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Instagram Rolls out a New Visual Refresh

By: Nelson Grey

Instagram never fails to surprise its community with its continuous evolution of out-of-the-box features and eye-catching brand look. Instagram continuously keep on updating itself and every time it comes up with something new and very different that not only grabs the attention of the creator community but also provides them with an excellent user experience. The main reason Instagram is behind all this hard work is the passion to make support businesses and help them achieve their goals.

The time-to-time evolution and updates in the existing Instagram features show the support of Instagram while helping businesses to win on this platform. But yes, we can say that nowadays keeping up with Instagram is not that simple. This platform is continuously growing and making it better and better so the brands need to keep an eye on all the updates that are being made by this platform on daily basis. This is the only way you want to stand out on this platform.

Recently, Instagram added new potential and perception to its brand color, logo, and other visual refresh features. Its new look represents its continuous evolution and devotion to bringing the best for its community. Some of the prominent changes that seem so refreshing are:

  • Instagram has made its gradient more illuminated by reshaping it with more vibrant colors.

  • Instagram has beautifully crafted its new typeface, which depicts its strong heritage and includes various global scripts

  • Instagram’s updated layout is content friendly. It has creativity, simplicity, and authenticity merged into it.

The illuminated Gradient

Instagram has re-imagined its gradient using state-of-the-art 3D modeling technology, thus made more radiant and illuminated. The colors that are used in this reimagining process are truly derived from the color system of Instagram.

The illumination shows the discovery process and the whole thought process involved behind all these visual updates.

Instagram Sans: A Brand New Typeface

This typeface is crafted by getting inspired by the design elements that the Instagram community sees every day including its logo and wordmark. The unique factor about this typeface, may it be on a website or anywhere else highlights its distinct identity everywhere. Its uniqueness varies from surface to surface and every time you see it getting more and more illuminated.

Instagram has introduced a new way for the digital world where anything can be expressed in the form of stories and reels. While Instagram was designing this typeface, it had the goal of making it globally accessible. To meet this purpose Instagram has partnered with language experts around the world including Arabic, Thai, and Japanese. 

Their main goal is to support creators from all parts of the world so that they can fully express themselves in the way they like.

Making Content a Priority

Instagram’s new policies and updates mainly revolve around the content on this platform. This platform put forward its best efforts to bring an ultimate experience to its community innovation so that they can express themselves in the best way possible.

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