How to Get the New Instagram Update? - Stay Up To Date on Instagram

Instagram is one of those social media platforms which tend to provide insights and information to the businesses, brands, and inspirational IG handles. Posts, images, and videos uploaded there are quite meaningful to most of us. However, there are tons of profiles that don’t seem to provide us with anything particular but still are important for other reasons.   Despite all this good stuff, there is a point which bothers Instagram users had been facing issues regarding how to get the new Instagram update. Here, in this blog, we have helped those who are unable to understand different parameters on getting updates.  

Why do you Require to Update Instagram?

Before going deep into the detail of answers to the questions “how to get the new Instagram update” and “how do I update my Instagram, it’s better to understand why one needs to upgrade Instagram in the first place.  

Reason 1: Appearance, Closure, and Theme

To get successful, Instagram influences create profiles in a way that they are distinct in theme, appearance, and closure. For that, they apply all features and options that are present in the Instagram app.

Reason 2: Old versus New Version

Secondly, if you are using an old version, you will not have access to the latest options, features, and privileges. That’s where your Instagram account lacks advanced virtual amenities and need of upgrading Instagram comes.

Reason 3: Chances of Missing Out IG Posts, Images, and Videos

Another reason to upgrade the Instagram app on your mobile phone, tablet or any other gadget is based on missing out posts from your influencers or followers. So, if you want to experience what Instagram audience, influencers, and users are getting, then you need to update your Instagram app. Otherwise, you will miss out on trends, following, and other updates. Moreover, the latest version of Instagram has minimum bugs that guarantee you the best service. Therefore, it is understood and proven that whether you are using Instagram for personal use or business purpose, you need to update your Instagram app regularly.

Why doesn’t the Instagram App Update Automatically?

Since we know the Instagram app doesn’t update on its own automatically for a number of reasons, we have to figure out as to why it is not updating. Also, in the same context, you have to know the ways of updating it manually. Following are some ways through the help of which you can easily upgrade the Instagram app.

What to do when Updates are Shown on App Store?

First of all, you must check if there is an update available in the app store. If the app store does not show any update available, then you have the latest version. So, no need to worry.

Step 1: Check Wi-Fi Connection and Update the App

If there is an update in the app store, then check your Wi-Fi connection. It’s because some updates are heavy and do not complete its course on bad Wi-Fi connections.

Step 2: Refresh the IG Page and Start Updates

You can also refresh your Instagram page for starting updates. For that, you must go to the home page and refresh it. Your update will start. If that does not work, then you can try shutting your phone down and restarting it. Most of the time, this solves the problem.

Installing Instagram updates on Android Cellular Phones and Tablets

Simply follow these easy steps to install Instagram updates on your android phones and tablets.  

Setting Auto Updates

If you want to save your time in the future and save yourself from worrying about how to get the new Instagram update, then you must use the auto-update feature of the play store. Whenever there is a new version of Instagram, your phone will automatically download it and install it. This way, you will never leave out from the latest versions of your app.   Follow these steps to set up the automatic procedure.   Note: When you choose this option, then all your apps will be updated automatically. So, keep in mind that it can dry up your cellular data faster.

Instagram Updates for iPhone and iOS Gadgets

Those are worried about how to get the new Instagram update on iOS and iPhones, they can easily update their gadgets or phones in the following manner.   Note: Be careful; you must do this procedure on a Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise, it will dry up your cellular data.

Setting Auto Update for iPhones

If you want to be more productive in terms of updates, then you must try the auto-update feature on your iPhone. It will save you time and energy. And you do not need to worry about the latest versions of your apps because your iPhone will get them right after publication.   Follow these steps to set up an auto-update.     Important Note: If you set an auto-update on your iPhone, then you must consider your cellular data. It’s because updates use massive data packets. And you will be ending up using all your data on updates.

What if Problem Still Exists?

Following tips and tricks can be useful in case of not being able to install or upgrade the Instagram app successfully.  

Tip 1: Reinstall the App

If you are unable to upgrade the Instagram app on your phone or device, there is a possibility of problems with your operating system. It can be due to bugs, viruses, or any particular reason. In that scenario, you can still update your Instagram app.   So, all you are required to do is to follow these steps;     When you reinstall the Instagram app from the app store, you will get the latest version of it. This way, your Instagram will be updated.

Tip 2: Log Out from Instagram Account

You can also try logging out from your Instagram account. When you log in again, then the Instagram app will show you the update option automatically. So, you can also update your Instagram app by using this way.

Tip 3: Wait for a While

It can also happen that your Instagram app is not synchronizing with updates. In that case, you can choose to wait. Your Instagram account will synchronize with updates after a while. So, be patient if nothing works for you.

Tip 4: Contact Instagram

If you have waited for a long time and the problem still exists, then you have no other option. You just need to contact Instagram support and report a problem. For contacting Instagram support, you must follow these steps correctly.     In a matter of a few days, Instagram will get back to you and solve your problem.

Last Verdict – How to Get New Instagram Updates?

You can follow all the steps for both Android and iPhone and update your Instagram app to get the new updates. If the problem still exists, then you have to contact Instagram. Hopefully, it will solve your problem in a matter of some days. It is recommended to update all apps and games regularly because you get to enjoy all the latest features and functions.       Learn more about the following:

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