this means they do not connect with them. You can find out their customer sentiment with the help of their content comments. Also, try to find their top posts and their competitors’ best content. 

If they have more engagement with their content, it means that they connect with their audience. Their number of content likes shows their likability. You can also find their hashtags to use for your content. 

Know Your Metrics

You should know your metrics to find out what is working for you well. Things like reach are important metrics that can help you find out your results. 

Your reach tells a lot about your brand performance. The reach you get is the number of unique accounts that get to see your account. Also, make sure that you use this insight to improve your content and use the hashtags that work well. 

Try to find out the best hashtags that will work for you and find the best time to post your content. The difference between a view and an impression is also important. A view is when you get a unique visitor to your content and an impression is when your content is seen by any user even if multiple times the same.

An old user may visit your content and it will be considered an impression. You can use Instagram analytics to track your content performance and you can get more views. 

Engagement rate is another metric that tells about your Instagram marketing results. So, you should know the number of likes or comments and divide it by the total follower count.

Sales are one of the most important metrics that you may be looking to track for your profile. You can try to use your link in the bio for more sales and can track every sale with that. It will also help you find the tactics that can bring the most sales from your Instagram marketing.  

Instagram stories views are another metric that you can use to understand your results. So, you can try to figure out the number of views your Stories are getting this way. You can figure out your Instagram Reel engagement as well.  

Other metrics include comments, plays, reach, interactions and likes. Also, you can see the daily growth of your profile by seeing the number of followers you got. Moreover, you can see any decrease in the number of followers to find out if people are unfollowing you.

At the same time, you can try to find out the number of followers you get. 

Be Consistent and Creative

Being consistent with your content creation can help you build your following and bring more marketing returns. So, you should have some tips to improve your consistency and to be creative as well. Some tips you can use:

  • Make sure that you have a specialty in your content and use it frequently.
  • You can try using content buckets that help you with each content type that you post.
  • Try to prepare quotes if you wish to share them.
  • You can share videos if you want to share them and plan your feed ahead of time.
  • Moreover, you should create grids to see your content positions on the grid.
  • Taking a lot of photos can be super beneficial, so try that out too. 

These tips will help you get the right results, plus you should do proper planning about posting content. Ensure that you have a clear schedule when you are posting content and try out a scheduler as well. 

Consistency in Theme 

Your theme consistency can be super beneficial to create the right type of branding that you can try. So, you can try using the following tips:

  • Try to have a content approval process.
  • You should define clear rules for sharing content.
  • Make sure that you define core values and be consistent on your social platforms. 
  • Make sure that you have a brand style guide to define what colors go into your images and videos.
  • Use your logo, font, and icons for all posts, and have a color palette you can use. 
  • Also, create a brand library.

Your library must have images, graphics, and videos, plus logos. Make sure that you have a consistent brand voice and templates as well. Try to do audits and find any changes that you may find in your branding. Also, be sure that you have consistent scheduling. 

Creating Stories Covers

Your Stories are among the top features you can use for better results for your Instagram marketing. So, you should try to use Story covers for the most important ones you wish to highlight and use. You can try to highlight what is important for your audience. 

You can try experimenting with your Story covers to find out the winning formula for yourself. Make sure that you use brand aesthetics and use the right fonts and colors, and analyze them. You will surely find out the winning formula for your content efforts. 

The Use of Hashtags

Hashtags can be a thing to improve your marketing and you can use them to improve your Instagram marketing. You may know that 30 hashtags are allowed on a post and you may use 10 on a Story. Using 11 tags is the best practice you should try.

Marketers can also benefit from the use of branded hashtags and check your competition out. Then, you can find out what is working and what is not to reach the right people. The use of the right hashtags can help you reach the right audience which can improve your profile’s discoverability.

Try using top and recent tabs to find out the best hashtags that should also be relevant. You can connect with the communities that follow that hashtag and avoid banned and spammy ones. 

Using a business profile can help you see hashtag insights that work for you. Also, you can try saving hashtags to avoid any typing issues and try the most relevant hashtags. Make sure that you avoid using the same ones repeatedly and understand your hashtags’ context.

Sometimes, marketers may use the wrong hashtags without knowing about them which can be super destructive. So, try to understand the real meaning behind a hashtag before you use them for your Instagram campaign.

Benefits of Location Tagging

Instagram marketing can work better when you use the right location tags for your marketing. So, you can use these tags to help your audience find your business near them. Such a setting can help you find user-generated content and helps you get local clients too.

It offers you 79 percent higher engagement than simple posts and you can find users easily.

Business Account 

Using business accounts can help improve your Instagram marketing. It improves your results by showing you are more serious. Make sure that you add your industry, niche, and contact button to your profile with a business account. 

At the same time, you get access to analytics when you use this kind of account. Make sure that you use the right audience insights and use the right follower activity. You can track your post performance well and you can get links to your Instagram Stories when you have 10k followers. 

Also, you can tag products in your posts with such an account. 

Promote With Ads 

You can try the best-performing content for ads and use what your audience already likes. Make sure that you go lookalike audiences and remarket your content in ads. When you know your organic content is working well, then why not try it for ads too?

Such content can be super beneficial as it has worked well with less exposure in organic ways. Using such content for ads has more chances for it to perform well as an ad. Make sure that you use advanced targeting and better click-through. 

You must try to bring down your cost-per-click rate and spend more time on these advanced features. 

Try to Use Influencers 

Influencers are a perfect choice for social platforms like Instagram that you can try for your brand too. So, try to use micro-influencers to get the best results out of your marketing. Make sure that you set KPIs when creating your campaigns. 

Ensure that you create goals before you start your campaign and choose the right influencers. Use the influencers that match your audience and help build your trust. 

Growth Services

Growth services can be super beneficial to get perfect marketing results for your content creation. You can try to Buy Instagram Followers UKto get better exposure to your content. Using such marketing tactics can improve your results for local marketing as well. 

So, you can Buy Instagram Likes UK  if you live in the UK. Social Followers UK is a great website that you can use for growth services, so use it well. 

Try it As a Customer Support Channel 

Instagram is not just a marketing channel it also serves as a great way to provide customer support. So, you can try using it for that purpose. 

Some tips to follow:

  • You should monitor both the negative and positive comments you get on Instagram.
  • Make sure that you set defined guidelines to answer your audience here. 
  • Try to have protocols when replying to the comments to use a reliable way to respond.
  • Also, make sure that you encourage positive comments to your content.
  • Using the right guidelines is a great way to get better results. 
  • Make sure that you do not ignore the negative experiences of your customers. 

You should also be looking to monitor every DM you get on Instagram and respond quickly. Your customers expect a quick answer from you as a customer service provider. Also, you can try using the FAQs section in your content to avoid too many queries in your direct message section. 

Using the right brand voice is a must, so be consistent with it. Make sure that you identify the right voice and move the sensitive stuff to the main support channel you are using. Using a less formal method to respond should be preferable, so use that. 

How to Create Effective Instagram Ads

Last but not least, ads can help your Instagram marketing big time, so use them well. Images, Explore page, Video, Carousel, and Reels ads are some of the top types you can use. 

Make sure that your ads look like regular posts and have CTA buttons. Don't let your audience have a feeling that you are selling to them and try to use high-quality content here. You can also try using motion content and use your first few seconds well. 

Also, make sure that you split-test your ads and keep an eye on your ad’s clickthrough rate. Find out about impressions and other metrics of the ad to analyze your results. Make sure that you create the best content and use ultra-HD videos. 


We discussed the top Instagram marketing methods that you can use for better reach on the platform. You can use ads, to find out the best time to post and what to post. You can also read about the benefits of a business account, location tagging, and influencer marketing.

At the same time, you should use hashtags, be consistent in theme, and know your audience well. These tips can improve your results by beating the algorithm and bringing you more conversions. 

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