Instagram Features for Law Firms

New Instagram Features Law Firms Should Use

By: Nelson Grey

With over 2 billion active users, the popularity of Instagram is increasing day by day and it is becoming one of the most dominant and empowered online marketing tools.

Instagram businesses are dependent on their marketing strategy and the services and products are needed to be displayed online in the best way possible. Due to this specialty Instagram strategic marketing has become a need of every business on Instagram. It is the platform connecting millions of brands and companies with their targeted audiences to achieve their goals daily. It is behind the success stories of a lot of businesses and has successfully deployed them in the minds and hearts of their customers around the world. It is very important to know the tricks that help your law firm to get famous quickly on Instagram.

Generally, Instagram does not seem to be an effective tool for legal marketing. But the reality behind this conception is much different Instagram has a huge potential for lawyers and it can be used brilliantly as an effective marketing tool to increase visibility, and growth and to connect with more clients

A survey done by Attorneys at work in 2019 reveals that 25% of lawyers use Instagram to perform their legal marketing. However, this percentage has aroused in recent years. In this guide, we are going to examine the features of Instagram that are a must to be used by lawyers and they can be very helpful if they are utilized properly.

Use Instagram Reels

Reels can also be a very integral part of the success story of several brands and companies on Instagram. By utilizing reels, a law firm can present its services and much other informative stuff in the form of video content. Video reels on Instagram are actually a more traditional type of content that is simply styled to fit the latest vertical video format. Reels add too much to the popularity and engagement of your profile content. Its main reason is people don’t get tired of watching them over and over. Instagram reel views enhance your presence and highlight your brand in front of customers. 

To evaluate the performance of your reels you can watch the repetition and their views in detail. Reels work best when you are looking for more popularity and reachability but your law firm needs to utilize this feature to its fullest potential.

Interactive Stickers

The stickers on Instagram have gained much popularity on very short notice of the time. Being highly engaging and interactive they are widely used by the creators to best communicate their message. Stickers are those elements that eliminate the need to add too much content to your reel or story. Also in some situations, they are conveying the most appropriate and exact purpose of the post more than anything else.

While using Instagram daily many times we come across Instagram posts that look much more appealing just because of the use of stickers on them. Also, most of the time stickers are explaining the concept of the post even far more than the content that is used in that post or video.

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Auto-Captions for Reels

Using captions in your Instagram stories is a great way to make your content clearer and more useful. On choosing the caption’s sticker, Instagram auto-creates captions for your video story. The caption that is generated automatically on Instagram plays a very important role in driving engagement. Therefore, they must be preferred and carefully chosen from the sticker library provided by Instagram.   

  • Start creating a video because the caption sticker is only enabled when the content is uploaded in the form of videos.

  • Tap the sticker icon from the top of your screen and then tap the caption sticker. Instagram will auto-create the captions.

  • You can change the size, font, or color of the captions by tapping on the tools from the top or bottom of the screen.

You can pinch and drag the captions and place them in whatever position you want.

Take the Help of Instagram Influencers

About 500,000 influencers are actively working on Instagram for the promotion of brands and companies. It is a surprisingly amazing fact that certain people, known as influencers, have built followings in the millions just by developing an emotional connection with their followers. Because they are emotionally connected to the people, they promote brands and businesses and earn their income. You may hire an influencer to promote your services if you want a lot of people to view your products. But most importantly you need to look for those influencers who are operating in your field.

This can cause a massive increase in the number of your Instagram followers. Influencers are therefore very helpful in driving higher engagement rates by diverting the attention of their own followers toward your company. This is one of the instant ways to get unlimited followers.

Use Instagram Stories

Over 500 million people are watching and sharing Instagram stories every day. And every one person in three people says that they have become more interested in brands and their products after watching their stories on Instagram. So, we can say that IG stories not only boost the brand’s image but also influence and enhance the purchasing behavior of customers. These are very helpful in bridging the gap between the brand and the customer in a very authentic way resulting the increased customer loyalty.

When you interact with your audience in the form of Instagram stories you are likely to get a higher level of engagement. You can provide detailed information about your services and also you can answer the queries of the people in the form of stories. Most importantly you can pin those stories on the top of your Instagram profile by giving them a title related to them so that your audience and visitors can access them later whenever they visit your profile.

Add Carousel Post

This is the feature having the highest success rate on Instagram but contains 19% of content only. Instagram is growing exponentially, and it is very necessary for businesses to enhance their success by taking the advantage of its amazing features. You only need to explore the right method for using the carousel feature to boost your business profile and you can grow instantly on social media by displaying your services to your audience. You can use this feature to educate people about a process or to provide general information to the audience, just by thinking a little more creatively.

Law companies should take full advantage of this feature to increase their engagement. As we know varying content directs Instagram algorithms to work in the favor of your brand. If you are not using the Instagram carousel feature you are missing out on a huge number of followers.

Dedicated Partnership Inbox

When you are getting thousands of messages on Instagram it becomes very hard for you to separate those messages based on leads and general messages. Instagram has launched a feature that separates common messages from partnership messages. Now it becomes very easy for users to get their messages sorted by this feature. When you have different inboxes then it becomes easy to prioritize their replies and also it saves you a lot of time.

Use Free Instagram Marketing Tools

Business profiles are not that much different from business meta profiles. By using them you can watch the insights, engagement, and much more about your Instagram account’s performance. The interesting thing is these tools is they are priceless and you can use either of them to evaluate the behavior of your audience on your certain post. So, once you understand the analytics of how users are interacting with your posts, it makes your content creation so much more streamlined, and you eventually know the likes and dislikes of your audience.


Posting on your Instagram daily is a very good way to keep your audience in touch. To achieve this, you need to develop the monthly content calendar for your account in advance. So that you can keep on posting the content without taking a break. Instagram marketing strategy is a very crucial part of getting success and it needs to be done with complete devotion, dedication, and care. So, you should try new Instagram features for law firms to get famous quickly on Instagram.

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