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How to Get on Instagram Explore Page in UK? Get Your Profile in Trending List

By: Nelson Grey

Almost everyone on Instagram is looking to get fame. Popularity however can be for some reasons. The main reason for a businessman would always be to highlight what he sells (services/products). On the other hand, for a celebrity figure, it would be to get more fans.

Therefore, it is proven that everyone (according to their field and industry) will need Instagram popularity and for that, they have to be remindful of the following areas. How to get on Instagram Explore page Like many other social media platforms, particularly Facebook and YouTube, Instagram also changes its trends and algorithms. 

To keep up the pace with Instagram and maintain visibility on Instagram it is important to get a profile in the trending list. What it takes to be there and how long it normally takes to hit the jackpot are a few questions to look into. Other questions are of tips and tricks one may use for the same purpose. Therefore, in this article, we have created a checklist that will help you in getting reaching the goal of being on the trending list on Instagram.  

How to Get Instagram Profile in Trending List in UK?

Content that you see in the trending list is tailored according to the likes and preferences of the user. Videos and images that are exhibited in the trending tab are subjective to the interests of the Instagram user. That is the reason why you see different results in multiple accounts. Trending content is majorly based on people’s content you are interested in as well as the content which is mostly liked and watched by others.   So, to get on the trending list of Instagram, followers are not all that you may need. There is a lot more to it! Following is the checklist to follow to get your business on the trending list.  

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What do Instagrammers crave?

Is it about the best engagements on their posts?

If yes, what do they require to do to maintain activities on their profiles?

Well, first and foremost, it is about the session one takes in exploring a profile. For that, the account must be on Instagram explore page, the page which tests Instagram for what is shared on Instagram.

Here, it becomes necessary to get familiarized with what exactly is showcased on the Instagram Explore page. Understanding what trends are usually captured to draw the attention of users is another point to discuss to make it to the trending list.

So, curating premium quality content with the massive engagement of followers and maintaining the attention of the audience is a must. When a post reaches Instagram Explore Page, it increases the user’s session time. Also, it leverages algorithms that make the post stay on the trending list for more time.

Once content in the form of pictures and videos gets attention, they become a source of engagement. That makes Instagram happy and it boosts your post to the trending list or Instagram Explore page. From there, your post goes viral.

How to Post Viral Content on Instagram?

Some Instagrammers are not sure about creating viral content. Neither they have thought about all that it takes to make a perfect post. If you are one of them, seriously you don’t have to fret much. The reason is, Instagram isn’t about writing long articles and blogs to get on the trending list. Instead, it is all about pictures and videos.

Note: even if you don’t share your pictures in which activities are displayed or anything similar, it is imperative to give credit to those who have designed or are the owner of those pictures. Even then, Instagram is always on the lookout for content that has the potential to get viral.

What it takes to make content viral depends on several factors. Some of them are listed below and further explained in the next section.

  1. Working and tagging Instagram influencers and celebrities 
  2. Creating meaningful and descriptive content 
  3. Using captions that are self-defined and have the potential to drive engagement 
  4. Adding relevant and trending hashtags 
  5. Posting at the right time does half of the job 
  6. Creating your company’s or brand’s hashtags and using them smartly 
  7. Tagging other relevant accounts and mentioning handles in the description 
  8. Tagging locations of the picture

Next question which is mostly asked is, “What happens when content or post is viral?

Well, it is set on the Instagram Explore page and given hype to the extent that it starts getting new followers daily. In addition, content gets Instagram’s special attention and you get a blue verification mark if you bring in enough followers. 

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Tips and Tricks to Get Your Profile on the Trending List of Instagram in UK

In this section, you are about to read some tricks and tips which help in getting an Instagram profile in the trending list. Let’s check them out briefly.   

  • Profile Setting 

Setting a profile as a business account will help in getting more followers. It is because personal accounts on Instagram are mostly not allowed to be seen by the public or anyone. By keeping the account in “seen by anyone” mode, you will get more followers and will grow your profile over a lesser period. 

  • Add Life to the Account 

Older accounts are trended fasted than those that are created recently. So, bringing old accounts to life and building a business account on them is much easier. 

  • Tagging Influencers and Brands 

Whenever you are about to post something related to your product, service, or anything else, make sure to add related celebrities, companies, or influencers. Tagging them in the picture and mentioning their Instagram handle will allow you to get an excellent number of engagements and followers. Also, remember that all those posts which are properly captioned and have other accounts tagged are preferred by Instagram so much so that if the right accounts are tagged, your posts will be shown on the Instagram Explore page for other users to follow your profile. 

  • Following Active Instagrammers 

So, the third step to bringing your Instagram account to the trending list is by getting more Instagram followers. By that, it means you must have active followers who comment, share, view, and like your posts.

Ever wondered why many business accounts on Instagram have millions of followers but still, they are not on the trending list? It is because of the role of “engagement”.

If you are thinking about the reason for getting more active followers, then you should know it is the easiest and most effective way of competing with those who are in the same industry. 

  • Use of #Hashtags Wisely 

While posting content on Instagram, use hashtags. It is the fastest way to get exposure. Smart use of hashtags will allow you to increase your chances of making the Instagram Explore tab. However, using too many hashtags wouldn’t be a good practice. What matters is how wisely, correctly, and smartly you make use of the hashtags. 

  • Engagements of Followers 

Engagement of followers on your posts is as important as getting followers in the first place. So, to keep followers engaged by adding questions or something to discuss amongst themselves. That way, you will be able to get active participation in the posts, and others who are new to seeing your profile will know that the brand or company is doing great. Also, it will become the finest and most convenient tactic for gaining followers. 

  • Strategic and Consistent Content Curation 

Timings play an important role in posting content. You should know the perfect timings so that content can get more reach. To get trended on Instagram you have to get more exposure and followers. That is pretty much possible by being consistent and regular in posting content. 

  • Good Captions 

Writing attractive captions is another way to get on the trending list on Instagram. Majorly because before starting a video, people generally like to check about the nature of the video. That’s done so that they don’t happen to waste time. So, a good caption will allow the audience to learn about the context in advance.

While writing captions, you must know some tricks. Some of them are mentioned below.

    • Captions should be easy to comprehend
    • They must be short and not more than 40 words
    • Descriptive captions are easily understood, make use of them 
  • Instagram Stories 

One of the most favorite features on Instagram is “Instagram Stories”. These are the easiest and most popular ways to engage as well as interact with all those who follow your profile. Stories are always in the form of small clips or images which can be customized with texts and emoticons. Among many advantages, there lies a disadvantage too – it remains there for only 24 hours. This feature can be used in many ways. 

For example; Adding pictures of your workplace Images with your team members is another good idea Package and how the entire packaging works in the form of clip Images from behind the scenes   To add value, you can even ask questions to maintain attraction. 

  • Instagram TV 

Apart from Instagram stories, we have Instagram TV feature too. This allows you to share long videos with emoticons, texts, and stickers. With the help of Instagram TV, you will be able to engage more audience and followers.

How to Get on the Instagram Explore Page: Some Other Ideas for 2023

Knowing that Instagram algorithms are changed with time. This time too, it has shown the fickle side and modified algorithms according to people’s engagement on your posts. Saying that means you have to have an excellent number of followers so that at least some percentage of them comment on the posts. That way, pictures, and videos are picked by Instagram to showcase on Explore Page.

Following are some other ways of creating meaningful content to get it trended on Instagram. 

Unique Content and Capitalization 

Posts that are unique and seem different beat the competition on Instagram easily. They are easy to compete with because there are billions of users on Instagram who posts on daily basis and have a reasonable number of followers too. So, getting attraction by others and being noticed by them demands exceptional content. For that, you have to work on the following areas.

  1. What makes the brand different?
  2. What is important for the brand?
  3. How to tackle existing competition in the industry?
  4. What makes your products or services different?
  5. What is your expertise and how would you like to bring awareness to the audience?
  6. What are your flukes and how do you challenge them strategically?
  7. When to post what and why to post at that time?   

Once you are sure about each answer, invest and capitalize on your core expertise and audience which understands your brand and not every single person out there. However, you need to be authentic while being unique. So, it is important to stay authentic and safe while being risky to a certain level. 

Adding Events and Celebrations 

Posting about your current celebrations and events that you have organized or attended is getting more attention on Instagram. This means, if you want to get more hype, it would be best to post about activities in the form of videos and images.

Certain topics are always discussed by people.

Try to know what people want to know about and then create a post on it and publish it. For example, if there is a book fair or literary conference that has become the talk of the town then post about it so that audience (followers) get to know about your perceptions about the event. Another option is to learn about a topic of the day and then curate content to make it noteworthy. 

Last Verdict: How How to get on the Instagram Explore page or how to Get in Trending List on Instagram? 

All in all, there are certain tips and tricks which make content viral. Also, strategies make meaning to the entire profile. For that, all you have to do is to look into the details mentioned in the article. Good luck with the quest!

Do let us know whether our tricks helped you achieve your goal or not.

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