best time to post on facebook

Best Time to Post on Facebook

By: Nelson Grey

Best time to post on Facebook: Learn the optimal timing to maximize your social media reach and engagement. All of us want to see results after spending time and huge efforts on Facebook content. It is because we all want to scale up the business and brand. It feels like a reward to see the maximum engagement rate on posts that we share on Facebook. So, for the success of your content, you have to know the best time to post on Facebook. It will help you to maintain the algorithm. This will help you get more views from the maximum number of users.

Perks of Posting at the Best Time

You need to know the best time to post on Facebook because this not only helps in improving your Facebook account visibility. But this is also a great way to boost engagement and the impression rate of your post. When you post at the right time, you’ll get maximum engagement as well. 

Aspects to Keep in Mind for Best Results 

There are certain ways through which you can get the best results on Facebook posts. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Analyze your targeted audience
  • Average best time to post on Facebook 
  • Find the best time to post with the help of Facebook Insights
  • Tactics to find the best time to post on Facebook in 2023

1. Analyze Your Target Audience Before Determining the Best Time To Post

According to research, there isn't any such time that serves as the best one to post content on Facebook. It all depends on your targeted audience’s preferred time to check their Facebook feed. It means you get the best chance to interact with your audience when they are active. 

Even Facebook algorithms will help you to increase the reach of your posts during the times when your targeted audience is actively going through the feed.  However, it seems easy to determine the definite time at which your targeted audience will be active. You have to post after seeing analytics. Also, posting at a specific time becomes difficult when it comes to time zone. Here are some ways you can still post for your audience easily. 

  • Know the time zone and geolocation of your targeted audience
  • Post when you think they are awake – not all but most of them
  • Take a bold step and post 1 or 2 posts at the same time
  • Be consistent and know that your audience is waiting for the content

2. Average Best Time to Post on Facebook 

As discussed above it truly depends on your audience and their time zone to post at the right time. But it is equally essential to know the location where they are living. Naturally, time zone and country or city go hand in hand. 

According to a survey in which the central time zone (CST) was included following conclusions were made.

  • Wednesday is the best day to post on Facebook as it’s mid of the week.
  • The best time to post on Wednesday is 11 AM and 1 PM.
  • On weekdays you’ll get consistent engagement between 9 AM and 3 PM. It is because these are the working hours and people scroll through their feeds in between.
  • Sunday is the rest day or family day for everyone. So you’ll notice considerably less engagement and post likes on that day.
  • The same is the case with early mornings and evenings at which people are mostly busy with their family or getting ready for the day.

Note: You’ll get maximum engagement mostly throughout Wednesdays.

3. Use Facebook Insights to Find the Best Time to Post on Facebook

Instead of looking for the exact time, you can incorporate some strategies. You can also look for advanced techniques to increase your Facebook page likes and find out which sort of audience is most engaged. You can also know about “how your posts can get maximum reach and engagement?” 

If you want to see whether your audience is currently active or not, simply click on posts at the left-hand left menu and you’ll get a complete list of which Facebook followers are active. No matter whether you want to see it according to your day or time, this will also let you know the type of content that is mostly liked by your audience. 

So, it's better to take note of those posts that get the most engagement and take note of the posting time also. As this might be your best time for posting on Facebook. You should consider posting your content at the same time for several days. After that, you can analyze the performance of every post and this will give you the best results to find the type of content that brings out more audience. This will help you get the precise time according to your target audience.

4. Best Time to Post on Facebook According to Weekdays

If you are looking for the best day to post on Facebook, you must consider the time for each day. You have to think about the peak hours even for the days in which engagement is rare. On weekends when the audience is not active you can post playful content that is aligned with your moments. This will keep your audience entertained and they would love to interact with your posts. You can share some fun facts and ask your audience to do the same by sharing their fun side. Below are the times to post on Facebook according to each day.

1. Best Time to Post on Sunday

Sunday is a fun day for everyone and you should post between 11 AM and 4 PM on Facebook on that day.

2. Best Time to Post on Monday

As Monday is the first day of the week so it's probably the busiest one than the others. 6:00 AM and 4:00 PM are the time at which people are active on social media. It's better to post at that time rather than at midnight.

3. Best Time to Post on Tuesday

Tuesday is also a busy day of the week so you can post between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM for better engagement.

4. Best Time to Post on Wednesday

Similar is the case for Wednesday, you should post between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM. As these are the work hours for most of the audience. And there is the possibility that they scroll through their feed during the day when they get bored.

5. Best Time to Post on Thursday

It's better to post between 6 AM and 4 PM on Thursday.

6. Best Time to Post on Friday

Friday is also a weekday and you should post between 7 AM and 4 PM on this day.

7. Best Time to Post on Saturday

While it's better to post at 8 AM or from 10 PM to 3 PM on Saturday. It's the weekend and most people are chilling at their homes.

5. Tactics to Find the Best Time to Post on Facebook in 2023

Although it takes a lot of time to find out the best time to post your content on Facebook with the right techniques you can do it easily.

  • Do the following to know the best time with excellent results.
  • Use tools to schedule your posts at different times of the day.
  • Analyze the performance of each post through insights.
  • Look at the demographics of your audience in detail to find out their active hours on Facebook.
  • You can simply ask your audience what time will be suitable for them.

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