methods to collaborate with reels on instagram

Instagram Launches New Ways to Collaborate With Reels

By: Nelson Grey

Instagram reels in one place are a great source of recreation for people and on the other hand, they are a gateway to success for businesses doing their online marketing. With the advent of this short-styled video content, the concept of social media posts is changed. Everything we see on social media is being converted into a similar video format.

Content creators although make long videos but they still utilize this aspect by cutting their interesting parts in the form of reels so that they can attract more and more people. If we talk about collaborations on social media, it can be clearly said that social media businesses are all about the collaboration between creators and businesses. Both of these entities are supporting each other and help one another to grow.

What is the Collaboration Feature for Instagram Reels?

Instagram launched a new collaboration feature for content creators in 2021, which was a reel collab feature. By using this feature two users can use the same content of reels in their feeds by collaborating. Later on, this feature was given to the public as well.

Instagram collaboration feature is used to co-author the content of your profile with other accounts. The author can then tag the other account author in their content and it will then be shown on their account as well. Whereas, the author on the other side will be authorized to accept or reject the collaboration request by reviewing Instagram reel ideas

Once he/she accepts the request it starts showing to their followers in their news feeds. Hence, we can say that a collaboration post is a such content that will be shown in two different places in Instagram feeds simultaneously. But all the responses including likes, comments, and views will be shared mutually between both of the collaborating parties.

This feature can skyrocket the marketing process but it is still not being utilized by the people on Instagram, the way it should be. Brands need to change the conventional way of marketing themselves by trying this amazing feature.

How to Enable the Collaboration Feature on Instagram?

So, after you have made up your mind to utilize the potential of this powerful feature, the next thing you need to do is to enable this Instagram feature on your account which is a super easy thing. Let me tell you how it is done:

  • Open your Instagram app

  • Create your reel and start uploading it to your account

  • Before clicking on the upload button, you need to add the collaborator account to your post by tagging them.

  • Search for their name and add it to your post. It will send them a notification with which they can either accept or reject.

  • Click done

  • Post your reel content

  • The collaborator tag will start showing on the top of your post

Yet there are some points to keep in mind while doing so:

  • The process of collaboration would only be done from a public account

  • The other party needs to accept the collaboration request so that the content could be shown in their feeds.

  • If the original author blocks the other author, it will terminate the collaboration.

How the collaboration request is accepted?

  • Click on the notification you have received and view the post.

  • Tap ‘Review’ and ‘Accept’

  • It's done, it will start showing in your feeds and both of you will be sharing Instagram reel views.

Important Features of Instagram Reel Collaboration.

Instagram has added so many features that add more fun to the reel-making process especially when it is going to be shared to other person feeds as well. You can easily edit, capture and share them by using your mobile. You are just required to know the best time to post on Instagram.

Customized Templates

This is the best thing that saves you a lot of time and adds beauty and perfection to your reels. You only need to choose a suitable template that matches the most to the content of your reels and then it’s done. You can find various ideas for reel templates just by clicking on the camera icon.

  • Duality

This is another amazing thing you must use in your reels. It allows you to use both of your cameras, may both back or front, at the same time, and guess what you can record your reaction while filming your video content very easily.

  • Video will be Shared as Reels on Instagram

The reels are most likely to be watched and liked by the audiences and people prefer this type of content. So, it is estimated that Instagram is soon going to convert all the post content to the form of reels. Now everything you post in your profile will appear in the form of reels.

  • Visibility

Reels being short-styled video content and more popular among people, has a huge opportunity to be displayed everywhere in the feeds and searches of Instagram. Its discoverability is so high if your account is public. Yet in the case of a private account, it can be still shown to all of its followers.

  • Profile

Instagram is going to arrange your profile in such a way that all of your reels will be arranged symmetrically so that people can easily find them.

Instagram is continuously evolving by improving the mechanism of content creation on this platform. All of its upcoming features are destined to get huge popularity because of their uniqueness and user-friendliness. So, keep on experimenting with these instagram amazing features that are made for the purpose to make you stand out.




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