How Instagram Algorithm Works in 2020

Instagram was launched decades ago by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger with the hope of providing an easy-to-use photo-sharing platform to the users. This network site came into existence in October 2010 and it was only available on iOS in the beginning. Now it is owned by Facebook and has been tweaked for a million times with new updates to improve the social growth, performance as well as user experience. Uninterrupted User Experience One noticeable feature of Instagram is that it is not restricting people from sharing their photos, media content, and videos on the portals. However, new criteria have been put in place in order to keep this photo-social network safe for everyone. Maintaining and protecting the privacy of its users is the first and foremost important concern of the network. New community guidelines have been issued for the users with clear instructions on what to do and what not to do on the network. Here are the best features of the Instagram: Instagram Unprecedented Success Rate A decade ago the network did not seem to have any complicated algorithms or updates whatsoever. However, this network is pretty based upon its newly developed algorithm statistics and data. The algorithm itself is operated through a machine that determines who sees the content that you publish on your account and what is your audience on average. During the beginning years when you would sign up for an Instagram account and publish a post, it would be visible to everyone. There were no options to make your posts, videos, and media content private like you can today. Since the network was not as popular as Facebook was, there were no self-proclaimed and self-made Instagram models, sassy models, and celebrities to be found back then. To put it in a nutshell, a lot of changes have taken place within the server of Instagram to measure the quality, audience, and engagement of the posts. It’s just a matter of time that Instagram evolves with new features, add-ons, and smart strategies to make the network even more powerful than it ever was. This is contributing to its growing audience and viewership as well. According to Oberalo, Instagram managed to have more than one billion monthly active users by 2018. It was a huge success compared to previous years. It garnered so much fame and popularity in only 8 years since its inception. It was launched solely to be used as a mobile photo-sharing app at first, but after five years, a desktop version was released by the company for those wanting to socialize on their computer devices. Now there is an add-on messenger that you can use on Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox if you like to exchange messages, emoticons, and voice clicks with your friends and family members. Although, everyone can use Instagram on their desktop yet this application seems to have more features when it is used on Android and iOS mobile devices. Seven years ago in 2013, It only had more than 120 million monthly active users, if you compare this figure with the current statistics, you will be amazed to see that it has grown like 30 times compared to the past. The summary of the 2020 Instagram statistic shows that it has now 1 billion active users that use Instagram almost daily or every second day of their life. About 70% of these active users are aged between 18 to 35. Related: Best Time to Post on Instagram in UK | Instagram Peak Times UK

How instagram algorithm works

Understanding Instagram Algorithm

Instagram Algorithms seem to have changed a lot over the past few decades. A slight change in their system can drive more traffic to your content thereby increasing user engagement. Or it can make your organic traffic drop down by a shocking percentage of 90% within a day. Some marketers are still trying to wrap their heads around the Instagram Algorithm to get an idea about how it is mainly structured, updated, and modified to measure the posts for different statistics. And What key tools are being incorporated by Instagram for evaluating the user content once it is posted on the server? If we talk about logic, it is certain that Instagram itself decides which posts people should see after logging into their accounts. You might have noticed the following changes after the latest updates : It takes no rocket science to figure out that Instagram Algorithms keeps track of your searches and browsing history. And it uses the same information for displaying more relevant content according to your liking and requirements. In other words, it has become more users-oriented by promoting their interest-based data, posts, videos, and content on their account’s feed. To some extent, this new strategy does make a lot of sense as well. If you are keen on watching cooking tutorials, your Instagram feed automatically gets full of cooking tutorials, recipes, pictures, and infographics related to the same niche. It proves that new Instagram Algorithms deliver quality content to the users after collecting some data about their whereabouts, hobbies, and engagement statistics. It will never show you the music-related media, videos, and posts unless you follow at least one or two musicians yourself. Even if you have just followed a group sharing content related to the music, Instagram starts showing you suggestions which fall only into the category of music videos or pictures,,songs, concerts, updates about upcoming music shows, and musicians. Improved Transparency According to Instagram itself, it is reading three major features to improve transparency in your feed. The first feature is of course interest, the second is timeliness and the third is the relationship. Instead of showing you random posts that you would never live to see, Instagram only shows you what you want to see. The New Instagram Algorithm machine is allowing the network to display the content according to users’ interests only to keep him engaged and well-entertained. This has apparently also improved the users’ retention time on this network as well. If in the past an average active user only stayed for 25 minutes a day, on the other hand now an average user spends more than 2 hours browsing and viewing their favorite media content on the network. It is a relatively huge success compared to the past years indeed. I would love to break down how this new Instagram algorithm is gaining more success by focusing more relevancy of the content it displays to the users. Timeliness refers to the time, date, day, or event when an image or video is posted. For example, if you search Christmas hashtags, you are shown only images, videos and content related to Christmas and holidays and so on. Timeless matters a lot for Instagram Algorithms. For instance, if you are posting something that is only useful for a certain period of time, like holidays, it is unlikely that your posts will garner any views after the holidays have been passed. Relationships carry great importance for Instagram algorithms. Needless to say this network is all about making new connections, building relationships, and socializing with people all around the world. Instagram is usually known as a photo-sharing application but it is also being used widely for exchanging family and friendship related media content. After all, it is a social network designed to make you feel connected with your friends, loved ones and lovers. When you sign up on Instagram, you automatically get suggestions for friends from Facebook profiles and phone contact lists. It’s because Instagram really wants you to grow your social networks by adding more friends and family members to your account. Just like Facebook, you can do Facetime, write, share, and send comments, record voice clips and send DMS. It’s fun to interact with your friends and family members by enhancing pictures on the media. However, if privacy is concerned you can make your profile private to secure your pictures, online date, private information, and media from the general public. The private account feature is being adored by many people because it is allowing the users to keep themselves protected while sharing their personal data online. The only downtime of making your account private is that you limit yourself to a few people only and possibly those ones that you know in person. This makes your social circle somewhat constrained and limited.

Ranking Factors

You might have heard that Instagram does not promote your content or display it to the users if you fail to use your account frequently. This assumption is so much wrong on so many levels. If you write a hashtag that seems to be a year-old, you will still see a lot of results popping up to the feed. You may still see post engagements on the old account that explains you need not to be an active user to increase the growth, engagement, and viewership of your content. Instagram algorithm rather measures the quality, importance, and potential of your content to forward it further on its network. It is a fact that Instagram prefers to show the latest content that has been posted since you used your profile the last. It does not mean that years-old posts can’t get viral on the network. The network also tracks down your steps, if you follow more people in a single day, it puts you on their radar. The algorithm tries to figure out why would a user add so many Instagramers within a matter of hours just after the opening account. In this case scenario, your account is sometimes restricted from using more features for a limited time period until it is made sure that you are not a robot. Even if you have joined Instagram with the intention to market your products and services, you should never make the mistake of adding too many people under 24 hours. It will give a signal to the network that you are abusing their system. Logically, it takes time and a lot of effort to build a decent followership on Instagram. If you want to trigger the Instagram Algorithm for getting the attention of more people, you first need to understand how Instagram algorithm works in 2020. Primary Advertising Hub Though Instagram Algorithm seems to be a bit complicated to understand at first, when it is studied in detail, you realize that this network is all about good content and its promotion. For this reason, pro-marketers and internet advertising gurus believe that Instagram will remain one of the best marketing platforms for all sorts of business niches. It is already one of the five channels most marketers are using after Facebook and Google. According to eMarketer website, there would be a drastic change in the marketing and advertising trends in the coming months. Since the COVID 19 has just catapulted the very strong foundations of mortar-and-brick stores and physical shops, more business-minded people are turning to online business. These businessmen are trying to make for their losses by generating some leads and sales through their online business. And there is no other better network to start marketing with other than Instagram in 2020. According to a research, US marketers including newbie businessmen plan to invest on Instagram in order to generate revenue during the Covid 19. Here are some advanced Instagram marketing algorithms that could help every marketer in their campaigns:

How Instagram Algorithm Works in 2020?

There have been a lot of changes to be seen in Instagram Algorithm in 2020. It has become more or less like a virtual intelligent machine itself. It learns something new on a daily basis and brings about changes to the network accordingly. The machine is proactive to even study, observe, read, and analyze the new data posted on Instagram daily. It translates images using its own code to assess whether or they should be promoted on the network or to be shown to the users. It determines the niche of the images by reading the hashtags attached with the posts.To put it simple, Instagram algorithm machines are improving and growing with time. There are some misconceptions revolving around with regard to the new algorithm of Instagram. Some people believe that Instagram hides posts and puts away the information from the users, others believe that this updated version of the network is not worth it. Instead of believing any baseless assumptions, you should Instagram yourself and run a test to see the facts. Most people are asking the question why Instagram is making so many changes? What good can it do? Here are your answers. New Posts on Feed Don’t you think it is boring to see the years old posts and photos on your feed? You might have felt bothered at one point with your old account for showing you years old content. Therefore, Instagram brought about new changes to stop showing the content in Chronological order. The old style kept the users from viewing trendy and new posts. New algorithm now always updates your feed with the newest posts , if you scroll down the page you begin to see the latest content, images and videos only. Furthermore, your content is displayed, organized and put together according to your own preference. Some marketers are now complaining that their posts are not showing as engagement as they once did. Perhaps, personalizing the user's feed has impacted Instagram advertising to some levels. It, somehow, has improved the visibility of new content and posts. Instagram will prefer more engagement, better communication and strong socialization this year. If you intend to market your products and services, you should keep an eye on those factors that can drive a good result. Video Content is being Prioritized It goes without saying that a video with a brief story and script is the best way to get the attraction of the audience. Spend some time in creating the high quality video content to share on Instagram. Video blogging could be used for promoting your products and services. Other than photos, Instagram now prefers highlighting the video content to the users. You need to do the following in order to create your marketing video to trigger the Instagram Algorithm for boosting your online presence.
  1. You can share a lot with your audience through the video compared to photos. The photos are just the still images even though you define them using captions, subtitles and 3D presentations. On the other hand, videos are fully interactive with moving pictures.
  2. The research shows that most cooking and baking lovers prefer watching the videos than reading the recipe word by word. Reading a wall of content is just boring and time consuming, isn’t it? A recipe video is a fairly easy way for the people to learn something. The same goes with the Instagram marketing, you can present your sales pitch in your videos by selling it indirectly. It does not mean you have to praise your products and brands excessively, instead use creative ways to draw the users’ attention to anything you are selling.
  3. The specialty of a marketer is to find the ways to make the videos, photos, and overall Instagram posts as engaging as possible. Refine the content so it could get more shares and likes. Videos with moral stories are more likely to be shared by the users. So, make sure you have followed a great script before making your video and sharing it on the network to communicate with the audience.
  4. To build your audience you must get to know it first. Interact with your audience, communicate through DMs and create surveys beforehand launching a product. Instagram marketing could be a very powerful tool for making any business lucrative, potentially visible, and popular. The key is to learn how to reach the audience without violating Instagram rules and regulations.
  5. If your business is in the test phase initially, put aside a small upfront budget to spend on Instagram marketing. This could be significantly helpful in understanding the functionality of Instagram Algorithm.
  6. Lastly, make changes in your advertising strategies to adapt to Instagram changes. There was a time when only photo content was popular on Instagram, now the trends are changing. Video content is growing to be more popular. Famous influencers are using Instagram sliders for creating 3D video for their users or a series of short length motion GIFS. You need to adapt to these new changes, incorporate them into your product and brand marketing. The more quality content you produce and share, the quicker you would be able to trigger Instagram algorithms to promote your business more the network..